Men’s Hats 2024: Top 17 Fashion Trends and Ideas for Men’s Hats

Fashionable men’s hats 2024 are presented by such models that are able not only to protect from the cold, but also to create a wonderful look, which is important for a modern man.

In recent decades, men have worn mostly knitted hats, and hats and caps have been part of extravagant and subcultural images.

In this and the next seasons, mens fashion will try to convey the relevance of men’s hats 2024 to the mass consumer.

Men's Hats 2024: 17 Fashion Trends and Ideas for Men's Hats

The main trend is to fit sports hats, such as baseball caps, into classic looks, and classic hats into sports ones.

And although men’s fashion is not as fleeting as women’s, in order to look modern and stylish, men also need to follow trends.

So which men’s hats 2024 will be relevant this season?

As already mentioned, fashionable men’s hats 2024 are presented in a variety of options, but it is already possible to single out what is in demand more. So guys go for those models.

Hats with pom-poms. Yes, this once forgotten trend is back in fashion. Such elements can be made from natural or artificial fur, from knitted threads. Most often, various kinds of pom-poms are decorated with cashmere, knitted models.

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Beanie hats 2024. A headpiece with additional volume in the back of the head will not only give a sense of style, but also warm you better in winter.

Men's Hats 2024 Most Popular Models

Caps with cuffs of various widths.

Fitting thin hats – textiles and knitwear.

Caps with earflaps – this winter will not do without this beautiful model.

Common Features of Men’s Hats 2024 Today

When it comes to men’s fashion, things are a little simpler than women’s. It is important for girls that the item is not only an addition to the image, but also expresses individuality, and even communicates something about it.

Men, even those who care about their image, still approach the issue more pragmatically.

What are the general features of men’s hats 2024? Consider below.

Comfortable to wear. It is unlikely that a male representative will agree to wear an uncomfortable or impractical hat simply because it is beautiful.

Restraint of color characteristics and design solutions. No pathos, no elements shocking the audience. The simpler, the better in most cases.

Easy to care for. Not every man wants to wash a hat by hand at a temperature of no higher than twenty degrees with a special washing powder. Anything that can be scrolled in a washing machine in manual mode without losing its appearance and characteristics is ideal.

Of course, a modern man should have several hats in his wardrobe: warm for long winter walks, easy to ride in a car, special for winter mountain resorts, and so on.

A variety of design solutions allows you to easily choose the right model.

Common Features of Men's Hats 2024 Today

Beanies for Men 2024

The beanie hat does not give up its positions and remains one of the most popular models.

What’s changing?

Only the way the hat is worn. Now it is fashionable to wear it so that the forehead is as open as possible.

True, such a fashionable option is suitable only for a warm autumn. In winter, it is still better to wear a hat so that it warms up as much as possible. Beanie material can be different. For warm autumn, thin knitted models are suitable, for winter – options from thick yarn.

This is one of the most versatile options for men’s hats 2024 for the coming winter.

Rolled up cashmere hats are worn by many celebrities. Of course, you have the right to notice that a little hat with turned-up brims is of little use.

But its advantage is that this headpiece can always be unfolded and made a full-fledged hat out of it, which will effectively protect you from wind, rain and frost.

However, in the case of a beanie, pay attention to the material from which this headdress is sewn. It is better to give preference to a hat made of high-quality cashmere, rather than synthetic materials, which can freeze more than warm.

In addition, cheap materials will not be able to hold the correct shape of the accessory. Beanie hats 2024 go well with oversized down jackets and even classic coats. In general, beanie is versatile.

An important point! Beanie shouldn’t be sticky.

It should wrap the head a little loosely. Slip-on hats are not fashionable and not stylish.

Beanies for Men 2024

Men’s Winter Hats 2024: Knitted Hats

A knitted hat is an example of a man’s victory over frequent fashion excesses. Since men vote for hats with their heads wearing them, designers humble themselves and knit hats, because there will always be demand for them.

Hats with wide lapels are in trend, not even one, but two layers of lapel is possible.

Those fashionable men can wear thin knitted hats in spring and summer.

A hat can simplify a complex look, for example with a military-style coat or a trendy trench coat. A bright hat will be a link between the colors of the image.

Men's Winter Hats 2024: Knitted Hats

Men’s Baseball Hats 2024

In cold winter, this headdress, of course, will not warm you. But many designers continue to include baseball caps in their winter accessory list.

However, they are often made from warm materials such as wool or waterproof fabrics that protect the head from rain and snow. In short, if you still don’t like hats, this option will be a good alternative.

Classic baseball caps were not presented at fashion shows for several seasons. Today they are being elevated into a trend and trying to fit into the style of the technical intelligentsia, complementing the images with a baseball cap with wide trousers, sweaters and suits.

In street style, men’s baseball hats 2024 continue to be combined with blazers and casual parkas, but there are also images with classic coats.

Men's Baseball Hats 2024

Newsboy Caps for Men 2024

Famous fans of the newsboy cap, former football player David Beckham and his son Brooklyn, wear them even in summer, not to mention the cold season.

Such a headdress goes well with a vest, suit, cardigan, and coat. When choosing a newsboy cap, exclude a down jacket and other outerwear that are associated with street style from the image.

Otherwise, you risk looking like a criminal character from Britain.

Do you want to look serious and stylish? Then the version of this hat is for you. It is only suitable if you have an unsportsmanlike style. It goes well with coats, short coats, and jackets.

