Women’s Jeans 2024: Top 20 Amazing Ladies Jeans 2024 Trends

In today’s article, we propose to check out the trendiest women’s jeans 2024. What element of women’s wardrobe do we always say “yes” to? Of course, fashionable jeans!

Whether on vacation or at work, regardless of age and body type, weather outside the window – all ladies choose beautiful and irresistible women’s jeans 2024.

Women’s Jeans 2024: 20 Amazing Ladies' Jeans 2024 Trends
And all because women’s jeans 2024 have taken a firm place not only in a practical wardrobe for casual and street style, but also in the basic wardrobe.

From so many jeans that the couturier showcased for the 2021-2024 season, you can find great and perfect jeans for whatever style you prefer.

And right now, we’ll take a look at the 20 best women’s jeans 2024 that you should definitely like.

Boyfriend jeans 2024

It is the boyfriends which have retained their positions in the new season. Boyfriends are still trendy and stylish. The girls are also pleased that it is also convenient.

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And if the length of such models remains the same – 7/8, then the waist should be high.

Women’s jeans 2024: Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans 2024 are perfect with any accessories – both chunky boots and stylish stiletto heels. In addition to boyfriend jeans, look for a fitted top for a sophisticated and elegant look.

Jeans for Women 2024: High Jeans

Once again, we have the opportunity to be convinced of the cyclical nature of fashion. Remember the end of the 20th century with high-waisted jeans? This model is again on the podium. High waist, loose fit and light blue color – these are the main features.

Intriguing mom jeans, trendy short and straight jeans are definitely worth looking out for a high waist if you want to be trendy. It will be beautiful to wear women’s jeans 2024 in a high fit with short T-shirts and tops.

High-waisted models are also relevant for skinny jeans for women 2024. Owners of slender long legs can safely choose just this option. Colors can be more saturated – from deep blues to dark reds and blacks.

Comfortable and “cunning” model is able to balance certain imbalances in the silhouette (for example, excessively low hips) and give the style a romantic touch.

The spirit of the 50s, with their feminine corset silhouettes, is now in the same trendy fashion as the feminist power – dress suits. And all because diversity rules the ball.

Relaxed, high-rise straight jeans (as shown by Alberta Ferretti and Balenciaga) and glamorous, unusual cut (as presented at the Burberry spring show ) are also in fashion.

Jeans for Women 2024: High Jeans

Best Jeans for Women 2024: Cropped Jeans

The top ones are also cropped jeans in different 3/4 and 7/8 options, which allow you to gracefully expose the lower part of the leg and demonstrate women’s ankles

Cropped women’s jeans 2024 with cuffs or with an untreated cut will look very impressive. Want to wear these with a T-shirt and red flats, like at the Celine show, or complement with lace-up boots, a top and a sport jacket in a rock and roll spirit.

Cropped jeans are good because they make it possible to show not only slender legs and thin ankles, but also to fully demonstrate new shoes. It can be gray jeans with visible front seams, blue denim in the Alberta Ferretti collection. The choice is yours.

Best Jeans for Women 2024: Cropped Jeans

Ladies Jeans 2024 Black Jeans

Black tone in clothes is welcomed for low-key and business sets. And here it is just worth remembering black jeans for the office with a not strict dress code. Also, in autumn and winter, you cannot do without dark jeans in a black shade.

Complement the laconic black jeans 2023-2024 with a beautiful sweater with extraordinary knitting or a cardigan, coat and fashionable boots – and your look will be on top!

Ladies’ Jeans 2024: Black Jeans

Women Jeans Fashion: White Jeans

Light shades, such as amazing women’s jeans 2024 in white, will help to make outfits for summer or spring light and airy. Slim fit jeans with a high waist, short, with buttons and cuffs, – any of the jeans in white will be perfect for a wonderful look.

White jeans 2023-2024 will look divine in a total look that will outshine any other outfit.

Women Jeans Fashion: White Jeans 2024

Immediately, we draw your attention to the fact that classic jeans are simply required to be present in the wardrobe of both men and women. They fit any body shape, making it mega versatile.

Designers widely use straight jeans with a high waist and a low fit as a basic element in their collections. Therefore, choosing the classics, you will definitely be in trend.

Fashion Trends 2024: Classic Straight Leg Jeans

Best Jeans for Women 2024: Wide Fit

And right there, in contrast to the classics, wide-cut jeans literally burst onto the catwalk. The length of wide jeans can be classic or slightly cropped.

Such women’s jeans 2024 appeared in Chanel, Chloé, Jacquemus, Balenciaga and even Christian Dior, along with skirts in the spirit of new look. Dresses and sundresses can be worn over these jeans, and they also go well with cropped jackets, straight trench coats and elongated raincoats, and are also suitable for spectacular layered looks.

The Row offers snow-white jeans with a black belt and wear with a milk jumper, Celine combines extra-wide cropped jeans with a crop top, an elegant bouclé jacket.

The fashionable novelty of the new season is the raw bottom of the legs, as if casually cut. Alternatively, the classic length of wide jeans can be made fashionably cropped by tucking the legs to the desired height.

Best Jeans for Women 2024: Wide Fit

Flared Jeans for Women 2024

If you managed to forget the once very fashionable and popular flare, today designers are returning it to the catwalks again. It has changed slightly and differs from the fashion trends of the early 2000s.

