Kids’ Shoes 2022: Top 22 Amazing Children’s Shoes 2022 Trends

Let’s see what fashion trends can be traced in the global kids’ shoes 2022 market.

In the modern fashion industry, children’s fashion 2022 has confidently taken its independent place. And although in many ways it has something in common with the trends for adults, it still managed to acquire its unique face.

Kids’ Fashion Weeks have become as commonplace as seasonal fashion shows for men and women.

Kids' Shoes 2022: Top 22 Amazing Children's Shoes 2022 Trends

Do you, as we do, think that kids’ shoes 2022 should not only be comfortable, but also correspond to fashion trends?

Do you know what trends will be most relevant during this period and what the trendsetters of children’s fashion have prepared for the upcoming season?

If not, then an overview of fashion trends prepared will be just right for you.

Among the main trends, it is worth noting

Kids’ Shoes 2022: Zebra Print

Zebra print, not just animal print, but zebra in different colors.

This trend was already present last season, but now more delicate tones are in fashion, for example, pink, gold and white and silver.

Such shoes and sandals look especially stylish.

Kids' Shoes 2022: Zebra Print

Children’s Shoes 2022: Mirror Prints

Pearlescent, metallic, silver and champagne. Mirror prints are in vogue this season. If your child loves everything shiny and iridescent, then you will definitely find many options for kids’ shoes 2022 that will appeal to him or her.

This trend is found in sneakers, trainers and sandals.

Children's Shoes 2022: Mirror Prints


Tie-dye prints, rainbows, bright and neon colors are also in vogue this season, and especially in combination with the previous trend.


Perforated Details

Shoes, sneakers and sandals with small and large perforations are in trend this year.

Perforated Details 2022

Kids’ Shoes 2022: Denim and Pastel Colors

In addition to the light color, this season is dominated by blue, light blue, denim and soft natural shades that will give a calm and natural look to any outfit.

Despite the bright colors that kids’ clothes are usually associated with, especially for girls, this year it is preferable to choose kids’ shoes 2022 in pastel colors and soft colors.

The trendiest are pistachio, beige, lilac and pale pink colors for girls and brown, gray, blue and green for boys.

Kids' Shoes 2022: Denim and Pastel Colors

Spring Shoes for Children

Probably not a single season of the year contributes to such a strong desire to update the wardrobe according to the latest fashion trends as spring.

After a long winter with shapeless down jackets and heavy boots, we really want to dress and put on something colorful, light and very elegant.

Not only adults, but also children dream about it. In addition, fashionable shoes in the wardrobe of kids bring no less joy to their parents. Beautiful and fashionable things are pleasant to buy not only for yourself, but also for your babies.

The main trend of fashionable spring is comfortable kids’ shoes 2022. And this gives reason to believe that the “kings” of the next season will be a variety of sneakers, slip-ons, moccasins, shoes of comfortable cut.

And all this – with the most incredible prints and colors: from “predatory” leopard to delicate floral or cartoon, and little fans of everything shiny and bright will appreciate the children’s shoes 2022 and slip-ons in gold or silver.

By the way, about prints. Spring children’s shoes 2022 will look incredibly stylish if they have at least small inserts of a floral pattern, plaid and polka dots.

But if we talk about girls’ shoes 2022, then, of course, floristic motives occupy the main positions.

Boys’ shoes 2022 can be decorated with stylish inscriptions, images of cartoon animals, multi-colored inserts.

And by the way, it is easier to name the colors that were not included in the spring fashion list than to list all the trendy ones.

At the peak will be children’s shoes in blue, red, yellow, green, orange, white and black shades.

All these colors in the spring shoe wardrobe are presented in a full range: from the lightest to deeply dark tones. Such a wide assortment allows you to choose stylish options for children of all ages, for any wardrobe and for any event.

Spring Shoes for Children 2022

Rubber Boots

Children’s rubber boots. Well, how without them? In the spring, rubber boots are a constant companion for all children.

And we must say that nowadays boys and girls like this type of footwear much more than previous generations.

