Men’s Winter Jackets 2022: Top 13 Stylish Models of Men’s Jackets 2022

Men’s winter jackets 2022 are multifunctional, comfortable and fashionable things. Stylish men pay as much attention to their wardrobe as women. One of its main components is a stylish men’s winter jacket.

Men's Winter Jackets 2022: Top 13 Stylish Models of Men's Jackets 2022

Today we use jackets not only to keep warm, but also to look fashionable. We have prepared for you a list of the most popular trends with photos.

Let’s see what trends the designers have in store for us for the coming winter.

Men’s Winter Jackets 2022: Parka

You would be surprised if you found out exactly how many styles and elements of modern clothing were copied from military equipment. One of the famous examples is the parka. It was invented so that the military could conduct hostilities in the harsh northern conditions.

And for this they borrowed useful elements from the northern peoples: Aleuts, Khanty, Mansi.

Today the parka has become lighter and more convenient. Its elongated and comfortable cut has a simple cut, large pockets, and a voluminous hood with natural fur trim.

Sometimes the models are insulated with down feathers, sometimes with synthetic filler. In both cases, the cloth is warm.

Men's Winter Jackets 2022: Parka

Lovers of casual style will be able to choose a parka to their liking. Such demi-season clothes look extremely stylish and laconic. Pair it with jeans, trousers and business mens suits. If you are looking for an outfit for everyday life, you can choose a model with a fur hood.

It is better not to use such decor for an office. In terms of colors, not only classic black, white and beige parkas are relevant today, but also rich blue, green, brown, coffee and indigo.

Bomber Jacket 2022

English student athletes, football fans – all of them wore a bomber jacket. Of course, the list of fashionable men’s winter jackets 2022 is hard to imagine without this style. It emanates masculinity, aggression, sports.

However, the designers manage to fit it so organically into modern mens fashion that the model goes well with classic suits. It will appeal to everyone who loves casual.

If there is anything in common between men’s and women’s fashion, so it’s the bomber jacket. Moreover, the modern model has moved far from its progenitor – an aggressive element of the youth subculture.

Today, it is a stylish and often spectacular model that can fit into every day and even business style in spring, autumn and winter.

Bright or neutral, with stripes and trim, with zippers or rivets, each option looks memorable and modern. Bomber jacket 2022 is a must have for this winter.

The style stays with us throughout the winter season, and we are sure that it will be no less in demand in the future.

Bomber Jacket 2022

Winter Jackets for Men 2022: Quilted Jacket

Another trendy option to include in your wardrobe for the winter of 2021–2022 is the quilted jacket. The simplest style in this design will look elegant and non-trivial. At the same time, it will perfectly fit into any office dress code.

Depending on the version of the stitch, there are models that look strict and conservative, and there are things that are perfect for drawing up bright street outfits.

You definitely need to replenish your collection of men’s winter jackets 2022 with quilted models. We are used to seeing standard “horizontal” stitching. However, there are more interesting options. Stitching makes any jacket look more interesting. If you’re in the grip of an office dress code, we recommend enhancing your outfit with a quilted pattern.

Although these models usually look thinner and cooler, they also provide protection from cold and wind.

Winter Jackets for Men 2022: Quilted Jacket


Fashion for men’s winter jackets 2022 is impossible without windbreakers. They will perfectly protect you from the wind.

Today, designers offer a variety of jacket models. It can be a straight cut, which is complemented by elastic cuffs with contrasting stripes, patches, prints. Or more minimalistic models of basic shades that fans of casual style love so much.

Anoraks are back in vogue and bring a sporty feel. For those who appreciate free street style, this is the most suitable solution.


Men’s Winter Jackets 2022: Denim

One of the most practical and timeless jacket options. Moved from the autumn season and plans to stay in the men’s wardrobe for many years. Depending on the model, the fastener can be in the form of buttons or zippers.

Skinny and oversized cuts are equally popular. Floral prints, combinations of fabrics that differ in texture and color can be used as decor. Today it is a street style base that you can easily incorporate into a casual, street, romantic, sporty look.

Most often it is combined with sneakers, but other solutions are also allowed.

Men's Winter Jackets 2022: Denim

Winter Jackets for Men 2022: Oversize

A promising trend that came into winter fashion and provided an opportunity to replace classic mens coats with something.

Large fashionable men’s winter jackets 2022 are popular with everyone, and men are no exception. Because they are as comfortable as possible, universal in style, that is, they are suitable for absolutely everyone. They can be worn over any clothing – thin turtlenecks and thick sweaters, as well as an office suit.

Designers are especially fond of puffer jackets. Their deliberately careless look helps to create the image of a brutal man.

In addition, quilted models with thin insulation and denim parkas are popular. It is especially good if the material from which the item is sewn does not allow water, snow, and wind to pass through.

The volumetric look, the calm colors of the fabric, the length to the knee – all this quickly impressed office workers. Such a jacket fits perfectly into the office dress code: it is combined with a classic suit, maintains a stylish but strict image.

