Men’s Fashion 2022: Best 23 Menswear Trends 2022 for Stylish Men

In our article, we have collected the most relevant men’s fashion 2022 trends, which will become irreplaceable components of fashionable looks.

Look stylish and presentable in any situation has long been considered the duty of every self-respecting man.

Men’s Fashion 2022: Best Menswear Trends 2022 for Stylish Men

And the prevailing opinion that males are not interested in fashion is wrong. Modern and tastefully selected men’s clothing 2022 can tell a lot about their wearer before they even say a word.

Let’s see what new items top stylists offer to use for men in their outfits.

Men’s Fashion 2022: Blazers

Fashionable blazers 2022 have lost their lining. Instead, shirts from Jil Sander are quite suitable – they surprisingly combine severity and airiness.

Men's Fashion 2022: Blazers

The models are specially designed so that you can easily put on a turtleneck under them. Also, jackets are replaced by adapted kimonos and work jackets.

Men’s Clothing 2022: Jumpsuits

Once upon a time jeans were work clothes, but soon they conquered the whole world. Whether such a fate awaits overalls is unknown, but men’s fashion 2022 actively supports this wardrobe item.

The jumpsuits are relaxed and light, and now they are also elegant – this is brilliantly proved by Brioni and Erdem.

Men's Clothing 2022: Jumpsuits


Sports subjects are actively supported. Designers are keenly aware of how modern people want more movement and convenience. At the same time, it is desirable to preserve the style.

Louis Vuitton, Jil Sander, Phipps are rethinking combinations of tight-fitting and loose, create clothes that resemble surf suits, and widely use sports symbols.

Men’s Fashion 2022 Sports


Trousers stubbornly “crawl” down. The low waist in the men’s wardrobe appeared in the 90s and is still relevant today. New items from Diesel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana are more and more relaxed and free.

In 2022, the trousers fit loosely on the hips, and Ermenegildo Zegna creates sets that resemble martial arts suits.

Sometimes the trousers lose their lower part – the Hermès house cut them exactly to the knee, tied them with a cord, casually tucked their shirt into them and threw on a cloak that was also knee-length.

Men’s Fashion 2022 Pants

Many designers felt that sleeves were unnecessary in the summer. Vetements, JW Anderson and even Burberry transform the sleek below-the-knee trench coats into something fantastic with just the sleeves removed.

Diesel and Fendi did a little differently: they cut off not the sleeves, but the sides of their jackets and shirts.

Menswear Trends 2022 Getting Rid Of Sleeves

Fashionable Colors

Men’s fashion 2022 is softer than in 2021. Then sharp, saturated colors were relevant.

The 2022 palette remains the same varied, but the overall mood is “a little more delicacy.”


The designers together rushed to master the milky, bleached colors: lavender, light green, beige, blue, banana. And, of course, pure white. The pastel palette is dominant.

Dior has gone even bolder with the light lingonberry sets. Turquoise is very popular – this color was revealed by Hermès and Prada, and Louis Vuitton and Etro even dared to dress men completely in Mediterranean mint-turquoise colors.

Menswear Trends 2022 Fashionable Colors


The traditional color of the cold seasons successfully plays in the summer collections of Prada, Vetements, Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani. For those who are not ready to dress from head to toe in red, scarlet accents are enough.

Menswear Trends 2022 Fashionable Colors red


The collections of Hermès, Courrèges, Issey Miyake, Dior Men and others were presented in this color. Brown is also gaining popularity in women’s fashion 2022.

In men’s fashion 2022, it is combined with creamy, gray, black, and also create total looks in chocolate tones.

Whereas before brown was considered heavy, and dressing in it completely meant looking boring and conservative, today this color looks fresh – not least thanks to new fabrics, dyes that allow you to achieve a “tasty” color.

Brown Mens-Fashion-2022


It is a summer color, but it is not often used in men’s collections. In men’s fashion 2022, designers paid special attention to this color.

The shades are very different – from the dense color of the grass to the neon apple. They are reviewed in detail by JW Anderson and Louis Vuitton.



The love of brands for pastel shades continues, but after a year in stores we will most often see pink color – from dusty to rich neon.