The “concept” of this boot has not changed for the second century: since 1851, this shoe protects against moisture.

But if earlier they were just plain rubber boots, today it is a bright and stylish element of a children’s wardrobe, painted with all sorts of patterns and shades.

Rubber Boots 2022

Children’s Shoes 2022: Loafers

Suede or leather loafers with bright fringes are just what you need to give a childish look lightness and ease.

This type of shoe can serve as a good alternative to the more formal classic shoes.

Loafers of delicate shades look cute with the wardrobe of very little fashionistas and stylish teenage girls, and young men will like items in more “masculine” colors. We can say without a doubt that all children like light and comfortable moccasins in spring.

Children's Shoes 2022: Loafers

Kids’ Shoes 2022: Leather

Leather shoes in the spring season will look incredibly trendy. And not only because spring is, in fact, the time of shoes. Leather will be relevant in all forms: soft, hard, shiny, matte, lacquered, suede, nubuck.

It is always a trendy classic and is fully approved by podiatrists. Leather kids’ shoes 2022 have good wear resistance, they perfectly retain heat in the cold, promote air circulation inside the product, so that the foot “breathes”.

Leather boots are elastic, easily follow the contour of the foot, which means they do not rub.

It will look incredibly stylish on the legs of toddlers and teenagers. As for the styles, closed shoes of a classic cut with a wide heel are quite suitable for children in cool weather.

Such items go well with almost any clothing. For a walk on warmer days, girls can wear open pumps with a clasp that fixes the shoe on the leg, and boys can wear classic oxford shoes made of thin perforated leather.

Kids' Shoes 2022: Leather


In the spring collections of all fashion designers, versatile and practical jeans have taken the lead.

And the same ultra-fashionable shoes – slip-ons will suit them very well. In spring, it can be textiles, for example, decorated with sequins, which girls like so much, or leather, in which a child can go out even in the rain.

Slip-ons are versatile children’s shoes 2022 about which boys and girls of all ages are crazy, and which are amazingly combined with all styles and types of clothing. In addition, as stylists say, this is the springiest shoe.


Fashion 2022 Summer: Sandals

In hot weather, which is usually established by May, you cannot do without sandals.

For a girl sandals will be suitable in delicate shades, with beautiful appliqués and, of course, stylish floral elements. For a boy, you can buy sandals of a more restrained design in a fashionable color scheme.

Fashion 2022 Summer: Sandals

Kids’ Sneakers 2022

If your child is active, loves bicycles and scooters, sandals, crocs or moccasins are indispensable.

Sports kids’ shoes 2022 with Velcro, laces are needed to firmly fix the foot during physical exertion. Otherwise, skin damage, injury may occur. They go well with dresses and skirts, shorts, jeans, look elegant and stylish. They are bought for toddlers who have just started to walk, and active teenagers who love scooters and skateboards.

Sneakers are a real lifesaver in children’s wardrobe.

Comfortable, beautiful, stylish and versatile, they can be worn with a wide variety of clothes. But this season the combination of stylish sneakers with bright children’s tracksuits of unusual styles will be at the peak.

In the spring, as in previous seasons, the main highlight of the sneakers will be the colored lacing.

Bright laces look great on both girly and boyish sports shoes. In addition, the lacing can be changed at least daily, each time choosing new stylish colors. Believe us, children will love these experiments.

Kids' Sneakers 2022

Girls’ Sneakers 2022

The days when sneakers were considered shoes only for boys and girls were supposed to wear elegant shoes are long gone.

Now, sneakers have become everyday shoes for girls as well, as it turned out that they go well with dresses and skirts.

Girls' Sneakers 2022

Boys’ Sneakers 2022

Boys, on the other hand, are increasingly wearing sneakers, even with tailored suit trousers. This comfortable trend has moved out of adult fashion.

Boys' Sneakers 2022

Shoes for Girls 2022: Boots

Fashionable styles for girls cannot but please with their abundance. At children’s fashion shows, young models paraded in boots of different heights: from low ankle boots designed for snowless weather to items with high tops, in which girls are not afraid of even the most severe blizzard.