A little nuance. It is better for men of short stature to avoid such a model, as it visually reduces a few centimeters of growth.

Newsboy Caps for Men 2024

So, what did the designers delight and surprise men with in the new season?

Let’s take a look at the main features of the 2024 models.

• Hats from natural and artificial fur.

• An abundance of natural materials.

• The use of knitwear.

• Pragmatic decor: emblems and logos.

• Variety of shapes: elongated, sideways, classic.

Despite the many new solutions, many male representatives still choose the classics, which are suitable for almost any wardrobe, and which can be easily combined with other accessories.


Unusual Solutions

In addition to the most preferred and beloved by all, the designers this year offered not so common, but no less interesting options. Despite the fact that not every man chooses such a model, such men’s hats 2024 will also find their buyer.

What are the unusual decisions brought by the new season?

Hood hat. A model that replaces both a hat and a scarf. Perfect for winter and cold autumn, reliably protects from wind and frost.

Beret. Yes, in the general opinion this is a woman’s headdress, but turning to history, we see that men wore berets at different times, and today they are back in fashion.

It is worth paying attention to the bright headbands. Suitable for those who really want to be noticed.


How to Choose a Hat for Outerwear

The choice of a hat is determined not only by the visual preferences of a man, but also, first of all, by what it will be worn with.

Lovers of classic coats can choose either a beret as an original solution, or a typical knitted hat with a lapel.

Men who prefer a sporty style and wear jackets and down jackets can choose a knitted thin-fitting hat, beanie, and a model with a pom-pom.

For a sheepskin coat and a fur coat, earflaps are ideal, both completely fur and with leather trim, hats, as well as classics.

Choosing men’s hats 2024 can be tricky at times. But taking into account fashion trends and their own preferences, male representatives can choose the perfect headdress for themselves, which will emphasize their style, status and masculinity.


Men’s Hats 2024 Micro Beanies

Another trend this fall and winter is shallow beanies for men 2024  They are worn at the very top of the head. Again – an option only for the fall. In winter, it is better to choose something warmer.

Men's Hats 2024: Micro Beanies

Sports Hats

Sports caps are a great everyday option for those who love a sporty style of clothing. Models with inscriptions, labels, as well as monochromatic options are relevant. Such men’s hats 2024 can be made of both knitted fabric and chunky knit yarn.

Important! Sports models often have a wind stop system. This is a special padding on the sides of the hat made of a material that does not allow the wind to pass through.

Usually, these hats are sold in sports stores and are great saviors in severe frosts.

Men's Hats 2024 sports hats

Men’s Caps 2024

Classics are becoming relevant, white shirts are found in men’s collections of various fashion brands. Complement a classic boring look on the way to work with a bright cap and trainers. At work, you can change into loafers, as many people tired of the dress code do.

Men’s caps 2024 will look great with coats, plaid jackets, straight jeans, cozy turtlenecks.

Caps perfectly complement the look with woolen trousers, corduroy pants. Of course, the cap is part of the English style, and in this style it is customary to wear knitted vests with an ornament under a coat or jacket.

Of the listed hats for boys, children and adolescents, caps are suitable for the spring. Children’s caps on boys with coats look very cute, caps were in the autumn collection of ZARA.

So that the image does not look like a stylization in the English style of the 20s, you can complement it not with boots, but with modern sneakers, not with checkered trousers, but with sweatpants or jeans.

Men's Caps 2024

Classic Men’s Hats 2024

A distinctive feature of the season in relation to hats will be their simplification.

That is, the hat does not have to complement the look with a three-piece suit, a trench coat or a simple coat, although many designers continued to fit the hat into a classic style.

Today it is proposed to combine a hat in a men’s wardrobe with quilted and down jackets, bright plaid coats, jeans.

If it is difficult to start wearing a hat in the spring, then it will be easier to fit it into your style in the summer, using it for its intended purpose, as a hat that protects from the sun at a resort.

Do not buy a hat over the Internet, this hat needs to be measured and matched to the shape of your face.

Classic Men's Hats 2024

Men’s Winter Hats 2024: Earflaps

Earflap is an expected micro-trend that always finds its consumer, who loves warmth and dress “for fun”. At fashion shows, caps with earflaps made of natural and artificial fur, even puffed earflaps are relevant.

An unusual solution to wear a hat with ears tied at the top. Coats in a bright plaid are relevant, pay attention to them, they look unusual with earflaps.

Men's Winter Hats 2024: Earflaps


Not only women, but also men often don’t wear hats; for such people, designers suggest not to freeze, but to buy clothes with hoods.

An obvious solution, but this season, hoods are proposed to be worn on the head in order to keep warm and to be in trend.


Men’s Summer Hats 2024: Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are not new to the fashion world, they have been relevant for several seasons.

Their popularity is not passing away, from the sports style of a bucket hat they are moving into images with classic trousers and jackets.

Street style images with bucket hats also become more complicated, this headpiece signals to us that hats will also be able to win men’s hearts.

Men's Summer Hats 2024: Bucket Hat

Men’s Hats 2024: Berets

But there are unusual men’s hats 2024 on the shows and on the streets of fashionable capitals, for example, berets.

Men's Hats 2024: Berets

There are several associations with berets as part of the male image, these are military berets and hats of street artists.

Berets for military personnel look very attractive, therefore, in the correct stylization, berets are able to attract even admiring female attention.

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