Men’s Shorts Styles 2022: Latest Shorts for Men 2022

Examining the global fashion trends for men’s shorts styles 2022, it’s safe to say that style is hidden in comfort and brightness.

The more spacious, brighter men’s shorts will be in the summer of 2022, the more fashionable they will look.

Summer heat forces not only women to undress, but also men. Instead of tight trousers and pants, it is more convenient to wear shorts made of lightweight fabric, so convenient and comfortable.

Before starting a conversation about what will be in trend this year, let’s look back centuries.

Do you know when the shorts appeared? Do you think they were invented in the 20th century?

So, you are wrong.

Men's Shorts Styles 2022: Latest Shorts for Men 2022

It turns out that shorts appeared a couple of centuries earlier and were intended for riding!

However, later they were safely forgotten, and today’s men’s shorts styles 2022 are direct descendants of “capri pants” – rolled-up trousers worn by workers on the island of the same name.

It took a long time for fashion designer Calvin Klein to take them to the catwalk, and men’s shorts 2022 at the latest shows were presented by many fashion houses.

Men’s Shorts Styles 2022: Military

One of the trends in women’s fashion in 2022 is the military style. Men’s shorts styles 2022 have also not spared the military theme.

Those who prefer brutal looks should pay attention to camouflage chinos.

Men's Shorts Styles 2022: Military

Such fashionable shorts for men 2022 slightly hug the hips and are equipped with cuffs in the knee area. In 2022, the trend is also traditional Bermuda shorts with colors that combine brown, black and khaki.

You can also create trendy looks using paramilitary shorts with straps at the bottom that allow you to adjust their length.

Men’s Denim Shorts 2022

For many years, men’s denim shorts have been the most popular, photos of which in different variations are invariably present on the pages of fashion magazines.

Most often they are performed in the grunge style, decorated with holes, scuffs, focusing on collars made of contrasting fabrics or bright stripes on the sides.

Knee-length models will be relevant this summer. It is recommended to wear them, carelessly tucking them twice by one and a half fingers.

For young people, men’s short shorts 2022, reaching mid-thigh, are suitable. Shabby models remain in trend. As for color, all shades of blue are in fashion.

The most daring male representatives can appear in public in bright red or flashy pink shorts.

Tip: Don’t tuck a shirt or T-shirt into your denim shorts. An exception can be made if they are worn with a belt with a noticeable buckle.

Men's Denim Shorts 2022

Men’s Casual Shorts 2022: Outfits With Denim

As stated, men’s denim shorts will be the trend of 2022, but how to create a full-fledged bow to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Let’s take a look at several looks for the upcoming season.

The most stylish look is the combination of men’s short jeans with a white T-shirt. Complete this classic look with sockless loafers. Alternatively, replace the top with a short sleeve shirt. In this stylish look you can go to study, walk around the city, shop.

The second look is sportier. Complement the short jeans with a large-print T-shirt, over which a solid neutral sweatshirt is draped over. Add sneakers or sneakers without socks, as well as a few bracelets – baubles, a baseball cap for the look.

Men's Casual Shorts 2022: Outfits With Denim

Shorts For Men 2022: Classic Options

How do you like the idea to combine incongruous?

Then choose a set consisting of a classic men’s shirt 2022, a fitted jacket in a bright color and shorts made of suiting.

You can complement such a strict and at the same time extravagant image with a tie of a restrained color and a classic hat.

Shorts For Men 2022: Classic Options

Men’s Short Shorts 2022: Cropped Models

In 2022, a riot of colors from light fabrics awaits us: cotton, linen in bright colors – green, orange, blue.

Men’s short shorts 2022 are very relevant, which are comfortable to wear on the beach or at a party, they allow you to collect a stylish look.

Men's Short Shorts 2022: Cropped Models

Men’s Shorts Styles 2022: Striped Models

The 2022 striped men’s shorts are presented by fashion designers in a variety of options. They are a real lifesaver for those who want to correct their figure. For short men, vertical striped models are ideal. “Horizontal” options will help balance broad shoulders.

The most successful is the blue and white stripe.

Note! It is strongly not recommended to wear such 2022 shorts with vests or striped sweatshirts.

Such a set will resemble a prison uniform or swimwear that male representatives wore at the end of the century before last.

Men's Shorts Styles 2022: Striped Models

Famous Brands

World brands have already shown on the catwalk the novelties of the next season, what do famous designers offer us?


Jeans are now at the peak of popularity in all fashion houses in the world. One of the most famous brands presented a collection of grunge-style denim with scuffs and holes.

Price: from $180 – denim models, from $ 30 – swim shorts.



The brand’s designers offered variations of the styles of sports cropped models of wide cut from raincoat fabric, lycra.
Price: from $35-40.



