Women’s Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For

The trends of women’s handbags 2024 are complemented by completely new options and combinations. And they all need to be considered in full.

Stylish trends are changing faster. But one fact remains unchanged – fashion moves in a spiral.

Women's Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For

The classic options are being improved and they are complemented by fashionable bags in a new design.

Women’s Handbags 2024 Animal Prints

Leather accessories were back to the catwalks last year.

A more recent variation of the trend – women’s handbags 2024 with snake, crocodile, leopard print, which extends to other things in the wardrobe.

Such material looks much more interesting than classic leather items from pig skin, calfskin. Especially since democratic fashion welcomes the deliberately obvious replacement of natural materials with synthetic ones.

Women's Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For

The beauty of these bags 2024 is that they overshadow branding trends and take the origin of the accessory to the last place.

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Styles are not limited. This year, the animal print should be combined with the style of the 70s.

Bags 2024: Two Colors

The design of two colors is a popular trend on the catwalks, which was presented in all sorts of variations.

Color and counter-color, stripes, checks and even in combination with an animal print are offered in the collections of Burberry, Gucci and other top fashion houses. The combination of red and white is especially relevant.

Women's Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For

Ladies’ Handbags 2024: Barrel Bag

The fashion trend for unusual shapes was supplemented by practicality. Cylindrical women’s handbags 2024 made of printed leather with unusual handles have become relevant.

The undoubted advantage is the practicality of such items. In the Miu Miu collection, options from soft quality leather were presented.

A barrel can be filled with an unimaginable number of things, a sports uniform can be immersed in it. This makes it clear that modern stylistic trends tend to please the fleeting rhythm of life.

Women's Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For

2024 Women’s Handbags: Waist Bags

The trend for waist accessories took root last year and will delight the eye in the coming time.

Only this time, the classics will be replaced by options for sets and complex combinations from handbags.

Soon we should expect that the belt bag will not become a separate item, but will complement the belt decor and contain numerous pockets, chains and clasps.

Perhaps the reason for the popularity of these accessories is their convenience. Because you can always wear essentials in them and your hands will be free.

Women's Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For

Pleated women’s handbags 2024 are one of the most unusual novelties, which were shown by designers Gabriela Hearst and Y/Project.

The types of bags 2024 are completely different: it can be huge ones with a horizontal fold with a belt passing through, minimalistic and tiny options with interesting color combinations.

Women's Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For

Fashion 2024 Winter: Soft and Downy Bags

Fall-winter season in the coming year solves the problem of choosing the right accessory.

Puffy and baggy items continue the fashion for oversize down jackets.

Large women’s handbags 2024 made in the style of quilted pillows are varied in design. Bright colors such as blue, white, red are popular.

The accessory is mainly presented in the style of clutch bag or with short handles. Now it is possible to complement your favorite down jacket with a warm and soft purse that protects the contents from weather conditions.

Women's Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For

Rigid Frame Bags 2024

In 2023-2024, many outlandish solutions for square handbags appeared. Suitcases and boxes on a rigid frame made of wood, plastic and even metal can be seen in the collections of Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, Roksanda and other famous houses.


Clasps, chains, pendants and unusual handles are a special addition to these creations.

At the same time, the accessory in the shape of a square is laconic, but at the same time it is suitable for any style of clothing.

For the most daring, the cases are made with a transparent finish, which demonstrates the entire contents of the bag.

The advantage of square women’s handbags 2024 is that they hold all women’s essentials and do not burden the owner with digging in search of what she needs. Because all things are in plain sight.

Women's Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For

Macro and Micro Bags

Large women’s handbags 2024 with a solid bottom and almost complete absence of a frame originate from the Mansur Gavriel collection, presented in the fall of 2024.

The idea was picked up and applied in a sporty, casual and even evening style.

This accessory is characterized by the fact that it has a greater length than depth. In fact, this is a bag of cylindrical shape, the handle of which is often a closing element.

Women's Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For

There are small and large variations of bags, as well as backpack bags.

The version of the product with a “tightening” will allow you not to worry about the safety of your belongings.

