Blazers For Women 2022: Top 20 Stylish Ladies’ Blazers 2022

The new upcoming season of 2022 dictates its directions in the fashion industry, in connection with which it is important to keep abreast of the latest fashionable novelties and trends in women’s clothing, among which blazers for women 2022 will occupy top positions.

Blazers For Women 2022: Top 20 Stylish Ladies' Blazers 2022

We made an overview of the 20 trendiest blazers for women 2022: classic, cropped, peplum blazers, oversized models and so on.

Blazers for Women 2022: Oversized Blazers

The oversize trend, which has not aged for several years, remains at the peak of the ratings in fashion trends 2022. Deliberately voluminous blazers for women 2022 will be especially relevant on cold days of the year.

The loose fit of this blazer is a blank canvas for creating unique autumn looks.

Do not forget that the bulky top provides a concise, tight-fitting bottom.

Blazers for Women 2022: Oversized Blazers

Best of all, oversized blazer models look in multi-layered outfits. When sweaters, turtlenecks, sweatshirts are inherent in the look, or in tandem with a dress, which will add sophistication and fragility to the female silhouette.

An oversized blazer should be loose and slightly baggy. But not necessarily too oversized. You can find such models both as independent options and in a trouser tandem.
The shades of the oversized blazer will also be different, among which beige, gray, sand, cream and pastel shades will be in demand.

Women’s Blazers 2022: Colors

Snow-white blazers for women 2022 will be the undisputed favorites of the fashion 2022 summer and spring season. It was these blazers that were presented by almost all fashion houses at their shows.

As in every spring, bright and juicy colors will remain relevant. Yellow, blue, salmon, peach and lilac shades flashed on the world’s catwalks.
The colors of young foliage and flowers have always been considered true spring, and the fashion season 2021–2022 was no exception. World catwalks were literally full of bright colors.

Of course, the choice of blazer color is very individual. After all, color preferences change with each season and it is more and more difficult for designers to surprise sophisticated fashionistas.

Red and its shades are considered a truly feminine color. And if you take into account the fact that the blazer has migrated to us from the men’s wardrobe, then a red blazer will create a stunning impression.

Just do not forget that such deep colors are best chosen for the cold season or for evening outings. But the shade of Marsala will perfectly dilute the boring formal wear.

Women's Blazers 2022: Colors

For lovers of classic colors of things, blazers for women 2022 in the shade of a navy peony will be an excellent gift from a fashion guru. The dark blue color will be complementary to many girls.

It is said that dark blue is the second black. And it really is, these two colors are always fashionable, always relevant. But the shade of the navy peony is more original and softer, and is the trending color of 2022.

A neutral gray is great for a blazer. The gray model can become a versatile item in your wardrobe. It’s hard to make a mistake with it, because it will be appropriate everywhere: at work, on a walk, on a date. The designers love this color and presented many blazers with this color scheme.

Ladies’ Blazers 2022: Sleeveless Blazer

For warm weather, it is not at all necessary to give up blazers, just choose a sleeveless blazer – a vest. Such blazers are very common among fashionistas, because these “tools” emphasize your unsurpassed taste and allow you to look confident and impressive.

The owner of any type of figure will be able to choose a beautiful original sleeveless blazer.

Ladies' Blazers 2022: Sleeveless Blazer

Best Women’s Blazers 2022: Peplum Blazers

A peplum blazer is the “tool” that will help a woman to give her figure a complete exemplary contour. Such a blazer is incredible convenience and comfort for women of any size.

Basque reliably protects a woman from all her imperfections and complexes. Blazers have no age restrictions and are considered the most combinatorial. The only taboo: you should not mix this type of blazer with trousers with a voluminous top.

Best Women's Blazers 2022: Peplum Blazers

Long Women’s Blazers 2022

A long blazer is a trend that has been picked up by almost all fashion brands, including women, armed with new models of blazers in different formats.

An elongated blazer in a check or monochrome style will complement the outfit with shorts and a skirt, skinny pants and a short cocktail dress.
Be sure to complement a buttoned blazer with a belt. But an elongated blazer and an open-cut blazer also look great.

Long Women's Blazers 2022

Gentle Shimmer

Next season’s favorite will be a trendy blazer with a delicate shimmer.

It may be the shine of satin or silk, play of metallic leather – each solution in its own way looks great in the new women’s blazers 2022.
With such a blazer, you can safely go to a party or for a walk.

Long Women's Blazers 2022

Blazers for Women 2022: Leather Blazer

Leather is another trend that has been holding top positions for several seasons, presenting fashionistas with the best variations of clothing. Among them, as we can see, there are fashionable blazers for women 2022.

Thanks to the use of eco-leather, you can afford different color options for ladies’ blazers 2022 – black, brown, emerald, blue, burgundy, etc.

The fitted silhouette, gold decor in the form of two rows of metal buttons, accented shoulders will add sophistication to a leather blazer in black.

Blazers for Women 2022: Leather Blazer

Double-Breasted Blazers 2022

Stylish and effective decoration of a blazer with large metal buttons is an important detail in fashionable looks for the coming season. It is proposed by designers in the form of double-breasted blazers.
Long or slightly shortened, with or without a belt – any style of blazer will look great with two rows of buttons on it.

Double-Breasted Blazers 2022

Blazer with Belt

Since the trend of this season is blazers “from a man’s shoulder”, such an accessory as a belt or a strap will not be superfluous. With its help, the look will appear more feminine, and attention will be focused on the waist.