They presented a collection in military style. Comfortable and practical cargo shorts will conquer many men with their practicality.

Price: from $120.


Tom Tailor

A model house that has reflected all the trends of the upcoming season in one collection. Everything – from variations of a cut to colors at the peak of popularity.

Price: from $60.



The new collection includes the latest colors, a comfortable cut for the beach, training, and includes models for swimming and going out into the city.

Price: from $50.


Unique Prints

An interesting emphasis on the details of the cut is made by a bright print, be it roses, a skull, a brand label or a hole in the pockets – all this creates a certain image.

Especially carefully choose a bright detail on men’s shorts 2022, which can be a decisive element of the look.


Men’s Cargo Shorts 2022

A variety of models with a wide cut, most often decorated with patch pockets and made in military style.

Summer shorts for men 2022of this style only emphasize the strength and beauty of the body, will be relevant in 2022 with plaid shirts, polo shirts in combination with sports shoes.

Men's Cargo Shorts 2022

Summer Shorts For Men 2022: Swim And Beach Shorts

Fashion trends in men’s swim shorts are undergoing significant changes. 2022 introduces into the trend not narrow tight models, but more versatile wide bermuda shorts and boxers.

They are made from unique synthetic fabrics that dry quickly, do not cause irritation, and have a hygienic mesh. Most men like loose-fitting styles, because modern trends suggest their versatility for swimming, active games and recreation in urban areas.

Swim men’s shorts styles 2022 are not only meant for walking to the beach, but can also be used as swimming trunks. Men really love the versatility of these models.

Unlike beach ones, swimming variations have advantages.

  • Made of quick-drying fabric.
  • They have comfortable fasteners that are not damaged by water.
  • They have a hygienic mesh.

The new season for beach swimwear has brought wide variations to the peak of popularity. Although tight-fitting, low-waisted cuts are still on display, they are more intended for men with a good figure.

Most of men value comfort, so they choose the following options for swimming.

Boxers. Comfortable and practical, in 2022 they will be brightly colored, decorated with embroidery, applique, varying in length, fabric quality, but still versatile and practical. They can be easily donned for going to the beach or swimming.

Bermuda. Wide short pants to the knee are comfortable for surfing, swimming, active games. The new season will paint them in bright variegated colors for every color and taste, everything from delicate colors to contrasting plaid.

Loose fit. This trendy men’s shorts, tailored like boxer shorts, will be in a bright acid color in the summer of 2022 with a contrasting belt and side panels. Turquoise, canary, lilac with floral motifs or monochromatic variations will be at the peak of popularity. These models are universal, they will easily hide all figure flaws.

Summer Shorts For Men 2022: Swim And Beach Shorts

Men’s Shorts Styles 2022: The Best Models

The Vilebrequin brand has always been famous for the originality of its collections, but the Golden Turtle Swim Trunks models have become the most expensive.

Exclusive men’s shorts are sewn by hand to order, decorated with gold threads, interspersed with sapphires. You can buy this masterpiece for an amount of at least $ 15,000.

Pros and cons of famous brands:

No matter how famous the designer is, he cannot satisfy fashionistas all over the world, so the collections of different brands have their own characteristics.

Fashion house Replay in 2022 abounds in men’s denim shorts. Bright blue weave, scuffs on the hips, turn-ups decorated with contrasting fabric create the look of a “city guy”. Sports shoes, denim vests, T-shirts look great in the image.

The pluses of the collection include:

  • style;
  • colors and finishes;
  • quality;
  • versatility;
  • convenience;
  • uniqueness.

But the disadvantage will be the price (the cost of models is from $150).

Adidas, led by Jeremy Scott, created a unique collection of sports models. All styles of cropped pants and a bridge are made in bright colors, with unique prints, pockets with fasteners, they will look great on men in the summer of 2022.

The advantages of this series can be called with confidence:

  • brightness;
  • color solutions;
  • uniqueness;
  • convenience;
  • quality;
  • price.

But at the same time, there will be a minus – all models are made of synthetic fabrics, which can cause skin irritation.

Men's Shorts Styles 2022: The Best Models

Men’s Shorts 2022: Pajama Style

Pajama models also occupy high positions in popularity.

Lightweight, comfortable, practical, colorful and bright fashionable men’s shorts styles 2022 will be in demand in the resorts of the world in 2022, as an independent part of the wardrobe.

Men's Shorts 2022: Pajama Style

Their combination with T-shirts, shirts, polo shirts will perfectly fit into the image for a walk on the beach or an excursion.

What shorts a man should wear in a hot summer in 2022 will determine their functionality and comfort. Choose what you like, keeping in mind the latest fashion trends, and you will be stylish for a long time.

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