Men’s Shoes 2024: Top 20 Men’s Shoe Trends And Styles Of 2024

Men’s shoes 2024 are an important part of a perfect look.

When choosing this part of the wardrobe, most of men pay attention to comfort and convenience, but at the same time they want to look stylish.

Men's Shoes 2024: Top 20 Men's Shoe Trends And Styles Of 2024

Let’s consider the current men’s shoes 2024 trends, taking into account fashion tendencies.

Men’s Casual Shoes 2024: Classic

Classic casual lace-up shoes. This type of shoes for men 202 will never go out of style. The familiar shape with a rounded toe looks expensive and presentable even in combination with jeans.


Next year, not only plain options are gaining popularity, but also models with unusual prints, graphic embossing, and a logo.

Such elements look fresh and original. A good option to look stylish and expensive.

Men's Casual Shoes 2024: Classic

For summer classic shoes, a more gentle color scheme and less rigor are trendy. Here you can choose any color from white to blue, as long as it is comfortable.

Classic men’s shoes 2024 are divided into several types:






Sports Shoes for Men 2024: Sneakers

Every man’s wardrobe has a pair of sneakers, because fashion designers offer to combine them with almost any style of clothing.

If earlier sneakers were associated with a sporty style, now the situation has changed radically. Interesting design and colors allow you to combine them with absolutely any clothing.

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In the cold season, you cannot do without sneakers loved by many gentlemen.

Sports Shoes for Men 2024: Sneakers

Men’s models for autumn-winter are distinguished by waterproof materials, it can be natural or eco-leather, rubberized soles and so on.

Winter sneakers are suitable for active young people who move a lot and value convenience and comfort above all else.

High practical sneakers will also be relevant in the upcoming season. Their convenience and versatility will be appreciated by men who prefer active leisure.

Sports Shoes for Men 2024 Sneakers

Formal Shoes for Men 2024: Oxfords

Oxfords, which are low shoes with a rounded toe, with a small heel and closed lacing, will fit into any look.

Therefore, such shoes should be in the wardrobe of every man who watches his look. A variety of design solutions allows you to wear

Oxfords with absolutely any clothing:

Classic version – they perfectly complement a business look and are suitable for formal meetings.

Oxfords with a characteristic perforation – for informal occasions and for everyday life. They go well with jeans and trousers.

Formal Shoes for Men 2024: Oxfords

Fashion 2024 Summer Men’s Shoes

In summer, you can’t do without appropriate shoes. It should be lightweight, as open and breathable as possible.

These are the qualities of espadrilles and sandals. Thanks to the variety of models, choosing something for shorts or cropped trousers is not difficult.

To simplify the task, you can see the pictures of ready-made looks with the novelties of the season.

Designers offer options in the most vibrant, unpredictable colors – from fuchsia to bright red tones that are striking. Most of the fashionable men’s shoes 2024 are supplemented with sports elements.

Fashion 2024 Summer Men’s Shoes

Men Loafers 2024

In addition to traditional materials (leather and suede), artificial fabrics that allow air to pass through are used in the production of fashionable men’s shoes 2024.

The appearance remains unchanged, with a claim to the classics, and additional details in the form of fringes and tassels add novelty and modernity.

In autumn, the weather is capricious, the sun can be replaced by rain in an instant. For such cases, the option of loafers with thick soles is the best choice, as a decoration – a metallic effect, a pointed toe and a polka dot print of different sizes.

Externally, the finish resembles paint splashes.

For the manufacture of boat shoes, both traditional materials (leather and suede) and artificial breathable materials are used. These shoes for men 2024 tend to retain their classic look but take on new fashion trends 2024 and details.

Men Loafers 2024

Versatile shoes in the form of men loafers 2024, combined with different styles and looks, should be present in every men’s wardrobe.

In such shoes, you can go to work, go on a trip or for a walk. They can be worn with a variety of clothing:


cropped or classic trousers;

rolled up jeans;

with socks or on bare feet – in both versions, they look perfect.

There are many models made of matte leather and suede in different shades, which allows every man to choose fashionable shoes in accordance with his taste preferences and clothing style.

Boots with open or closed laces look very much like Oxfords.

The gaze of men who prefer a free style of clothing and do not think of themselves without denim trousers, first of all, fall on brogues.

They look great with leather jackets and parkas. What you should definitely not do is pair brogues with business suits.

Fashion Trends 2024: Brogues

Lace-Up Boots

In case of bad weather, for hiking or traveling on uneven roads, shoes with a massive, rough soles are just right. Long strong lacing provides a good hold on the leg.

Due to their strength and durability, these shoes are ideal for fall-winter and for work. You can combine it with trousers and jeans.

Lace-Up Boots 2024

Boots and Chelsea Boots

Both options are for the fall/winter season. In severe frosts, you should give preference to boots with small heels. They are quite tall and do not need to be laced up.

Of the fashionable features, a rather rough textured sole and a square or rounded toe can be distinguished.

The boots look good with trousers tucked in for extra warmth in chilly weather.

Chelsea boots can be safely attributed to the fashionable men’s shoes 2024. As a decoration, the designers used side inserts made of elastic.

The model does not have any additional fasteners, zippers or laces. For men, a choice of models is offered in suede material, matte leather or spectacular patent leather.

