Girls’ Fashion 2022: Top 15 Fashionable Girls Clothes 2022

Girls’ fashion 2022 is a reflection of the taste and style of their parents. Famous fashion houses and designers sew clothes not only for adults, but also for children. And modern mothers are thinking about how to stylishly dress their child in the coming season.

Girls' Fashion 2022: Top 15 Fashionable Girls Clothes 2022

Constantly changing girls’ fashion 2022 trends, the rapid growth of a little lady pose a difficult task for parents to update their baby’s wardrobe.

Girls’ Fashion 2022: Blouses

Trendy kids 2022 will wear blouses and shirts. Blouses in the new season will strongly compete with tops and T-shirts. The stylists did not skimp and decorated them with a variety of decor. It can be ruffles, ribbons, lace.

Girls' Fashion 2022: Blouses

Teenage girls are offered models that are more reminiscent of things from their mother’s wardrobe.

The favorites are a classic white shirt with lowered shoulders, which can be effectively combined with skirts, trousers, jeans, jumpers.

Dresses for Girls 2022

Dresses for girls 2022 are real works of art. Today they are decorated with thin tulle, neat flounces and bows, ties and drawstrings, ruffles and prints. Styles such as trapeze, elongated high-waist models, models with a peplum and flower girl dresses 2022 are especially popular. Polka dots and stripes, as well as denim sundresses, are perfect for everyday wear.

Please note that girls’ fashion 2022 suggests combining T-shirts with dresses and sundresses. And when it gets colder, you can replace the T-shirt with a jumper, sweatshirt or sweater.

As for the colors, we recommend calm and pastel colors. The aquamarine color remains relevant.

Dresses for Girls 2022

Summer Chiffon Dresses for Girls 2022

Previously, chiffon dresses were worn only for a celebration. This season, these solid colors or dresses with colorful prints can be worn every day. Young girls and little girls will look great in short summer chiffon dresses.

For girls and women, it is proposed to decorate the image with a thin satin belt or leather belt. Photos will show how these dresses look beautiful and emphasize the good taste of the little fashionista.

Summer Chiffon Dresses for Girls 2022

Girls’ Clothes 2022: Skirts

Not a single wardrobe of a novice fashionista can do without a skirt. And since girls love curvy models, stylists offer options with frills and ruffles. Sun-flared, pleated styles are in great demand.

Moreover, they should not be exclusively monochromatic. A fashionable outfit will help you create printed things: striped, polka dots, with a variety of prints.

Girls' Clothes 2022: Skirts

Girls’ Fashion 2022: Long Sleeves

For cooler days, a long sleeve top or a long sleeve T-shirt is ideal.

These are stylish and comfortable clothes. Due to the large number of inscriptions and prints, the child can freely express herself and create unique images.

For the smallest, designers have prepared delicate options with ruffles, and for older girls – with original and bright prints.

Girls' Fashion 2022: Long Sleeves

Everyone loves jeans, and girls are no exception.

Therefore, girls’ fashion 2022 is largely based on denim. Today in stores you can find many models that provide fashionistas with comfort and cool outfits.

Most in demand are skinny, boyfriend, culottes, joggers, as well as slightly worn jeans and leggings.

Teenage Fashion Trends 2022: Trousers

You can talk about outerwear for girls for hours. Coats and short coats are in trend in their favorite oversize today. Moreover, classic “blankets” are widely represented, which are perfect not only for women, but also for girls.

There are also cropped jackets for the fall in the “puffer” style. Any color can be used. But, as in adult fashion, here you can find many options in metallic colors.

Separately, it must be said about quilted coats. Such things look exquisite, therefore, they are often accompanied by either a drawstring at the waist, or a belt. And one more trend is color block.

Such models look especially interesting, even if the style is as simple as possible. It is also important to use fur collars and knitted inserts.

If we talk about early fall, windbreakers and jeans are especially popular. They can be long and short, sporty and classic, fitted and oversized.

Fall Winter 2022 Fashion Trends: Outerwear

Girls’ Fashion 2022: Shorts

Shorts are a must for summer, so a girl should buy several options. The most popular are stylish denim models, comfortable cotton ones, as well as overalls with shorts.
In order not to get lost among brands and fashionable looks, it is worth collecting the so-called basic wardrobe.

What should it contain?

The basis of a teenager’s wardrobe is made up of things of daily use. Moreover, when choosing things, you need to be guided by the needs of the girl, and not by the mother and other relatives.
4 groups of things for compiling a base:

  • For school.
  • For walks with friends.
  • For special occasions.
  • For outdoor activities and sports.

The selection of things for the school is the easiest. As a rule, educational institutions have fixed requirements for the image of female students. For the base, pick up a few skirts, a jacket, a few jumpers and blouses.

By combining these things, you can create different images. When doing this, choose discreet neutral colors.

Choose smart dresses for special occasions. Girls’ party dresses 2022 should be age appropriate and appropriate for the occasion.

Girls' Fashion 2022: Shorts

Often teenage girls turn their attention to adult things. Short skirts and revealing necklines are not the best option. All this only focuses on the girl’s physical immaturity. Therefore, it is always worth proposing alternatives to adolescents based on their age.

Bright warm colors should prevail in a teenage girl’s wardrobe. But it is difficult to determine the exact scale; here it is better to rely on the girl’s own tastes. It’s much easier to deal with prints and patterns.

Girls’ fashion 2022 of different ages are dominated by:

  • Texts, inscriptions;
  • Small and large polka dots;
  • Animals;
  • Geometric drawings. Especially zigzags;
  • Floral prints.

At the same time, bright prints and large polka dots are especially relevant for girls 10-11 years old. But older girls do not neglect such images. Children’s clothing tends to attract attention with its variety of colors.

