Maternity Fashion 2024: 20 Stylish Maternity Fashion Trends 2024

Pregnancy is not a reason to deny yourself stylish clothes, you just need to follow latest maternity fashion 2024 trends.

At this special time for women, you really want to look fashionable and not forget about your beauty.

Maternity Fashion 2024 20 Stylish Maternity Fashion Trends 2024

You can easily rearrange your favorite pre-pregnancy style of clothing and still look feminine and attractive during these 9 months.

Maternity Fashion 2024: Blouses & Tops

Summer clothes for pregnant women should be comfortable and fashionable. When choosing a top or a blouse, pay attention to the fabric from which it is sewn – the best option would be thin knitwear or viscose.

As for the style, designers offer cut-off under the bust or flared blouses and light tops that will not be hot even in a tight version.

Maternity Fashion 2024: Blouses & Tops

Maternity Dresses 2024

Velvet clothing is a maternity fashion 2024 trend. Maternity dresses 2024 were no exception.

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Beautiful velvet dresses are distinguished by the density of the material, so they are ideal for the cold season.

Spectacular floor-length dresses are ideal for winter holidays. And unusual models with a midi length and long sleeves and neckline are perfect for everyday wear. A great solution for the fall-winter maternity fashion 2024 season is knitted dresses.

Warm knitted models decorated with a neat neckline or wide collar will save the expectant mother from the cold. Most often knitted maternity dresses are presented in midi length. Designers offer pregnant fashionistas multi-colored knitted maternity dresses 2024 with braids, patterns, bindings and other patterns.

Knitted dresses for pregnant women deserve special attention. With these models, you can create beautiful looks with high boots on a low ride or sports shoes such as sneakers. As a decoration, fashion gurus used cotton inserts on the collar, sleeves, or the bottom of the dress.

Another variation of the special occasion maternity outfit is satin dresses, which will make the expectant mother look luxurious.

Maternity Dresses 2024

Basically, these are elegant floor-length dresses, expanding from the chest, with an asymmetrical bottom. But there are also options in the midi length. In the upcoming season, satin dresses are made with a trapeze that covers the growing tummy, and are presented in different colors.

Designers have added a beautiful neckline, ruffles, charming pleats, cute bows, etc. to the dresses.

Maternity fashion 2024 gurus presented women in a family way versatile dress-shirts. Such an outfit can be worn to work, to the office, for a walk, meeting with friends and other events.

Most of the models of shirt dresses are in monochrome colors, which are presented in blue, pink, burgundy, mustard, green shades. Stylists use stripes, polka dots, floral motifs and other patterns as a print.
In the last months of pregnancy, purchase a long sweater dress.

Maternity Dresses 2024

Such a model hides fullness, does not interfere with movement and perfectly warms.

For cool weather in early autumn, designers suggest expectant mothers to choose cardigans. This element of maternity clothes 2024 will give warmth and comfort, besides, cardigans are very practical to wear.

Such clothes are suitable for all seasons and at different stages of pregnancy, but in the autumn-winter period, sweaters and cardigans will be especially relevant. Designers offer pregnant women of fashion to wear knitted variations of this clothing.

The most practical will be elongated sweaters and cardigans, which will completely cover and warm the stomach.

Maternity Fashion Trends 2024 Сardigans and Sweaters

Maternity Wear 2024: Jeans

Recently, maternity fashion 2024 allows women to dress in the spirit of the latest fashion trends for all 9 months.

Maternity Wear 2024 Jeans

So, your favorite jeans no longer need to be put away before labor – fashion brands offer models with an elastic belt and comfortable denim overalls that charmingly emphasize a rounded tummy.

Maternity Wear 2024: Jeans

Maternity Clothes 2024 Trousers

Stylish clothes for pregnant women are now in the catalog of almost all fashion brands. So you can easily choose a wardrobe taking into account being in the family way – even if you want to buy trendy pants!

Trendy pleating, slightly tapered cut, culottes and must have of the season – wide trousers.