The flexible frame made the bag perfect for putting a bunch of objects in there and even taking it for training.

Women's Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For

Bags and Purses 2024 With a Chain

Clutches and purses 2024 can have any design, but chains instead of handles are always relevant.

Such models are especialy popular in neon shades of rectangle style.

Golden handles are a move that is still used on the catwalks, which is not surprising. Fashion houses of the first magnitude have repeatedly released such models and were a huge success.

The gold chain is still a classic option to this day.

The beauty of the item is that it is appropriate both in everyday life and at evening events.

A bag with a chain is itself an accessory that replaces a certain part of the jewelry.

Handbags for Women 2024: Damier Print

There are not so many fashionable ladies’ handbags 2024 with “chessboard” decoration on the mass market.

The plaid is an iconic design element at Louis Vuitton, which associates it with creations of exceptional taste.

Now the the plaid has acquired more unique variations in design, such as from the Off-White brand, which released items with a design in the style of a check with optical illusion.

Women's Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For

Checkered Print

Photos of fashion items in 2024 are filled with checkered options. It can be tartan, but the hound’s tooth print is considered the freshest and most relevant.

The standard black and white types have diluted the combinations of other shades.

Plaid print goes well with any other type of material, dilutes looks from things of the same texture and adds brightness to a neutral wardrobe.

In the Area collection, such models were supplemented with leather inserts. And Chanel managed to create a worthy combination of hounds tooth check and chains.

Micro bags have been popular for a long time. But fashion houses have released them in micro-variations of the usual ones. Now the bag from Chloé or Givenchy fits easily in the hand.

The practical use of such micro-items is minimal, and they are mainly suitable for decoration.

Micro bags 2024 can be attached to their parents, playing the role of wallets or other accessories for small things.

At the same time, mini and maxi versions of accessories may differ and come in completely different designs. This addition can be used to color even the most unremarkable bag.

With Chains and Fringes

Feminine ladies’ handbags 2024 give the wearer a special charm due to their dynamism.

At the Area runway, Michael Kors unveiled options with ultra-long fabric and chain fringes.

Women's Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For

Doctor Bags

Fashionable bags 2024 for fall, in which absolutely everything can be folded neatly.

The main feature of these items is a clutch-style clasp and soft, solid leather.

The vintage-style accessory competently complements the classics. A collapsible metal frame made in gold and silver adds elegance to the image.

Ladies’ Handbags 2024: Hobo Chic

Ethnic design trends never go away. Women’s handbags 2024 with a sharp bottom are one of the variations of baggy items.

However, the location of the handles on the sides and the absence of a frame play a role here. Which is why the bottom of the accessory bends down and forms a vertical oval silhouette of the item.

Women's Handbags 2024: 20 Best Bag Trends for 2024 to Look Out For


Fashion trends 2024 take root and create a lot of classic pieces. At the Prada and Fendi shows, models from high-quality leather in noble muted shades are demonstrated.

As with the doctor bag, these vintage-inspired accessories are the perfect complement to any casual or formal style.

Fabric or leather options using the patchwork technique in design burst onto the catwalk in the fall of 2021. Then Michael Kors released a bag made of leather with a patchwork.

Patchwork still complements the design of restrained pieces.

Handbags for Women 2024: Quilted Bags

Women’s handbags 2024 made of leather or its substitutes, sewn in the manner of a down jacket or blanket, have an early predecessor represented by Chanel.

To this day, such models are classics and are made according to the rules of modernity with a hint of a sporty style and minimalism.

The idea of quilted materials is complemented by logo mania: such items can proudly show off the Balenciaga inscription.

Fashion 2024 Summer: Round Models

Cylindrical women’s handbags 2024 in small size and with a thin strap are the trend of the coming summer.

The items resemble a small drum in an upright position. This type of accessory is an appropriation of the culture of wearing round belt bags, already beloved by everyone.

The types of accessories for autumn-winter 2024-202 are not limited in performance. Various forms of items are presented on the podium: triangles, animals, dolls, musical instruments. Every year, trends become more democratic, so you can experiment as you like.

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