And the blazer itself with a belt is the main “must buy” of the 2021-2022 season. You can easily combine this blazer with a skirt of any length, dresses and trousers, both classic and skinny or from denim.

Another advantage of a blazer with a strap is that the feminine silhouette looks fragile and graceful. Designers offered different options for straps and belts – from narrow and thin to wide, sometimes resembling a peplum.


Ladies’ Blazers 2022: Blazer with Slits

Getting ready for the fashion 2022 spring and summer season and decided to update your wardrobe? Then be sure to stop at the blazer model in an extraordinary solution – with slits.

Pants or jeans in flared or wide style, as well as a trendy tank top will be a successful combination in a non-trivial look with a fashionable blazer and slits.

Ladies' Blazers 2022: Blazer with Slits

Best Women’s Blazers 2022: Plaid Blazer

The plaid is still the undisputed favorite among the prints of this season.

Proof of this is the abundance of fashionable models of plaid blazers for women 2022 in the new season. Top bloggers and fashionistas willingly continue to demonstrate them on the streets of big cities.

Which one do you prefer?

A black and white check in a tweed blazer, which can be worn with leather trousers, will always look stylish and impeccable.

If your wardrobe has a checkered blazer – do not rush to put it aside. Feel free to include a checkered blazer in your looks.

Best Women's Blazers 2022: Plaid Blazer

Animal Print

The fashionable trend for exotic prints and patterns in clothing continues its march. It is moving from the fall-winter season to the warm spring-summer period.

So, we have already met a leopard print. And now designers offer an original zebra and python prints. They can be made in various shades, which adds originality and novelty to them.

Best Women's Blazers 2022: animal print

Blazers for Women 2022: Decorated Lapels

A festive look can be completed with a beautiful blazer with decorative elements in the form of embroidery, sequins or shiny materials such as satin.
Such decor looks especially beautiful in monochrome outfits and laconic sets in the style of minimalism, in which such an accent is impeccable.

Blazers for Women 2022: Decorated Lapels

Women’s Blazers 2022: Snow White Blazer

You can always add elegance and sophistication to your look with a fashionable blazer in white. This version of the snow-white top is very suitable for an evening out, and for any other look for a special occasion.

A white blazer should be worn wide open like the other best women’s blazers 2022 this season, for a gorgeous overall look.

Lingerie-style dresses, slip skirts, leather shorts, bell-bottom trousers, wide-leg jeans look harmoniously in a duet with a white blazer. Gold decor in the form of large metal buttons will adorn trendy white ladies’ blazers 2022.

Women's Blazers 2022: Snow White Blazer

After bold cropped sweaters and tops, get ready for trendy cropped blazers for women 2022. They look cool in a suit or on their own.

When choosing an addition to such a blazer, it is important to remember that the waist of trousers, shorts or skirts should be high. And in no case should be below the extreme part of the blazer.

The novelties of cropped blazers have only one button and not too wide lapels. They can be worn open or buttoned.

But if you wish, you can wear a short blazer wide open with a T-shirt or top. Jeans and leather pants are great choices to complement with a crop blazer.

New Fashion Trends 2022: Cropped Blazer

Ladies’ Blazers 2022: Fringes

Fringe has been on the list of the main trends in women’s clothing for more than one season, being presented in the top models of ladies’ blazers 2022.
The designers have decorated the stylish black blazer of the oversized model with fringes along the sleeves. It will turn the seemingly strict style of the blazer into a playful and very creative option.

Ladies' Blazers 2022: Fringes

Best Women’s Blazers 2022: Military Style

Among the fashionable examples of blazers for women 2022, there are models that slightly resemble military uniforms.

Typical for this style will be large metal buttons that stand out.

There can be two rows of them, as well as stripes on the sleeves and an emphasis on the enlarged shoulders.

A military blazer in white with golden accent buttons will look sophisticated and feminine.

Best Women's Blazers 2022: Military Style

Best Women’s Blazers 2022: Velvet

One of the most chic women’s blazer trends this season will be the velvet model, presented in deep and rich colors.

Best Women's Blazers 2022: Velvet

The popular colors of the velvet blazer 2022 will be:

  • emerald;
  • wine;
  • plum;
  • ruby;
  • purple;
  • brown;
  • black.

Having picked up a suitable shade for yourself, and having made up a fashionable ensemble with a velvet blazer, you can safely go to a party or some kind of celebration. Velour ladies’ blazers 2022 will look more harmonious in the demi-season and cold season.


A beautiful casual and street-style version of blazers for women 2022 is offered by fashionable blazers-shirts, made mainly in a checkered design and with patch pockets on the chest.
An oversized model will be popular. It perfectly complements outfits with leather leggings, joggers, jeans, skirts, basic T-shirts, tops and tank tops.

Such a shirt-blazer is insanely cozy and comfortable in everyday wear.

Best Women's Blazers 2022

Women’s Blazers 2022: Bulky Sleeve

We conclude our today’s review of trends in fashionable blazers for women 2022 with a model with voluminous sleeves.

Women's Blazers 2022: Bulky Sleeve

In addition to the accent on the waist, it will be fashionable to accentuate the shoulders; for this, the designers have deliberately increased the line of the shoulders.

Voluminous sleeves, in an unusual cut or with original decor in the form of draperies or frills, will also be relevant.

An interesting model of a women’s blazer is presented with double sleeves, the upper part of which is free and it looks as if the sleeve is not sewn on. Such a design idea will certainly attract attention and will not go unnoticed. Brave girls will definitely want to have such a blazer in their collection.

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