Men’s Winter Coats 2022: Best 29 Trends and Tendencies of Men’s Coats in 2022

Men’s winter coats 2022 confidently maintain their leading position. This is one of the most successful outerwear elements that can become a part of any outfit. Both in a casual look and in a festive wardrobe, a men’s coat 2022 looks equally harmonious.

With jeans and a fitted sweatshirt, with a classic three-piece and a tie, with timeless oxfords and brutal desert shoes… A man’s coat will perfectly complement your outfit and warm you in cool weather.

Men's Winter Coats 2022: Trends and Tendencies of Men's Coats 2022

Fashion offers men a wide variety of styles and colors for this wardrobe item. But in order for a men’s coat 2022 not to gather dust in the closet, you need to know the rules for choosing it.

Men have always worn coats, regardless of social status, age, profession, and still continue to include it in their wardrobe.

The choice of the model takes place in accordance with the taste and own style of the man, and a wide variety of types and styles of coats for men 2022 makes it easy to choose this type of outerwear for men.

Men’s Winter Coats 2022: Duffle Coat

This style of a coat appeared thanks to the Belgian sailors. Heavy woolen fabric for it was made in the town of Duffel, near Antwerp. Another name for the model is Montgomery, after the English

General Bernard Lowe Montgomery, who constantly wore this coat.

Men's Winter Coats 2022: Duffle Coat

The duffle coat became popular precisely because it was worn mainly by the military. Officers of the British Royal Navy were equipped with duffle coats in both the First and Second World War.

Typical signs of a duffle coat today: a deep hood, fang-shaped buttons, patch pockets, a lining of Scottish tartan in a dull check.

Coats for Men 2022: Short Coat

Lovers of comfort will definitely appreciate this model. The classic fit, combined with the mid-thigh to the knee length, creates a practical look that fits perfectly with any trouser model (except sports ones). In addition, such a coat in the wardrobe of a mature man will allow you to throw off several years, and, on the contrary, to a young guy, it will add seriousness and efficiency.

Coats for Men 2022: Short Coat

Men’s Overcoats 2022: Greatcoat

Even at the beginning of the last century, the greatcoat was worn by privates of the ground forces, so the origin of this model is also military. The coat retained the main feature of the soldier’s ammunition – its length. It can extend from the knee to the middle of the lower leg.

Cuffs, a wide belt tightening the back, and a large collar with lapels also passed from the overcoat.

Warm woolen fabric is suitable for sewing this model. A man can wear an overcoat not only with casual clothes, but also use it as part of an evening or business suit.

Men's Overcoats 2022: Greatcoat

Men’s Designer Coats 2022: With Accent Buttons

Designers love to experiment with the clasp.

Among the fashion trends of men’s winter coats 2022, the ones with unusual buttons stand out. Now the trend is models with a metal clasp, as well as with contrasting elements (white buttons on a dark coat and vice versa).

Men's Designer Coats 2022: With Accent Buttons


Crombie is the name of a British brand. But gradually all coats, somewhat reminiscent of the brand’s three-quarter length product, began to be called that.

An elegant crombie is sewn from woolen fabric. Such a model is as if created for business meetings and official events, as it is in perfect harmony with a suit.


Men’s Winter Coats 2022: Long Coat

This is ideal for tall men. The optimal length of such models is slightly below the knees. Combine a long coat with clothing in a variety of styles, from classic to sport chic. The model perfectly protects from frost and cold winter winds.

Men's Winter Coats 2022: Long Coat

Men’s Overcoats 2022: Chesterfield

A very popular single-breasted coat, which was introduced into fashion in the middle of the 19th century by the 6th Earl of Chesterfield. At first, it caused criticism, since it had a one-piece silhouette, in contrast to the traditional frock coat, cut off at the waist.

Over time, the style took root, and the model was named after its creator.

The English classics have practically not changed during this time: the length above the knees, an elegant semi-fitted silhouette, horizontal pockets and a small breast pocket on the left, a slit on the back.

A soft warm fabric is usually used for sewing Chesterfield. It can be pure cashmere or a wool blend. The coat will emphasize the good taste and elegance of its owner at a formal reception or evening celebration.

Men's Overcoats 2022: Chesterfield

Coats for Men 2022 With Belt

A belt tied at the waist perfectly emphasizes the silhouette, allows you to balance proportions, and draw attention to a sporty physique. This coat looks great in tandem with classic suits.

Stylists recommend trying a new trend and replacing the fabric belt with a leather belt.

Coats for Men 2022 With Belt

Men’s Coat 2022: Raglan

Lord Raglan decided to improve the shape of Chesterfield’s shoulders to hide his injury from others. As a result, his name remained in history – now this is the name of the coat and the method of cutting, in which the shoulder and sleeve are cut from a single piece of fabric and there is no seam between them.

