Trendy Skirts 2024: Top 18 Popular Skirt Trends And Tendencies For 2024

We have prepared for you everything you need to know about fashionable skirts 2024.

The variety of styles and colors will allow you to choose a model that can highlight the dignity of any figure and height.

The general rule remains the same: a mini-length skirt is designed to emphasize seductiveness, a midi – elegance, and a maxi – a romantic mood.


You cannot consider yourself a style icon if you are not interested in fashion news for several seasons ahead.

Check out the fashion trends 2024, update your wardrobe and get ready to conquer the world!

Skirts 2024: Trendy Colors

Red is unanimously recognized by global design houses as the main color of 2024. If the fashion 2024 winter collections gave preference to its rich and deep variations, then the spring-summer ones allow brighter or, on the contrary, muted options, smoothed by a combination with white.

Orange, pink, terracotta shades are also coming into fashion.

The designers also offer restrained pastel shades. Delicate white with pearl tints, milky white, muted pink and pale lavender will be especially popular.

The active use of textured accents will become a fashion trend for the upcoming season.

An unexpected solution, quickly gaining popularity, was the use of patchwork elements. Multicolored patches can liven up any look, but they look especially organic within the Boho style.

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The elements of clothing that have migrated from winter collections deserve special mention: the fringe trend looks quite appropriate on light spring skirts 2024.

Floral prints on fabrics allow for many variations. These are watercolor stains close to abstraction, tropical motifs of palm leaves, and traditional Japanese motives.

Animalistic prints also never go out of fashion.

The strip and the plaid still retain their relevance. The last option is especially vividly embodied in long skirts 2024, which have become the main part of the image.

Lightweight checkered tweed will be an excellent option for early spring, and the proposed option of small fringe along the edge, created due to the absence of edging, acts as an independent element of the decor.

Contrasting stitching is another way to liven up a plain skirt, which is back in vogue.

Fashionable Skirts 2024 Styles

Lingerie-style skirts 2024 are designed to emphasize the transition from the severity and solidity of winter skirts 2024 to spring lightness.

Fashionable lace can be combined with the base fabric in the form of layers, or serve as a decorative element.

The overlay options for miniskirts look especially advantageous, when thin knee-length lace is superimposed over a short opaque skirt.

Variations with maxi and midi models create a more discreet romantic look.

The original hologram effect can be achieved by the overlapping method, when a flowing fabric, for example, silk and satin, is superimposed on a dense material that strictly keeps its shape.

Refinement and lightness of the image make it possible to achieve such cutting features as layering, flounces, frills. They are perfectly complemented by wide bows on the belt line.

The resort cut of skirts is reflected in models with a wrap or its imitation. The criss-crossing of the fabric on the thighs with the formation of seductive folds gives the thighs additional volume, therefore, especially well emphasize the transition to the waist.

In addition, in the upcoming season, fashion trends will be represented by the following models:

Godet Skirts 2024

Retro influences will find their embodiment thanks to the models of godet skirts, tightly fitting the hips and widening downwards, they visually lengthen the figure and give it a slenderness.

Godet Skirts 2024

High Waist Skirt

The general trend of the upcoming season will be the high waist line of the skirt. It allows the use of wide, contrasting straps. The top of this look can be complemented by a cropped top or jacket.

Models of skirts 2024 with a high slit located in the front or at the edges of the model firmly occupy their positions among fashion trends 2024.

Basque variations also seem curious. It seems that this cut option never goes out of fashion, romantically emphasizing the curves of the female figure with its waves.

For the fashion 2024 summer season, the peplum has moved from the hips to the bottom hem, enlivening even the strict models of pencil skirts.

High Waist Skirt 2024

Pencil Skirts 2024

An immortal attribute of an elegant classic, a pencil skirt, with the right cut, can emphasize the dignity of any figure.

In the new season, preference should be given to models with tight-fitting hips. Designers offer to revive the office associations of this style with textured elements of voluminous patch pockets and bright applications.

The slenderness of the waist will be emphasized by a wide belt.

The main thing to look out for in the new season when choosing this type of skirt is the style influences of rock culture and grunge.

Chains, massive zippers, rivets – those decorative elements that should be avoided. Solutions in rich green and wine shades are in vogue. They can be decorated with patch pockets or a flared peplum along the bottom edge of leather skirts 2024.

It is a great option if you are the owner of curvaceous forms. The skirt, tapering to the hem, visually slims and lengthens the silhouette. Moreover, you can wear it both with high-heeled pumps and with sports shoes.

Pencil Skirts 2024

Summer Skirts 2024: Mini

Now many people are talking about the return of the mini length, calling it the trend of the season. But in our opinion, the length of the mini never left the catwalk or city streets.

It’s just that recently designers have begun to pay more attention to the length of the midi and maxi, because these options are convenient and practical for all women and situations.

But the mini is an option for the youngest. However, if you decide on a mini skirt, then you should look into the Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini collection.

Mini-skirts do not lose their relevance, especially in the summer, when they are able to emphasize the slimness and golden tan of the legs.

Lush mini-skirts 2024 with flounces will be especially relevant in floral, plant prints.

The opposite extreme is models that cover only the hips. Such a skirt must be chosen very carefully, evaluating not only the features of your figure, but also the gait and the circumstances under which you are going to wear this item.

Well, it’s important not to overdo it with accents, because the extreme length will already attract attention. Stop your choice on calm shades, it is better to add colors by wearing a mini along with a bright blouse.