Maternity Clothes 2024: Trousers

Outerwear for Pregnant Women

Creating fashionable looks for pregnant women, fashion gurus made sure that the outerwear of women in the family way was not only stylish, but also comfortable. The most relevant models for expectant mothers are cropped raincoats and wide parkas.

The oversized size will make the figure of the expectant mother thinner, and modern insulators will warm you even in extreme cold. Many of these models can be continued to be worn in the postpartum period, only instead of the belly under the jacket there will already be a newborn.

For his comfortable stay under the jacket, the designers have come up with a special protective insert. When choosing outerwear, pregnant women should pay attention to the free style of the product, which will not hinder the movement.

Evening Maternity Dresses 2024

A cropped coat made from soft natural materials is a suitable option to help the expectant mother keep warm in cold weather. Particular attention should be paid to ponchos that never go out of trend. It is best to choose such models from hypoallergenic coarse-knit wool.

They will not only warm you on cold evenings, but also hide a small belly from prying eyes. Large collars, pastel colors – beige, pink, purple, flowing soft sleeves will be relevant in the fall maternity fashion 2024

Such variations will not only give warmth and comfort, but also hide the belly from prying eyes. As a finishing touch, stylists adorned maternity outerwear with large collars, flowing soft sleeves and bright prints.

 Maternity Dresses 2024

Evening Maternity Dresses 2024

Who said pregnant women can’t go out?

For an evening dress, ladies in a family way can choose the same thing that will appeal to those who have not yet comprehended the happiness of motherhood. Designers propose to draw on the classics – a black dress.

You can choose an outfit according to your figure or choose a model one size larger so that the dress looks a little loose. In addition to black, you can choose other colors. The most relevant this season are blue, pink, lilac and pearl.

Evening Maternity Dresses 2024

Business Looks For Pregnant Women

Real business women do not change their style even during pregnancy. It is very important for them to always look stylish and match the business dress code.

Dresses of various styles, strict classic trousers with a belt holding the belly, blouses and loose-fitting shirts are considered the main elements of an office outfit for pregnant women.

Business Looks For Pregnant Women 2024

Basic Things: Why Simplicity Beats the Avant-Garde

Pregnancy is nine months of transformation. Your body changes day after day, so a basic wardrobe should be preferred. Firstly, basic things do not have a certain style characteristic, they are easy to combine with each other.

Secondly, basic things are universal and quickly adapt to changes in the figure. Unlike complex things.

Complex darts and draperies simply won’t keep up with the growing volumes. You will feel more comfortable in things with a laconic cut. If you really want to experiment, then experiment in colors, but not in cut.

Maternity Wear 2024: Color Spectrum

Maternity Wear 2024: Color Spectrum

It has long been proven that color therapy works. Correctly selected colors have a positive effect on the well-being, mood and physical condition of a person. Especially if there are two of them at once – a mother and a future baby.

By simply changing the color in clothes and accessories, the expectant mother can cope with anxiety, mood swings, and excessive emotionality.

Pregnant women are advised to more often include items of orange, blue, yellow clothing in their wardrobe. If a woman has trouble sleeping, try on blue clothes. In case of increased anxiety, take off the red immediately and dress in green.

And be sure to get attached to yourself: what colors make you emotionally uplifted, make you smile? So add them to your kits. The windbreaker in the color of early greens, the sneakers in the colors of the bright sky, and your mood will be consistently sunny.

Maternity Wear 2024: Color Spectrum

Oversize: How Not To Drown In Volumes

For many seasons, the fashion is ruled by things without sizes. In pregnancy, they are especially relevant, largely due to their versatility: you can wear such clothes after pregnancy.

And yet you shouldn’t get too carried away with oversize. In clothes of a giant size, you will look larger. Oversized tunics and jackets are ideal to combine with tight-fitting maternity trousers or to be picked up with a strap.

Maternity Fashion 2024: Experiment With Accessories

Tight Clothing During Pregnancy: Yes Or No?