For 12 years old girls, short sneakers and ballet flats are relevant. Girls of this age prefer backpacks or sports-style bags more. Girls’ clothes 2022 should be especially comfortable.

For 13 years old girls, the beginning of the manifestation of femininity is relevant. At the same time, girls’ fashion 2022 is contradictory, along with “adult” clothes, there are things of a demonstratively childish style.

For example, fluffy skirts with ruffles will emphasize the miraculousness of the girl’s age. Tight trousers, short skirts, caps are essential things for girls 12-14 years old.

Experiments with accessories are especially relevant for 15 years old girls. A girl wants to stand out among her friends and learns to emphasize her superiority with the help of various straps, scarves, handbags.

In such a difficult matter as the selection of accessories, you will need the help of elders.

Short A-line dresses are attractive for girls aged 14-16. Blouses and sweaters with a fitted silhouette will replace turtlenecks that were previously relevant.

For overweight teenage girls, do not buy adult clothes – choose the appropriate size in teenage lines.

It is better to choose trousers with a straight cut and flared. Light T-shirts, sweaters with a neckline, polo shirts and other loose-fitting clothes will brighten up the image and “take away” a couple of kilograms.

Among other things, the military style is popular among teenagers. Camouflage prints and khakis attract everyone. Denim is also trendy: jackets, skirts, shorts, jeans and more.

Girls’ clothes 2022 should not only be fashionable, comfortable, but also relevant for the season.

Fashion Trends 2022: Age-Appropriate


Dresses in the form of elongated T-shirts are relevant for summer holidays. It is easy to match them with jewelry. These dresses are combined with denim jackets and sports shoes. Short light indie shorts are still in trend.

Elongated asymmetrical tops add variety to your teenage look. Such summer clothes should be made from natural materials. But the finish can be different: stripes, beads, accessories.



Fitted dresses with puffy skirts are very relevant. The shorts have evolved into mid-thigh jumpsuits. Elongated T-shirts with an asymmetrical bottom go well with short jackets and sweatshirts.

Spring clothes are usually made in rich saturated colors. Laminated tops and tees in metallic colors are also at the forefront of popularity. They are also relevant in the summer. With tops like this, you can create interesting sets that are suitable even for school.

Top tucked into trousers or a skirt will not violate the dress code. A stricter version can be complemented with a jacket.



Hoodies and sweatshirts do not lose their relevance. In this case, it is worth giving preference to things that are made in the same size – a fashionable whim. At the same time, there should be something narrow on the legs: jeans, jeggings, pants, skirts, shorts;

Jackets made of leather and artificial suede with decorative inserts at the peak. These outerwear pairs well with neutral T-shirts, jeans, and boots with steady heels.



Outerwear is especially important in winter.

Bright down-padded coats and jackets in contrast with discreet vests and coats enable any girl to create a fashionable and attractive image. At the same time, a classic strict cut and practicality are in fashion.


Girls’ Fashion 2022: Styles

As mentioned earlier, all teenage girls prefer to choose their image in a certain style. Girls are different. Very often, preferences change depending on the life period and the mood of the girl.

Household clothes have now become much more diverse. Three-component suits are in trend: a jacket, shorts (pants) and slippers-boots. This is the most popular look and has a lot of variations.

Slippers-boots with ears or a brand emblem combine not only decorative, but also functional sides – the feet do not freeze. Therefore, such kits are relevant in any season.

Sportswear for teenagers is focused on comfort and emphasized femininity. A backpack will completely replace a large bag.

Sneakers are a must-have for a sporty style. Now you can choose shoes for every taste: bright, with prints, classic. The designers have prepared a novelty for athletic girls and made shorts that resemble an element of the cheerleader uniform.

A smart teenage girl usually shows off a variety of dresses. The most fashionable dresses of this season have a knee-length flared skirt and a short sleeve. And here you can not do without accessories.

Neat thin bracelets and rings will emphasize graceful tassels.

A dress for a celebration can be of an adult cut. A beautiful girl in a long evening dress with a deep neckline will look great.

A cool teenage girl can easily choose things to look bright, but not pretentious. A cool T-shirt with a custom print combined with tight trousers will be relevant in spring and summer. This look can be complemented with various accessories.

Casual wear is simple and comfortable. The denim skirt goes well with flat shoes and emphasizes femininity. Knitted long cardigan sweater will make the look more romantic.

For thin girls, choosing casual clothes will not be difficult at all. In this case, blouses of any cut, tight trousers and jeans, short shorts are suitable.

Girls' Fashion 2022: Styles

Quality and Practicality

It is by the clothes of a teenager that one can understand what kind of social subculture he belongs to, what kind of music he listens to, what he loves. But there are things that all teenage girls have in common and this is the desire for practicality.

The most popular fabrics for creating fashionable looks for teenagers are jeans, corduroy, knitwear, velour, cotton. Linen is great for summer clothes.

Such preferences of designers are due to the fact that teenage and children’s clothing should be of high quality. Natural fabrics look attractive and do not harm the girl’s sensitive skin.

Girls' Fashion 2022: Styles

Teenagers’ love for jeans is due to their convenience and versatility. To choose the right jeans for a teenage girl, you need to know the main features of trending models:

  • High waist. The older generations are well aware of this style and it is back in fashion again. Jeans and high-waisted denim shorts are usually paired with tops.
  • Wide hips. It is believed that such a silhouette better emphasizes the fragile figure of a teenage girl. These jeans are slowly but surely pushing out skinny tops.
  • Lapels. Distinctive cuffs on the legs accentuate and visually narrow the ankles.
  • Frayed. As part of streetwear, jeans with frayed areas or large holes are relevant. Some models combine both options.

It should be noted that in the summer, denim clothing is also very relevant and comfortable.

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