Now the flare can start literally from the hip, models have a high waist, and owners of long legs are advised to choose a shortened length. Complement them with high heels and feel like a queen.

Victoria Beckham, Bottega Veneta with Sandro, and Balmain play this style in different ways.

This model not only stretches the silhouette, visually lengthening the legs, but is also an ideal companion for romantic blouses and formal jackets, tops and turtlenecks. In these seasons, complement flared women’s jeans 2024 with pointed shoes and open-toe sandals with low heels or wedges.

Flared Jeans for Women 2024

Distressed And Ripped Jeans

Another trend that has confidently ruled the catwalks since last season is ripped and frayed jeans. The slits can be located along the entire length of the jeans, on the hips and, in fact, anywhere.

Colors are mostly light. As always, these models go well with T-shirts, oversized shirts or even long oversized jackets.

Distressed And Ripped Jeans 2024

Raw leg cut edges can be cut with asymmetrical cuffs. Some jeans are decorated with rivets and rhinestones. Women’s jeans 2024 with original edges are suitable for slim girls.

New Fashion Trends 2024: Unusual Edges

Ladies Jeans 2024: Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are back in fashion from the distant 90s. The peculiar style adds volume to the hips and emphasizes the waist line. The trendy “mom’s” model will become one of the most demanded.

Incredibly stylish jeans can be found in different outfits with short shirts, blouses, tops, jumpers and sweatshirts.

Bombers and leather jackets, coats, cardigans and even down puffy jackets will help warm the top.

Ladies’ Jeans 2024: Mom Jeans

Women Jeans Fashion: Decor

The trend of the new season is large colored embroidery. Patches will also be appropriate. Among the novelties are women’s jeans 2024 with stripes. As a reminder, when choosing jeans with decor, complement them with a neutral top.

This spring, Dolce & Gabbana is the leader in creative jeans. From the remnants of old collections, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana “made” colorful jeans models, decorated with ribbons, lace, silk and sewn using patchwork technique from different fabric cuts.

Christian Dior adorned jeans from the spring collection with delicate braid, while Versace applied a whitewashed Greek ornament to the models from the fall lookbook.

Women Jeans Fashion: Decor 2024

Crease-Leg Jeans

One of the fresh trends this fall is jeans for women 2024 with crease.

They can be either with ironed crease or with a stitching in the front.

So, girls who prefer classic flared trousers will find a suitable model of elegant jeans with crease in the Zimmermann collection, Western fans will find a model to their liking at Isabel Marant.

Crease-Leg Jeans 2024

Best Jeans for Women 2024: Straight Jeans

Straight jeans for women 2024 are the most versatile of all time.

They suit all body types and can be easily combined with a wide variety of shoes – boots, loafers and sneakers. If desired, they can also be tucked into boots, inspired by the example of Alexandre Vauthier.

Straight blue or light blue jeans are a must-have for this fall.

We suggest paying attention to the models in the Celine and Sandro collections.

Best Jeans for Women 2024: Straight Jeans

Acid-Washed Jeans 2024

Acid-washed denim has gone off the radar for several seasons, but this fall, jeans inspired by the 1980s are making a comeback in the brand collections.

So, Alberta Ferretti showed a practical combination of blue denim with black stains on the fabric, Tom Ford combined dark and light shades, and Marques’Almeida opted for colored jeans in pink and purple shades.

Acid-Washed Jeans 2024

2000s Jeans

Low-rise jeans, which were popular in the 2000s, have been trying to make their way into fashionistas’ wardrobes for several seasons. Judging by the number of low-waisted jeans in the collections of the brands, it is possible that this fall they will become a favorite element of the daily wardrobe of streetstyle stars.

In the meantime, we suggest taking note of the most stylish jeans of the era of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

2000s Jeans trends 2024

Ladies Jeans 2024: Holes on Knees

Too ripped jeans are not the most relevant model now, but pairs with holes on the knees may take an honorable place in a fashionable wardrobe.

In order to understand which ripped jeans to buy, it is enough to use two secret methods: choose jeans without elastane and rely on straight or wide cut models.

Examples of good jeans with holes on the knees can be found at Celine, Maje and Dsquared.

Ladies’ Jeans 2024: Holes on Knees

Dark Blue Denim

In the midst of a plethora of jeans for women 2024, it is always difficult to pick and choose the right pair. However, there is also a positive side of the coin – every girl will be able to find the perfect model for her figure.

Dark Blue Denim 2024


Women Jeans Fashion: Slim-Fit Jeans

The unpretentious cut of the slim-fit suits people of any height and makes it possible to wear any footwear: from sneakers and ankle boots to sandals, pumps and flats.

For the second season in a row, Hedi Slimane at Celine proves that with such jeans for women 2024 any clothes look harmonious and stylish.

Women Jeans Fashion: Slim-Fit Jeans 2024

Colored Women’s Jeans 2024

Dyed with plant pigments like Marques Almeida, fully 4or contrasting on the inside like Brandon Maxwell, multi-colored women’s jeans 2024 have also entered the top fashion trends this year.

This technique allows you to keep the look on the verge of comfort and light eccentricity, when you want to feel confident.

Colored Women’s Jeans 2024

Impeccable women’s jeans 2024, and most importantly, well-chosen types of jeans can become your favorite clothing in your wardrobe. Thanks to their practicality and convenience, fashionable jeans are often the choice of modern women of fashion.

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