Men Suits 2022: Main 15 Trends and Tendencies to Try in 2022

In today’s article, let’s learn about top 15 trends on men suits 2022.

Fashion trends in men’s wardrobe have long ceased to be masculine and constrained. Fashion houses show us interesting mixes, and the abundance of options allows us to choose an individual cut and style.

The main focus of designers in 2022 will be on custom fabrics and bold combinations. For example, a combination of different colors of trousers and a jacket will be very popular.

Men Suits 2022: Main 15 Trends and Tendencies to Try in 2022

Timeless classics of black, gray, brown in combination with bright shirts will dilute the strict dress code. And the prints on the clothes offer a lot of new things.

Coral, pale blue, playful lemon, mustard, Marsala, light mint are relevant in the color spectrum. Fashionable men suits 2022 demonstrate a tendency towards total look, where related shades are combined, or color tandems are realized in harmony.

Men’s Suits 2022: Classic

Models of classic men suits 2022 are distinguished by special restraint and conciseness, both in shade and in cut. Black, gray, blue colors are most relevant in the solution of a classic suit for men.

Men Suits 2022: Main 15 Trends and Tendencies to Try in 2022

Suit trousers can be wide and tapered, jackets – straight and fitted, classic and avant-garde ties.

The standard is presented by a single-breasted jacket with rectangular lapels, there are two or three buttons. This versatile model is suitable for men of different sizes and ages, whether for the office or for a wedding.

Suits for Men 2022: Denim

Denim is not a novelty, but such a jacket still looks stylish on a man’s shoulder. Refreshing denim comes in a variety of shades, featuring both light and dark options.

The standard set includes a jacket, vest, jeans – in 2022 it will be possible to combine denim items with each other, or combine them with other materials.

Suits for Men 2022: Denim

Formal Suits for Men 2022: Double-Breasted Suit

The fashionable double-breasted jacket features two rows of buttons on the jacket. This style allows you to create a strict official image, therefore it is suitable only in the appropriate situation.

A suit made of 100% wool, velvet and corduroy looks good, but metal buttons should be avoided here.

Formal Suits for Men 2022: Double-Breasted Suit

Men’s Suit Styles 2022: Sophisticated Suit

Velour, corduroy, velvet, suede, leather – what could be more sophisticated than these materials for men suits 2022?

Due to the characteristics of the fabric, any style of such an element of the wardrobe gives the image sophistication and originality.

It is better to choose a laconic suit made of textured fabric and not to overload the image with accessories. A wardrobe element already attracts attention. An individual set with such a suit looks charismatic, fresh and expensive.

Men's Suit Styles 2022: Sophisticated Suit

Best Suits for Men 2022: Strips

An unusual and expressive model of a suit for men is proposed with a striped print, which will enliven everyday outfits, as well as add a touch of chic and glamour to stylish men’s evening looks.

Men’s three-piece striped men suits 2022, as well as a combination of trousers and a vest in a light summer outfit, will seem very original.

Best Suits for Men 2022: Strips

The top print in fashionable men suits 2022 is represented by plaid, which is very diverse and extraordinary in the new season.

A small and discreet checkered print in an outfit with a man’s suit will be appropriate for an office and business meetings. While a contrasting and large plaid looks great in a street style look with a fashionable men’s suit.

2022 Suit Trends: Plaid

Combinations of Patterns

The trendy versatile stylistics are supported by fabrics with an ornament: plaid, a plant pattern, a strip of different widths, abstraction and geometry.

Despite the restraint of men’s fashion, the designers could not miss the opportunity to add interesting combinations.
Trendy prints can be neatly combined with each other, but only if these are not multidirectional lines.

Trending pattern combinations for 2022:

strip + floral pattern;

versatile animalistic;

watercolor washes + logo or text.

For a printed jacket, you can choose either a plain turtleneck or a shirt with a pattern. The main thing is not to overdo it with patterns.

In fashion trends 2022, there is a collaboration of artists and fashion designers. Men suits 2022 are adorned with designer abstractions, colorful splashes, even landscapes.

It is much easier to select the bottom for such a jacket due to the assortment of colors.

2022 Suit Trends: Plaid

A versatile piece for a festive atmosphere or a special occasion. A three-piece suit consists of a jacket, vest and trousers, made in the same style.

In everyday life, such men suits 2022 may be slightly inappropriate. Therefore, in an everyday look with such a suit, it is worth abandoning a jacket or vest, having received a stylish set.

In 2022, a soft fit of such a suit, textured fabrics and a variety of color solutions, unusual details will be in vogue.

Suit Trends 2022: Three-Piece Suit

Fashion 2022 Winter: Warm Knitwear

It looks like the winter of 2022 is expected to be cold. The designers offer knitted men suits 2022, they look pretty good on the catwalks.

In terms of knitwear, it is better to refuse from tight things, no matter what the build.

A suit of medium, not very narrow cut, is what you need. Loose things are generally more relevant and do not have the ability to fit. A plain jersey suit in a casual style is also suitable for sport chic.

Fashion 2022 Winter: Warm Knitwear

Soft 50s

The main trend is the movement towards looser clothing in men’s fashion. Broader trousers, as in the knitwear trend, imply the rejection of a tight top.

The colors are becoming softer – mustard, coffee, olive, caramel are in fashion (in 2022 it will be everywhere!). Layering complements the image.

Fashion 2022 Winter

Fashion 2022 Summer: Light Shades

Most of the designers’ choices for 2022 include light shades, even offering total look options. Solid color suits for men 2022 from head to toe reinforce their position in trendy tops with loose fit and lightweight materials.

By summer, sunny color gradients will become popular: shades of grass, sunset, sunrise and clear sky. The shine of silk and satin will complement the image with light.

The variety of light shades of men suits 2022 in the upcoming fashion season is surprisingly very large. Light and, in particular, a white men suit 2022 look festive and solemn, ideally fitting into fashionable sets for the warm season.

Top models of white suits with light shirts and loafers look stylish and non-trivial.

Fashion 2022 Summer: Light Shades

Some designers boldly change the traditions of the men suits 2022 and suggest taking a closer look at the fashion trend of coveralls.

Fashion weeks featured variations of protective medical suits for men 2022 (the pandemic also had an impact here), as well as overalls, like those of auto mechanics.

Ermenegildo Zegna suggests using a work jacket or kimono instead of a jacket. Suit brands create “work” suits from fabrics based on silk, wool and linen.

New Fashion Trends 2022: Changing Traditions


Designers say the more pockets the better. The Fitter’s Vest is also inspired by work-related trades, as are the unconventional overalls.

Jacket with pockets – replacement for a belt bag. It is worth choosing such an accessory carefully, there is a risk of overdoing it with the number of accents. Colors – calm or deep: sand, coffee, white, pale yellow, swamp.

New Fashion Trends 2022: Changing Traditions

Slim Fit Suits 2022

Every year, many modern fashion designers more and more improve the appearance and functional purpose of slim fit suits 2022.

They experiment with the length of the jacket, the style of trousers, and the compatibility of this wardrobe element with various things.

Therefore, there are a huge number of stylish and fashionable looks today.

Separately, it is necessary to mention the fashionable trend of skinny trousers in a fitted suit. This style is considered the most fashionable and trendy today.

When choosing a suit with such trousers, it is highly recommended to pay attention to the physical characteristics of the man.

Slim Fit Suits 2022

Suit Without Jacket

Shirts like Jil Sander and OAMC can play the role of a jacket: they are thought out so that you can wear a turtleneck or a thin sweater under the bottom.

Suit Without Jacket 2022

Ermenegildo Zegna suggests replacing the jacket with a work jacket or kimono.


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