Men’s Shirts 2022: Top 20 Stylish Men’s Shirts 2022 Trends

Men’s shirts 2022 are as irreplaceable as a dress in a woman’s wardrobe. It is combined with jackets and any outerwear, worn with different mens shoes and accessories.

The choice of men’s shirts 2022 is simply colossal: classic, white, colored. A shirt is a thing that is relevant at all times.

Men's Shirts 2022: 20 Stylish Men's Shirts 2022 Trends

In the men’s wardrobe, the shirt is the number one thing. It can be worn at any time of the year, changing images, colors and materials.

What shirts can be considered fashionable this year, let’s find out: casual, safari, untucked shirts and models with a print.

Men’s Shirts 2022: Classic

Classic men’s shirts 2022 are lightly fitted, pastel-colored shirts.

Small turn-down collars and models that can be worn with cufflinks are in fashion. These shirts are perfect for the office, especially when paired with a low-key tie.

Classic shirts have taken their rightful place in the trend collections of the coming year. However, they also succumbed to modern trends, slightly deviating from the established canons.

The lineup of famous design houses has been replenished with classic-cut shirts in “non-classic” shades – coral, dark blue, salmon, sky blue shirts.

This year, designers offer austere, discreet models with a collar. You can combine such a shirt with a mens suits, vest and all sorts of accessories such as a tie and cufflinks.

As much as we love the modern style of clothing, the classics in the form of strict shirts and trousers should be present in the wardrobe of every gentleman.

The classic men’s shirts 2022 have been replenished with designs in bold colors, as well as new ideas for trimming collars and cuffs.

Men's Shirts 2022: Classic

Yes, new-fashioned collars do not require a tie, and the variety of colors allows you to combine things and create non-trivial business looks.

By the way, the most fashionable color of 2022 is classic blue, so purchasing such a shirt this season is a must. Models with long sleeves are suitable for spring, they can be worn with a jacket, blazer or vest.

An excellent tandem is a fitted shirt and tapered trousers. The sleeves can be tucked up on the shirt for a stylish summer look. Elegant satin and silk models are decorated with a tie, cufflinks and brooches.

Fashion 2022 is gradually moving away from the classics, allowing combinations such as shirt + leather pants + sneakers.

Classic is the best option for everyday wear or business meetings. The main thing is to correctly combine a classic shirt with the rest of the wardrobe elements, then it will look appropriate in a variety of situations.

Casual shirts with shorts and sandals with socks are officially the trend of urban fashion 2022!

With the light hand of the designers of the British brand Margaret Howell, known for producing quality and stylish shirts, street fashion for men has replenished.

The mix of classics and casual style is no longer surprising today, but rather inspires new spring and summer looks. We can see this trend in a combination of white shirts with sneakers and jeans and in trendy casual tandems of a pantsuit and polo shirt.

Casual wear is renowned for its practicality and versatility. And in this case, a shirt is a basic necessity. Denim models, cotton or linen shirts in the summer and fall of 2022 are worn on the naked body or worn on top of a T-shirt.

Trending Shirts 2022: Casual

Plaid and Stripes 2022

The classic print for a men’s shirt is plaid. Men’s shirts 2022 trends recommend choosing a red-black or beige-brown color scheme and pairing plaid shirts with shorts, jeans and trousers.

Classic print – plain, tartan, Prince of Wales check.

Warm option – a shirt on top of a golf or a T-shirt. Summer ones are made of lightweight materials, they are worn on the naked body and combined with shorts and sandals.

The striped shirt has become a trend in both men’s and women’s fashion this season. Men’s models have acquired many new styles, colors and options. Stripe or pinstripe, two-tone or a wide range of hues, short sleeves and a relaxed fit – striped shirts 2022 will provide you with a great choice.

Plaid and Stripes 2022

Striped Men’s Shirts 2022

Such men’s shirts 2022 can be called classics, especially when it comes to ultra-thin vertical stripes and a strict cut.

In the context of modern fashion, the width of the lines, as well as their color and arrangement, can be absolutely anything.

This means that along with boring models, you have a chance to choose something funny and catchy and not look funny or ridiculous at the same time.

Striped Men's Shirts 2022

Checkered Patterns

Men’s 2022 cowboy style shirts with collar, cuffs and pockets in denim or suede have a huge following and are unlikely to ever go out of style.

This season, designers offer variations on this theme from two or even three types of plaid fabric in different colors. And we are not talking about inserts or trimmings.

Fashion designers offer options that are, as it were, sewn from fragments of two shirts that have nothing in common.