Jil Sander, Fendi and Dior Men chose the first option, while the bright shade became the choice of JW Anderson, Louis Vuitton and Casablanca.


Men’s Trend 2022: Current Prints


The most daring in this trend is Louis Vuitton. Shimmering from hot pink to neon green and blue, this suit is a completely new interpretation of the modern man’s look.

Brioni brand applied the gradient more restrainedly – the jacket with flowing light gray into dark gray looks almost conservative, which does not interfere with adding dynamics to the image.

The spectacular overflows of Casablanca, Hermès, Etro were not overlooked.



The alternation of dark and light details or a clear checkerboard are revealed by JW Anderson, Louis Vuitton, Ahluwalia.

This is symbolic – the problem of choice, tactical and strategic planning are relevant for everyone. Checkerboard prints continue and complement the timeless patchwork and classic checkered patterns for several seasons.

Checkerboard suits mens fashion 2022

Floral prints

Someone will remember the 70s and will be right, but shirts with a floral print are the most modest option today. Now men can wear floral blazers, sweatshirts, T-shirts.

Vegetables and fruits are actively competing with flowers.

Floral prints mens fashion 2022


Denim remains afloat. You can dress in it from head to toe – there cannot be too much of it in men’s fashion 2022. Everyone expected the opposite, but denim has become even more, and it, of course, takes on a new look.

Designers offer denim boots, asymmetrical things, raincoats, textured bombers.

denim men 2022


These are restrained tight-fitting sets, usually in snow-white colors, but sand, gray, beige are also widely used. If there is a desire to add emphasis, the set is innocently diluted with a lemon shirt, light purple trousers, colored collars.

A strict jacket with loose shorts and a turtleneck looks great – all three items are designed in the same range.

men suit Minimalism 2022

Men’s Fashion 2022: Safari

The creators of these collections clearly love the story of Crocodile Dundee. Shades of khaki and sand, clay and mustard, white, clear stitching, suede and belts – it seems to be nothing new, but still relevant and courageous. “Highlight” – predatory prints, zebra, leopard, crocodile.

 Men's Fashion 2022: Safari

Sweaters with funny, cartoon drawings also stubbornly do not want to leave the catwalks. Hermès, Giorgio Armani, Dior and Loewe see the bright sweater differently.

Someone has it psychedelic, someone has flowers that resemble Wangog’s sunflowers in energy, and someone is clearly inspired by digital painting. Either way, in men’s fashion 2022, you can afford some really bright personality.

Menswear Trends Fall 2022: Sweaters with Funny Patterns

Men’s Fashion 2022 Winter: New Proportions

Playing with proportions emphasizes the evolution of voluminous silhouettes in relation to the fall/winter season. Voluminous models and loose fit of items made of lighter materials – all this creates a cocoon effect.

Relaxed, casual models can be made from denim, knitwear or blended fabrics. Dress-like items are gaining popularity.

Men's Fashion 2022 Winter: New Proportions

Deadstock Layering

As the use of leftover fabrics is a hot topic for designers and consumers, layering plays a key role in creating a new generation of men’s looks that combine sustainability and style.

Garments are created from recycled materials. It is suggested to wear complementary, but slightly mismatched layers of clothing. The use of balanced shades further harmonizes disparate pieces, while bright color accents are used to highlight unique design techniques.


Total Denim

If you were trying to choose a denim shirt to match your jeans and were upset if the pair was even slightly different in color, after a year the rule of uniformity can be safely disregarded.

Images from the new collections of Diesel (debut of Glenn Martens as creative director of the brand) and Lemaire confirm this. However, fans of the classic combination “blue jeans + blue denim shirt” also have a place in the future: Brioni presented laconic sets.

Total Denim mens 2022

Fancy Denim

Despite claims that people will never want to wear jeans again after spending a year at home in soft and comfortable clothes, the amount of denim on the runways has only increased.

This season, designers are offering to look at the ubiquitous material from a new angle. So Diesel, in collaboration with Glenn Martens, created suits with unusual textures and patterns.

And at Brioni, the classic fabric was used to construct new silhouettes – an asymmetric jacket, a trench coat with feather trim and denim boots.

Fancy Denim 2022

Men’s Fashion 2022: Vests

While the girls practiced how to wear knit vests paired with oversized shirts, menswear designers looked closely at these vests and created them in a variety of designs for the spring/summer men’s fashion 2022 season.