Unlike Chesterfield, the raglan has a length below the knees, it has a turn-down collar and a five-button closure. Great for a business suit.

Men's Coat 2022: Raglan

Coats for Men 2022 With Fur Collar

This model looks best in frosty weather. A fur collar not only warms, but also adds intelligence and luxury to the image.

Coats for Men 2022 With Fur Collar

Men’s Winter Coats 2022: Balmacaan

Balmacaan is a model named after hunting grounds located in Scotland, near the town of Inverness. Initially, it was sewn exclusively for hunting, so there is a minimum of decor and protruding details in its style.

Today the balmacaan is a single-breasted coat with a short blind collar, raglan sleeves and a supine fastening. It is quite consistent with the business image, looks good with a suit.

Men's Winter Coats 2022: Balmacaan

Men’s Smart Coats 2022: Double-breasted

Such a coat always looks stylish, expensive and never goes out of style.

The presence of a double-breasted model in a man’s wardrobe gives out an exquisite and aristocratic taste. Such clothes are suitable as an addition to everyday and classic looks.

Men's Smart Coats 2022: Double-breasted

Insulated Men’s Coat 2022

For winter, you can pick up any model you like by insulating it with a quilted lining. In order not to freeze in cold weather, it is better to give preference to a long style. A fur collar will be a good addition to a warmed coat.

If it’s very cold outside, this is not a reason to deny yourself a fashionable look. In this case, stylists recommend putting on a thin quilted jacket or vest under the coat – layering is in trend today.

Insulated Men's Coat 2022

Covert Coat

At the end of the 19th century, the covert coat was preferred to be worn while hunting or riding. Today this coat should be present in the wardrobe of every self-respecting gentleman. Outwardly, it resembles a Chesterfield, but looks more practical.

The single-breasted lapel covert coat features a contrasting mole velvet collar, straight pockets, topstitching cuffs and a concealed closure.

Covert Coat 2022

Coats for Men 2022: Ulster

The Northern Irish province gave its name to one of the most elegant coats for men 2022.

The Ulster is a double-breasted long model, from mid-calf to ankle, which is very comfortable in cold windy weather. It is also characterized by a high turn-down collar, patch pockets, an eight-button fastening, shirt-cut sleeves, cuffs and a belt with two large buttons.

Coats for Men 2022: Ulster

Men’s Winter Coats 2022: Classic Coat

A classic coat is the very model that fully meets the concept of this type of outerwear. It is of a strict silhouette, double-breasted, straight, without horizontal seams and folds on the sides. The two top buttons are offset from the center and play the role of decoration, the length is usually below the knee.

The number of pockets may vary, but most often it is an open patch version or with a flap.

The classic model is included in the fashion trends of men’s winter coats 2022. This is the most comfortable and versatile outerwear option for men. It goes well with many everyday wardrobe items and outwear.

Men's Winter Coats 2022: Classic Coat

Men’s Coat 2022: Polo

The name of the model rather eloquently suggests that its design was developed specifically for the English aristocrats who play polo. The coat is found in both double-breasted and single-breasted versions, has a loose fit.

The waist is emphasized with a belt, the fastener consists of 6 or 8 buttons, patch pockets.

Polo coats are sewn from camel wool or from warm light-colored fabrics. Since classic and sporty details peacefully coexist in its design, the polo can be used in everyday wear and in business meetings.

Men's Coat 2022: Polo

Classic Double-Breasted Men’s Coat 2022

We recommend men to look for a classic double-breasted coat with two rows of buttons as the cold weather approaches. Choose a loose fit or a fitted silhouette – the decision depends on your style.

The color scheme is based on basic shades, which will allow this coat to easily enter the usual wardrobe of a business man.

The oversized collar in tweed, wool or cashmere lends a bold, casual double-breasted look.

Classic Double-Breasted Men's Coat 2022

Men’s Winter Coats 2022: Oversized

Loose and voluminous clothing seems to be permanently entrenched in the wardrobes of fashion lovers around the world.

Oversized men’s winter coats 2022 will be in great demand. A distinctive feature of such models is the lowered sleeve, which creates a smooth shoulder line and fits almost all male looks. The coat looks great in tandem with tracksuits and sneakers.

An interesting option is an elongated oversize. It is worn mainly in casual and sport chic looks.

A man in an oversized coat will not be overlooked. A loose fit combined with a medium or maxi length creates the feeling that the coat is slightly oversized for its wearer. Models of this type do not require a bright design, the design is reduced to patch pockets, simple fittings, since the main accent is the original cut.

An oversized men’s coat 2022 implies not only a voluminous shape, but also freedom in choosing a color – the range of offered shades is quite diverse. Demi-season models are sewn from lighter fabrics with lining. The winter version is distinguished by the use of cashmere, wool, tweed and combinations of them when sewing.

Men's Winter Coats 2022: Oversized

Bright Men’s Coat 2022

Men’s conservatism regarding coat color does not give them a chance to try on brighter models.