But you can choose more fashionable, non-standard options. They are as comfortable as possible, fit well into any outfit. And they help to create unusual, vivid images.

Winter Jackets for Men 2022: Oversize

Hooded Winter Jackets 2022

Clothing designers pay special attention to such useful details as the collar and hood. After all, they help to protect the head and neck from wind, snow, rain. Therefore fashionable men’s winter jackets 2022 usually come with a hood.

Often, designers try to highlight the hood. For example, make them in a different color or from a different fabric, decorate it with fur. The last design option is especially relevant. Some models are decorated with fur inserts on the back and front.

Sometimes they are complemented by leather inserts, which looks extremely brutal and unbeatable.

Even some models of men’s leather jackets 2022 began to appear with hoods. And now it doesn’t matter in what weather you go to work or a meeting, a fashionable jacket with a hood will make you feel comfortable.

When there is wind and snow outside, there can be no better protection than a hood. Therefore, most winter jackets and down jackets have voluminous hoods. Not all of them, though. Street

Stylers demonstrate how stylish winter outfits look with models without hoods. We completely agree with them. However, if there is a blizzard outside, and you are without a car, it is still better to protect your head.

Hooded Winter Jackets 2022

Winter Jackets For Men 2022: No Collar

While fashionable collars and hoods are attached to some men’s winter jackets 2022, other models are left with nothing. For severe frosts, this style is not suitable, but for a warm winter – just right.

The jacket is suggested to be worn with a turtleneck and a high collar, but without a scarf. But we recommend that you take care of yourself and choose an elegant scarf, because winter weather is known for its windiness and changeability.

Winter Jackets For Men 2022: No Collar

Long Jackets 2022

We talked about oversizing, and now let’s note the elongated jackets. Such models successfully replace the classic coat, provide warmth in the coldest, windiest weather. It may reach the knee or slightly cover it. Such items look stylish and attractive. They go well with classic, street, sports style.

There is no consensus on what stylish men’s winter jackets 2022 should look like. You will find both short and long versions on store shelves. And now the length is up to the knee, and sometimes even below the knee. The latter option is more often used for sewing winter clothes.

Any clothing, including a strict office suit, goes well with such a jacket. Therefore, you can save yourself from having to choose between a traditional coat and a cozy, comfortable jacket.

Men’s fashion is extremely diverse due to styles, lengths, colors. However, it does not differ in rich design, since nowadays minimalism is in trend. Fashionable men’s winter jackets 2022 do not shock with flashy decor or extravagant solutions.

They conquer with laconicism and simplicity of lines, beautiful texture of the material.

Long Jackets 2022

Down Jackets 2022

Now, men’s fashionable winter down jackets 2022 have become shorter, they have received a turn-down collar and patch pockets. Such models can be stuffed with down feathers, hollow fiber, padding polyester, and other fillers.

Classic style men’s down jackets with large collars and fur hoods remain in trend. They can be shiny or matte, short or long. Finding your model will be easy.

Pay attention to the palette. Not only muted colors are popular now: black, brown, gray, dark blue. Stylists are especially fond of olive, yellow, coffee, red, emerald colors. Enough with the gloomy colors of bad weather, it’s better to add some brightness!

Down Jackets 2022

Men’s Winter Jackets 2022: Military

Today, fashion trends for men’s winter jackets 2022 are not complete without military style. Usually such things have a strict cut, camouflage pattern or olive and beige colors.

No bright decor.

But the style is emphasized by large patch pockets, a zipper closed with a strap, fake epaulettes or imitation of stripes. Many manufacturers make such models waterproof.

Men's Winter Jackets 2022: Military

Short Winter Jackets for Men 2022

If you are accustomed to driving for a long time, and you want to choose the right clothes for yourself, short models will come in handy. They are quite light and thin, but provide reliable protection from wind, cold, snow.

They can be straight or fitted, often equipped with an elastic band at the bottom.

Most often they are supplemented with ultra-modern insulators. Some are decorated with fur and sewn from fabrics with a metallic sheen.

Short Winter Jackets for Men 2022


It remains to talk about the colors that will be relevant in the field of men’s outerwear. The main trend today is monochrome.

Moreover, the colors may be different. In the lineup of large brands, there are necessarily yellow and gray models – these are the leaders of the current year according to the Pantone version. No less popular are emerald, deep blue, red, terracotta, coffee, white, black colors.

Winter Jackets for Men 2022

Some winter jackets for men 2022 are made in color block style. When geometrically correct parts of an item are made in 2-3 different colors, the result is elegant and original.

Now you know what trendy winter jackets for men 2022 will bring with it. It remains to choose the right one.

If you are closer to the classic style, take a look at parkas, quilted jackets, some down jackets. If you want to add masculinity and a bit of aggressiveness to the image, then bomber, military will help you. For those who prefer sports, movement, driving, short options will be good.

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