Cotton and wool Dior Men, OAMC and A-Cold-Wall suggest wearing without creating layered looks, that is, on a naked body.

Some designers have abandoned the traditional vest and instead settled on outerwear with cut-off sleeves: long sleeveless raincoats can be seen in the Vetements lookbook, and open-handed leather jackets are actively present in the new assortment of Burberry and Rick Owens.

Men's Fashion 2022: Vests

Relaxed Suit

Even a strict two-piece in the hands of designers can turn into a suit that you don’t want to part with even on vacation.

Even the cut of Giorgio Armani has become more relaxed: in the new season, the legendary Italian fashion designer decided to leave the usual strict lines for the sake of the comfort of his clients.

Relaxed Suit Mens Fashion 2022


The favorite tie-dye print in previous seasons has become less. In the spring-summer men’s fashion 2022 collections of Casablanca, Hermès, Etro and Louis Vuitton, juicy colors flow smoothly into each other, creating a gradient effect.

While some brands create bright total looks, others suggest that we combine colorful sweaters and T-shirts with monochrome Bermuda shorts and loose trousers.

Gradient Mens-Fashion-2022

Ugly sweaters are back in our wardrobes! Jil Sander, Hermès and JW Anderson showed jerseys with fancy patterns, but the most models were shown by the House of Dior: Kim Jones, together with rapper Travis Scott, made more than a dozen variations of high-necked jumpers.

Winter 2022 Men's Fashion Trends: Strange Sweaters

Out of Season

It seems that everyone has already felt the first clear signs of global warming. Due to climate change, the clear division between seasons is becoming increasingly blurred, and in line with these changes, designers are more likely to release mixed collections that are not tied to a specific time of year.

So traditionally winter clothing and accessories crept into the spring-summer images of brands. Virgil Abloh filled the Louis Vuitton collection with faux fur coats, large gloves, warm headphones and down jackets.

Jil Sander models are wrapped in warm coats with tied scarves. The Hermès collection features classic cardigans, while Undercover features functional parkas and blanket coats.

Winter 2022 Men's Fashion Trends: Strange Sweaters


Who would have thought that men’s T-shirts would become a bright trend in high fashion? But for the upcoming season, fashion designers have decided to tackle designer versions of the casual garment.

In the imagination of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, T-shirts acquired wide straps and a square neckline, Rick Owens turned into translucent stretched tunics and fishnets.

T-shirts 2022 Men's Fashion Trends

Baseball Caps

Lately brands have been focusing more and more on the design of this modest headgear. Today, a baseball cap can not only hide a bad hairstyle, but also become an accent in your image.

At Jil Sander, the piece becomes a continuation of elegant suits, in the Louis Vuitton collection it is combined with leather raincoats and sports looks, and Courrèges models wear baseball caps with open and warmer looks with coats and jackets.

Baseball Caps 2022 Men's Fashion Trends

Latest Fashion for Men 2022: Fruits and Vegetables

Despite the fact that when talking about the main prints of the warm season, floral arrangements are the first to come to mind, juicy fruit and vegetable motifs are a worthy competitor to popular designs. The edible print trend is a fresh addition to summer wardrobe.

Jonathan Anderson covered sweaters, tracksuits, waistcoats and even flip-flops of his brand with a large pattern of strawberries. His collection turned out to be no less tasty for Loewe: the designer filled it with decorations in the form of bananas, oranges and green peas.

And the young Japanese brand Doublet presented tops and cardigans woven using the crochet technique at the Paris Fashion Week. The clothes looked like they were made from sliced tomato or kiwi slices.

Latest Fashion for Men 2022: Fruits and Vegetables

Short Sleeve Shirts

The short sleeve shirt remains a classic element of the summer look. And in 2022, Hawaiian will appear in an updated form with vibrant patterns and textures.

Iterations with a Cuban collar are featured by Paul Smith, Rhude and Ermenegildo-Zegna.

Short Sleeve Shirts Latest Fashion for Men 2022

Deconstructed shirts appeared at Y / Project, works by artist George Kondo graced flying versions from Dior, and chevron versions were offered by Dries Van Noten.

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