Men’s plaid shirts have long ceased to be an attribute of exclusively young people, lovers of punk in all its forms or harsh Canadian lumberjacks. Fashion gurus suggest that you must have in your wardrobe several of these things, differing in color and purpose.

All types of plaid are relevant, except for an excessively large one. A variety of styles will help you choose a plaid shirt for everyday wear, for work, for business meetings, for relaxation and going out.

The plaid works well with a solid bottom, so you won’t have any problems creating outfits.

Striped Men's Shirts 2022

Fashionable Printed Shirts

Fashionable men’s summer shirts 2022 with short sleeves will delight lovers of bright and extraordinary looks. Abstraction, floral print, paisley pattern, animals and tropical new shirt pattern 2022 on summer shirts are no exception, but a very cool trend this summer.

Animal print on men’s shirts 2022 is presented not only in the form of “standard” leopard and snake colors. For men, designers have prepared more interesting prints – horses, crayfish, etc.

Striped shirts are back in fashion, especially sophisticated contrasting models in black and white, red and black, blue and brown combinations. Nowadays, everyone can look neat and stylish.

Applying a print to the fabric of a fashionable shirt is a very responsible business for designers. They must try to make the print fit into the general trends of the season and at the same time attract the attention of men as buyers.

Let’s appreciate their work by choosing the most fashionable items for ourselves. Striped shirts are always in fashion, but the designers decided to go further and applied a similar pattern as partial detailing.

In the season, it is also important to overlay prints on one another and combine fabrics of different patterns in the design of one shirt model.

Fashionable Printed Shirts 2022

Bright Prints

Fashionable men’s shirts 2022 with short sleeves and bright print are a must-have for a resort wardrobe. They are also suitable for casual looks. As always, bright models with a floral print are in trend.

Of the novelties, the snow-white options are striking, as if doused with bright paint.

It can “flow” over the shoulders or just over the sleeves. Models with “watercolor” prints in the form of bright, slightly “washed out” wildflowers look even more unusual.



Military is a very popular style. It wanders from season to season, and it seems that it will never go out of style. But this is not necessary – things in this style look great.

Especially the men’s shirts 2022. Patch pockets, shoulder straps and khaki color – all this adds not only taste and style to a man, but also brutality.

Do you like the “paramilitary” men’s shirts 2022? Then choose models with shoulder straps, patch pockets and tabs that support rolled up long or short sleeves.

Stylists recommend wearing white T-shirts under shirts made of thick cotton fabrics with a dark camouflage pattern, which will accentuate your tan and make your look more brutal.

Men's Shirts 2022 Trends: Military Shirt

Pant Shirt New Style 2022: Men’s Shirt with Collar

The collar on men’s shirts 2022 can be made in any variation: tie collar, bow collar, stand-up collar. Such solutions will add charm and sophistication to the shirt.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022: Men's Shirt with Collar

Men’s Collarless Shirt

It would seem like a shirt without a collar. But the rules are there to be broken, especially when it comes to fashion. So many designers in the last season presented a shirt without a collar among their works.

By the way, there are also sleeveless shirt options. Of course, all these models look unusual, but very stylish.

You can diversify the classic cut of a shirt with a custom collar design. A collarless shirt is a trend in recent seasons. The style has attracted many men, for whom free style and non-standard decisions in choosing clothes are important.

The collarless shirt is suitable for men who do not wear ties.

Men's Collarless Shirt 2022

If we talk about the color of men’s shirts 2022 that are relevant for this season, then most often in this case, light shades are used: white, beige, pastel. Burgundy shades, gray, greenish and, of course, classic black are also relevant.

In terms of material, the focus here is on denim, woolen fabrics, leather and fine knitwear.

Color options are replenished with a palette of bright, juicy, dense shades. In this regard, there is an almost complete correspondence with women’s fashion.

The most popular colors of stylish men’s shirts in 2022: white – relevant for the classics; deep dark blue; gray from lightest to darkest tones; brown with red notes; bright purple; muted emerald green.

Similar to the combination of different fabrics, the colors are combined. Contrasting shades are used for trims, collars, cuffs. Identical, only differing by one or two tones, are used on pockets.

Men's Shirts 2022 Trends: Color and Material

Cuff and Collar Detailing

Shirts more and more often go beyond the boundaries of strict business clothes and are used in “casual” looks. The leaders again have a fitted men’s shirt, which is worn with tapered trousers.

More daring designs, designed to be paired with jeans or sweatpants, this year will feature unusual patterned cuffs and collars.