Modern fashion designers decided to break this long-standing tradition in men’s outerwear and brought styles of the most unexpected colors to the catwalk.

A business man is unlikely to wear an orange, red, pink, olive or purple coat, but shocking young people, who are free-thinking and do not recognize any restrictions in the choice of clothes, will gladly replenish their wardrobe with a bright item.

In addition, they are ardent adherents of such fashionable styles in clothing as street style, fusion, grunge, avant-garde, chic, sports, which are distinguished by a variety of styles and shades.

Therefore, a bright colored coat will harmoniously fit into the appropriate image.

Bright Men's Coat 2022

Fashionable Ornamentalism of a Men’s Coat 2022

From season to season, fashion houses offer collections of clothes by eminent designers, which also include men’s coats with unusual designs. Preference is given to models that use different kinds of prints, images or inscriptions.

In the first place, the men put a plaid coat. The choice usually falls on a small, large, colored pattern, the check can be staggered. This is followed by the print “houndstooth”, herringbone, the most advanced choose styles with an oriental, abstract, animalistic pattern.

In a patterned coat, a man can look both elegant and eccentric.

Fashionable Ornamentalism of a Men's Coat 2022

Best Winter Jackets 2022: Men’s Down Coat

In winter, you want to look stylish, but outerwear should keep you warm.

As an option – a midi or maxi-length men’s down-padded coat made of raincoat or quilted fabric. These very cozy and comfortable models, even in the harsh frosty winter, will provide reliable protection thanks to the dense insulation and high-quality lining.

All details of the down jacket are aimed at sheltering from wind and cold. The men’s down-padded coat is equipped with a wide collar, a deep hood, all sorts of fittings, and stitching in the form of geometric patterns on the entire surface. You can choose a style according to your figure or take a voluminous oversize.

Best Winter Jackets 2022: Men's Down Coat

Leather, Suede and Corduroy

Leather, suede and cozy corduroy are back in fashion! The most suitable shade for a corduroy model is brown. Jeans made from bleached or light-colored fabrics, a matching sweater and brown boots will be a good complement to the look.

Designers do not stop in their creativity and offer men original men’s winter coats 2022 from a combination of various materials – leather and fur, suede and wool, etc. The length is mostly average, but cropped models with patch pockets and different types of collars made of leather, suede and corduroy are also popular.

Leather, Suede and Corduroy 2022

Velour Men’s Winter Coats 2022

Men’s coat 2022 made of velour in a noble brown shade with a belt is a real gift for a stylish young man or a respectable businessman who wants to emphasize high status.

This spring model looks expensive, adding an element of luxury and gloss to the man’s look.

Velour Men's Winter Coats 2022:

Versatile Beige Coat for Men 2022

2021 is pushing beige into the number of leaders, so traditional men’s coats with beige lapels will become very popular. Men will pay attention to both a beige oversized coat and a duffle coat – a three-quarter length single-breasted straight coat in beige tones.

A large selection of beige models is presented in a minimalist style with a strict silhouette and knee-length, there are winter options from cashmere, wool, tweed, twisted leather with fur lining, and quilted men’s coats in beige shades.

Short beige men’s winter coats 2022 are comfortable to wear with both a business suit and jeans, which will undoubtedly appeal to many gentlemen.

Versatile Beige Coat for Men 2022

Winter Coat for Men 2022 with Fur

There is nothing more stylish for a frosty winter than warm fur men’s winter coats 2022. The fur collar gives the whole model respectability and gloss, and if you take it off, the winter coat becomes demi-season.

Fashion designers have taken care of the variety of shades and styles. A winter coat with fur of a straight or fitted silhouette is perfect for a business man.

Separately, there are options with a sheepskin lining and models with a length just below the knee, made of short fur.

Winter Coat for Men 2022 with Fur

Men’s Military Coat 2022

The military theme in the men’s wardrobe never loses its relevance.

A restrained range of green, gray, blue, black colors is suitable for the military.

This type of outerwear is distinguished by a complex cut, an abundance of decorative details in the form of lapels, shoulder straps, rivets, belts and other options. A short military is reminiscent of a uniform, a longer one is akin to a pea jacket.

Men's Winter Coats 2022 military

Men’s Coat 2022 with a Hood

Hooded clothing is a very popular youth trend, so this style of coat will appeal to young athletic men. Double-breasted model of medium length, made of cashmere or knitwear, looks like a cardigan.

A men’s coat with a hood can be worn with a T-shirt, sweatshirt and jeans, adding conciseness and severity to the image.

Men's Coat 2022 with a Hood

Men’s Plaid Coat 2022

Creative natures with creative thinking will opt for the plaid model of the men’s coat.

Men's Plaid Coat 2022

There are more than enough options for a pattern – a black and white check, with a blue or gray tint, large or small.

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