When it comes to girly fashion, neither a dull demi-season nor a monochrome winter is at all a reason to dress and put on shoes boring and gray.

The designers have adorned the children’s shoes 2022 of little beauties with beautiful decor and stylish prints. In addition, they offered a choice of almost all the colors of the rainbow in an incredible number of shades and halftones.

For schoolgirls this season, fashion gurus offer plain classic boots or casual ones. But even gray children’s shoes this fashionable winter, as conceived by the designers, should not look boring.

To do this, the developers added accents in the form of bright lacing or spectacular decor (imitation of patches, metal or lacquer inserts in the toe cap) to plain shoes in the style of minimalism.

Shoes for Girls 2022: Boots

Boys’ Boots 2022

Military style is in no hurry to leave men’s fashion, including children’s.

But, in addition to the military print, plain boots for boys look no less stylish. In particular, the main colors of autumn and winter, the designers called green, blue, as well as classic black and gray for men’s shoes in all their manifestations.

The most fashionable kids’ shoes 2022 for an active boy are items in a sporty style, although fashion designers have not spared more elegant classic models, which can be considered as a variant of stylish school shoes.

As for the embellishments, in the shoes for boys there are also all kinds of inserts and, of course, fashionable lacing.

Boys' Boots 2022

Fashion 2022 Winter: Warm Boots

Although in many ways the footwear for children resembles adults, there are still requirements that are fundamental in children’s shoes 2022. First of all, it is the quality of the materials used to create the models.

As a rule, children spend more time on the street than adults.

This means that they need warm, high-quality shoes for the winter. Sometimes it is enough for a child to get his feet wet and freeze thoroughly, so that later the kid gets sick. And all because of bad shoes. Although in fact, there is plenty to choose from.

Fashion 2022 Winter: Warm Boots

Children’s Shoes 2022: Textile

Textile footwear for the cold season is predominantly a choice for babies. Warm boots with fur or felt will perfectly warm a one-year-old child in the cold. By the way, now fashionable felt boots fit perfectly into children’s wardrobes.

However, podiatrists continue to argue about the benefits of such products.

Some argue that this is an excellent option for training a child’s leg.

Others advise not to buy these shoes during the period of intensive formation of the foot, since due to the lack of a heel and instep support, it is not able to support the leg in an anatomically correct position.

Children's Shoes 2022: Textile

This is the same leather, only with fine fibers. The material benefits are the same as smooth leather, but nubuck looks cooler, according to fashion designers.

Boots made from it are the choice of stylish teens, although this material also looks great on tiny feet.

Fashion Trends 2022: Nubuck

Nylon Winter Boots

This type of boots broke into children’s fashion not so long ago, but quickly became popular.

The uniqueness of this material is that it does not allow moisture from the outside, but at the same time, like leather, allows the foot to breathe.

Nylon Winter Boots 2022

Like Adults

As you know, girls always want to be like their mother, and boys – like their father, and wear clothes and shoes like adults. Recently, many brands have included footwear targeted at young children in their collections.

Timberland, for example, offers boots that are replicas of adult footwear, but in tiny sizes, starting with footwear for one year olds. However, unlike footwear for adults, kids’ shoes 2022 must be made of softer materials, and their sole must meet the requirements of orthopedists.

Fortunately, despite the popularity of adult-like kids’ shoes 2022, the strange fashion for little girls’ heels loved by Hollywood celebrities and their kids has become a thing of the past.


Retro Style Kids’ Shoes 2022

Retro style sandals and boots, similar to those worn by mums and dads as children, are considered a sign of good taste and style.

Retro Style Kids' Shoes 2022

The fashion for children’s clothing and retro-style shoes was introduced by Kate Middleton, who often puts on her children things that belonged to their father, Prince William (and also Prince Harry), or very similar to those that he wore in the early 80s.

Retro Style Kids' Shoes 2022


Children also want to keep up with fashion and wear stylish shoes. Therefore, it is important for parents to follow the fashion trends of children’s shoes and buy models that will be not only comfortable, but also stylish.

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