Cuff and Collar Detailing 2022

Practicality and Convenience

Some shirts of current collections are designed so that you roll up your sleeve and, in general, wear clothes with maximum comfort. They have expanded the segment of casual styles.

More and more men prefer the comfort of wear to the catchy design, and the practicality to the rigor of the business style. The designers’ response to the audience’s request is an assortment of shirts made from dense or crease-resistant materials, as well as shirts that can be worn over a T-shirt.

The expected trend for the warm season is shirts paired with tailored shorts, leather sneakers and sneakers.


Men Fashion Shirt 2022: Denim

How to create an informal look? Choose men’s 2022 denim shirts.

Such fashionable men’s shirts 2022, photos of which adorn many glossy magazines, are presented in two versions. You can choose a model with a regular turn-down collar or without. For a hot summer, trending shirts 2022 without sleeves are ideal.

They will emphasize all the advantages of a male athletic figure.

Once used as a uniform for workers, denim men’s shirts have undergone many changes and have become one of the top items in the wardrobe of men. There are a great many models of denim shirts and they are all relevant in the context of modern fashion.

An oversized denim shirt worn over a naked body, a T-shirt, a thin jumper or even another shirt will be an excellent choice for everyday wear.

The fitted model looks strict, which means it will help out on dates, going out, or will be a great option for going to work. Pay attention to the denim total look – an outfit completely assembled from denim clothes.

Stylish men will certainly like such attire, and, we think, their companions too.

Men Fashion Shirt 2022: Denim

Non-Standard Models

Fashionable shirts for men can also have a non-standard design that brings them closer to jackets. Such models are made of dense fabrics and equipped with large pockets.

They belong to the oversized category and are suitable for those who value comfort above all else.

Pink shirts are also non-standard models. Are you surprised? In vain!

We are not talking about the pastel shades of this color. Many fashion houses offer bright pink shirts. Moreover, the fashion house Tom Ford has released in addition to them jeans of the same color, for which there are long queues in Europe.


New Model Shirts 2022: Zip Shirts

In the modern world, it is customary to simplify everything in order to make life more convenient and allow you to spend your time on more important activities for yourself. Fashion keeps up with this trend.

For example, shirts in which instead of endless buttons there is a zipper.

Caring designers have made this item in a classic and casual version so that it can be used in any situation.

New Model Shirts 2022: Zip Shirts

Untucked Shirts

By and large, every shirt can be worn untucked, but this season has its own views on this:

firstly, the shirt must be selected either ideally according to the figure, or rather voluminous – the third option is excluded;

secondly, an untucked shirt will look spectacular with a stylish jacket or a seasonal jacket;

thirdly, some of the original models are cut slightly longer than the traditional ones. In this case, do not overdo it with the length, always consider the proportions of your body.

Untucked Shirts 2022

Stylish Details of Shirts

The most fashionable shirt in 2022 will be a classic model with a fitted silhouette, long sleeves and a turn-down collar.

Men who prefer military style should pay attention to shirts with a stand-up collar. Patch pockets and shoulder straps will also complete the look. Original pockets and hidden clasps are details that will complement the look of 2022.

This is not to say that shirts with short sleeves should be put away in the closet. For summer, polos are still relevant. Little time to get ready? Do you always need to get ready quickly, but at the same time be in trend? In this case, look for shirts without buttons.

Zippers are what replaced them. Tie collars and bow ties are considered trendy. And also models without a collar at all.

Stylish Details of Shirts 2022

New Shirt 2022: Pajama Style

You can also experiment with a long, dressing-gown-style shirt. Now fashionable men’s shirts make it possible to feel more relaxed, or to be more precise, fashion is kindly providing this little prank.

The usual design comes across long white and blue shirts, as well as classic shirts with short sleeves.

New Shirt 2022: Pajama Style

Men’s Summer Shirts 2022: Short-Sleeve

With the onset of the spring-summer season, strict shirts can be changed to looser and lighter ones. It is very difficult to come up with something radically new in the cut of shirts.

The cut of men’s shirts 2022 with short sleeves can be identical to the same style with long sleeves.

New Shirt 2022: Pajama Style

What to Wear With a 2022 Shirt?

We figured out which men’s shirts are in fashion now. Use these topical trends to create summer looks 2022, don’t forget about the classics and experiment!

The modern smart casual style allows men to show their individuality and charisma. Wear a shirt over a T-shirt or under a vest, jacket, or blazer.

What to Wear With a 2022 Shirt

Long shirts and safari shirts are the perfect choice for a casual look!

Layering is a fashion trend for youth parties. Mix and match shirts in different styles and colors, or create complete looks.

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