Summer Skirts 2024: Mini

Midi Skirt 2024

It is not by chance that the length of the midi is considered “French”. For the elegance that it can give to the look, it has no equal.

In general, this is due to the trend towards the return of the fashion of the 80s: it was then that such skirts were at the peak of their popularity.

But if in the past forty years ago, clothes were mainly made of cotton, now the abundance of materials is amazing.

A midi skirt 2024 allows you to create a fashionable look in a few minutes: complement it with a bright top, belt and ballet flats, you get a wonderful city look!

In addition to soft flared options, A-line skirts 2024 decorated with a row of buttons in the center at the front will be popular.

A godet skirt with a traditional length below the knee will give a new meaning to the retro silhouette.

Midi Skirt 2024

Maxi Skirts 2024

The length to the floor or to the middle of the ankle will be appropriate both on a beach walk and within the city.

The choice of footwear is important here. In the new season, maxi skirts 2024 are usually combined with wedge or flat shoes, be they sandals or ballet flats.

But the combination of long skirts 2024 and heels has lost its relevance.

Continuing the main trend of the summer season, a high waist becomes an excellent solution for a long skirt. Combined with thick flounces and ruffles.

Long skirts have long ceased to be an attribute of only representatives of the ethnic style. After all, it is very convenient, practical, and quite beautiful.

The trendiest long skirts 2024 will be light, vibrant options. Preferably with a floral or geometric print.

Maxi Skirts 2024

High-Waisted Skirts

High-waisted skirts were found in many collections, but the most beautiful, with original decor and midi length, are the models of Prune Goldschmidt designers.

These skirts 2024 can be included both in a casual look and for a festive occasion.

Unusually feminine options – they look great with a romantic style blouse, shirt, turtleneck, cashmere jumper.

And what is especially pleasing is that almost all of them are made of dense materials, and for the cold season, warmth and comfort are so important.

High-Waisted Skirts 2024

Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts in the new season are in vogue. And they are all varied. This is understandable, after a long stay at the peak of the popularity of oversized clothing and masculinity, fashionistas managed to miss feminine and romantic styles, so retro-style skirts have become relevant again.

Pleating is considered for all materials, including leather and eco-leather. Folds can be one-sided and two-sided, bow or tuck folds, stitched or ironed. They can be located on any part of the item

Wonderful pleated options began to appear at Fashion Week 2020. We are confident that their popularity will only increase by next year.

The universal length of such models is up to the knee. As a rule, they have a wide belt at the waist; you can also find high waisted options.

If you are going to wear such a skirt for work or school, give preference to cream, beige and silver shades. For evening walks, you should choose more saturated shades: purple, burgundy, indigo.

The pleated skirt has retained its popularity for several seasons. In 2024, it should be made of translucent fabric. As a stylish decoration, designers offer a bow or ribbon on the waist line.

Pleated Skirts 2024

Fall Skirts 2024: Wrap Skirts

The trend is not new, but remains fashionable for fall-winter 2023-2024. However, the peculiarity of some models should be noted, they have a cut with a shallow wrap, which turns into a cut, that is, a half-open wrap is obtained.

Fall Skirts 2024: Wrap Skirts

Front Closure

And one more model, quite often found in new collections – a-line skirt with a front closure.

However, this model is to some extent a kind of skirt with a wrap and a slit in the front.

Front Closure 2024

Decorative Details and Elements on Skirts

The most common details are pockets. Among them there are pockets in the side seams of the skirt.

The decoration of a skirt can always be a beautiful belt, metal eyelets, fasteners and buttons, lacing and flounces. What decor to use and where to place it, we suggest looking at some interesting models from new collections of famous brands.

Decorative Details and Elements on Skirts 2024

Straight Cut Models

Classic options that never seem to go out of style. These high-rise and knee-length skirts look great on different body types, suitable for both young girls and adult ladies.

Their only drawback is the often boring gray-black color scheme. But the fashion of 2024 turned the idea of such skirts upside down. Now you can wear bright models to work, preferably with a contrasting stripe along the seam.

Straight Cut Models 2024

Gathered Skirt

In the upcoming 2024, fashion trends dictate to choose skirts that are not A-shaped, not loose, but lush. With many folds, maybe even a few petticoats. It’s time to make your childhood dreams come true!

Moreover, the choice of color is also very wide: from dark blue to bright red.

Gathered Skirt 2024


These are for sure skirts that will not leave you unattended!

The idea for their creation came against the backdrop of the incredible popularity of one-shoulder tops. Nowadays, custom-cut models can be found with different decorative elements: ruffles, frills, rhinestones.

But, in order not to look defiant, it is worth choosing a rather calm, strict top for such new clothes.

Skirt 2024

Sports Skirts

It is very interesting to watch how the sporty style develops. We are used to the fact that fitness suits consist exclusively of tops and leggings.

But now it is not difficult to find options with a skirt. For example, the Adidas brand offers a mid-length skirt. Such models are also suitable for creating an outfit in the style of sport chic. To do this, you should wear them with stiletto heels and a pretentious top.

Sports Skirts 2024

Jeans Skirt 2024

Fashionable denim skirts 2024 are a must in the wardrobe. After all, outfits using denim are present in the collections of all world famous designers.

Jeans Skirt 2024

You can wear these options with a cotton top, or you can amaze everyone with a combination of a denim skirt with a denim vest or shirt.

As you can see, you can create a beautiful skirt with an original cut, a variety of materials and prints, and decorative elements.

Everything, of course, depends on what situation the skirt is intended for, what image you want to create – restrained, romantic, business, daring or extravagant.

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