Black boots are a classic solution for all times, as always, it does not go out of fashion. Black boots go well with ensembles of any color.

Sporty black boots go well with jeans and sweatpants, while classic black shoes are an essential part of a man’s business look. Therefore, every man’s wardrobe should have black boots.

Boots and Chelsea Boots 2024

Men’s Slip on Shoes 2024

Another option for men’s casual shoes 2024 are slip-ons. This is something between loafers and slippers.

They can be made of textiles, artificial or natural leather, have a simple or variegated design.

Slip-on sneakers are more of sports shoes for men 2024 that can be worn with pants, jeans and casual trousers. However, modern men were able to fit this type of footwear into a business dress code.

Men's Slip on Shoes 2024

Driving Shoes for Men 2024

What are driving shoes?

In appearance, they are very similar to men loafers 2024, but they are valued much more expensive, plus the material from which they are made is much better.

Coloring, in which such a shoe model can be made from calm, non-conflict shades, for example, brown, black, beige, as well as bright, catchy, eye-catching, for example, red, green, blue, yellow.

The most fashionable driving shoes models are suede or patent leather models.

This option is supplemented with laces, which can often go the same way as the color of the shoes, or completely different from this color.

Laces are also located on the sides of such shoes, in some versions there may be a zipper with a slider.

Driving Shoes for Men 2024

Fashion 2024 Spring: Rubber Shoes

Men’s overshoes, made in a minimalist style, occupy a dominant position at the shows of fashion houses.

The color scheme of the shoes is varied. It can be restrained tones, bright shades.

The collections of spring shoes for men 2024 by designers Giorgio Armani and Swims deserve special attention.

Outwardly, they resemble loafers and are in no way inferior to them in terms of practicality and versatility. The fashion trend of 2024 will help transform, look stylish and extravagant.

Fashion 2024 Spring: Rubber Shoes

Leather Shoes for Men 2024: Lacquer Shoes

The fashion for patent leather shoes is returning.

The classic options remain relevant. At the same time, the leather can be lacquered or matte. All models have perfect finishing and stitching.

Leather Shoes for Men 2024: Lacquer Shoes

Bright Colors

One of the notable fashion trends 2024 in men’s shoes 2024 is the combination of shades of the same color or contrasting colors.

Deep wine with marsh green, black with burgundy, reddish brown with green: in men’s shoes 2024, the combination of these shades looks very elegant.

For more conservative men who do not accept exuberant colors in their own look, designers offer stylish two-tone shoes that combine dark brown and coffee shades, or monochrome models with contrasting seams.

Interesting two-tone models are presented in the collections of Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta.

Bright Colors 2024 mens shoes

Men’s Designer Shoes 2024: Molded Outsole

Classic winter shoes with rounded toes, rough soles and wide heels have been featured by many designers, including John Varvatos and Yves Saint Laurent.

And the designers Prada and Ermenegildo Zegna decided to complement their models with a molded sole that smoothly fits over the upper part of the shoe.

Shoes with molded soles are insulated with felted wool, so they can be worn in winter.

Men's Designer Shoes 2024: Molded Outsole

Suede and Nubuck

Many designers have chosen to sew their brogues, deserts and derbies from suede and nubuck.

For example, Paul Smith and Burberry presented fashionable shoes in bright and light suede with crepe or rubber soles.

Such shoes for men 2024 are unlikely to leave the fashion catwalks soon, because they are very comfortable and at the same time fit perfectly into the urban look.

Quite restrained colors of nubuck and suede shoes (dark green, muted blue, khaki, camel, and coffee) make it easy to find the right pair for any outfit.

Suede and Nubuck 2024 mens shoes

High Men’s Boots 2024

Brutal models with steady heels will be relevant in the fall-winter 2021-2024 season.

Designers could not single out one trendy style of high boots, so they presented models in military, retro and other popular styles.

At the same time, the cowboy style is losing its relevance and is practically not found on the catwalks.

High boots can be seen in the collections of the brands Belstaff, Berluti, DSQUARED2, etc. The materials from which high boots are made can be both natural and artificial.

High Men's Boots 2024

Fashion 2024 Winter: Fur

The climatic conditions in some regions are characterized by cool weather, so it is worth taking care of warm boots. Boots with natural short fur perfectly retain warmth, and at the same time breathe well, not letting your feet sweat.

Faux fur is just as warm, but less breathable.

Fashion 2024 Winter: Fur

Chukkas and Deserts

Chukkas and deserts differ from each other in material.

In the first case, leather is used for sewing, so they are more suitable for the off-season.

For making deserts, suede is used – accordingly, they are more suitable for dry weather. Both types of shoes reach the ankles, their lacing is open and, as a rule, does not exceed three grommets.

Chukkas and Deserts 2024 mens shoes

Massive Soles

In an alternative classic look, the shoes with wide and high soles, presented in the Armani collection, will look great.

As an accent element of a men’s look, designers suggest choosing shoes with massive soles in 2024.

There are incredibly many variations in the season 2023-2024 in the collections of Fendi, Botter.


Work Boots 2024

There are a lot of styles and models of work boots, but they all fit into the concept of everyday shoes.

Work Boots 2024

A set of work boots, frayed jeans or chinos, a plaid flannel shirt is considered very fashionable today. Such boots are good to wear with short jackets with decorative patches, patch pockets and other similar decorative elements.

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