The trend to demonstrate the pregnancy is gaining momentum. Women no longer hide a rounded tummy and dress the figure in thin knitwear. And that’s great, especially if you feel comfortable in these kinds of outfits.

Such things are most appropriate in the first trimesters of pregnancy, while the body has not changed so much, but the situation is already clearly guessed. It is better to choose tight-fitting things from fabrics a little denser or buy those things that fit more loosely on the body.

So there will be no emphasis on increasing volumes.

Maternity Fashion 2024

Maternity Fashion 2024: Experiment With Accessories

For most women, pregnancy is a holiday, a miracle, a magic. So why not add some sparkle to it? Bright accessories will help in this. Details will dilute the basic set, make it more interesting and versatile.

Even an ordinary knitted dress will look special if you add a massive chain or bracelet to it.

Maternity Fashion 2024: Experiment With Accessories

Layering Above Everything

And jackets and cardigans will help to create it. Choose from a huge range of styles – denim, tweed, cotton, cropped or long. These details of clothing will correct the enlarged figure and help to create a cohesive look.

What to combine with? With loose dresses, blouses, turtlenecks. Try not to overload the image with additional details in the form of voluminous scarves: this will make the image too heavy.



The wardrobe of the expectant mother is always a mix of style and comfort.

The latter largely depends on the composition of the fabric from which the clothes are made. Give preference to natural materials, the skin literally “breathes” in them. Give up tight, non-elastic things.


Sweaters, Tunics, Shirts for Pregnant Women

Warm shirts, tunics and sweaters for women in a family way complement the look with a skirt or trousers. In this case, designers pay special attention to the combination of fabrics – their textures should be combined, and the fabric of the top should be lighter than the fabric of the bottom.

Tunics are excellent clothes for pregnant women.

Basically they are sewn from organic viscose material.

This is simply an irreplaceable thing for expectant mothers, because you can wear it in a business style in the office and for walks in the park or around the city. Tunics can be complemented with pencil skirts, jeans or maternity pants.

Sweaters, Tunics, Shirts for Pregnant Women 2024

Maternity Leggings

Another option for comfortable clothes for pregnant women is leggings. Basically, they are represented by models made of dense knitwear, which, as the belly grows, stretches and does not crush it. Leggings support the tummy and give expectant mothers freedom of movement.

In the fall-winter 2023-2024 season, the trend will be leggings with insulation, which will keep you warm in the cold season. As for the color scheme, it is more practical to choose variations in brown, dark blue, dark green shades.

Maternity Leggings 2024

Maternity Skirts 2024

Elegant and feminine skirts will help you to look stylish even while carrying a baby. They can be combined with other elements of women’s wardrobe, which will make the expectant mother feel attractive and confident.

The best length of skirts for women in position, according to the fashion guru, is midi. The trend will be for pleated models, as well as with large waves. As for fabrics, velvet, dense knitwear, knitting from hypoallergenic materials will be fashionable in the coming season.

Maternity Skirts 2024

Maternity Fashion 2024 Underwear

For women in position, special attention should be paid to the choice of underwear. Expectant mothers need not only to look attractive, but also to feel comfortable.

This year, in the collections of maternity lingerie, designers presented sets of pastel shades, high-waisted panties that support a growing belly well, and a bra with breastfeeding closures.

Beautiful underwear from a fashionable set raises women’s self-esteem even during pregnancy.

Maternity Fashion 2024 Underwear

Get Rid of Ballet Flats and Ugg Boots

It is generally accepted that during pregnancy a woman should switch from heels to universal ballet flats. But this is a myth that can negatively affect the health of the expectant mother. Give preference to foot-fixing shoes, preferably with an orthopedic insole.

Pregnant women often complain of swelling.


So it is better to go for shoes in the afternoon, when the foot is at its maximum size. Give up laces: if at the beginning of pregnancy it will not be difficult to tie them, then problems with lacing may arise at a later date.

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