Women’s hats 2018; trends and tendencies for hats for women

Hats often perform a decorative function, complementing the image. Women’s hats 2018 are made from a variety of materials such as brocade, satin, drape, wool, velour, velvet, cotton, straw, polyester and others. Let’s find out trends of hats for women 2018 in our article.

Women's hats 2018, trends of women's hats

Women’s hats 2018: fashion styles

Gaucho first appeared in Argentina, and its name was in honor of Argentine cowboys gaucho. Its characteristic features are straight fields of medium size and a low rigid crown. This model of summer hats for women is present in the collections of fashion designers.

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Women's hats 2018, gaucho hatsTrilby Women’s hats 2018 are in trend. Fields can be either straight or bent up. The trilby’s tulle has trapezoid shape and three dents, one on top and two on the sides. Various buckles and ribbons, brooches, bows decorate the base of the crown.

hats for women 2018, trilby hats-Women's hats 2018Breton hats first appeared in France in the province of Breton, due to which it received such a name. This is exclusively a female model of a hat. It has a rounded top and rather large fields, bent outwards.

hats for women 2018, breton and cloche hatsThe name of the other trendy hats for women 2018 came from the French word Cloche, which translates as “bell”. Indeed, in its appearance, this headpiece resembles the shape of a bell. Hats of this model are worn only by women. The cloche has a tulle of a small round-shaped height that sits tightly around the head. The fields of this type of hat aren’t wide, they can bend outside or inside. The flock is decorated with feathers or satin ribbons, which makes it original and gives the image a highlight.

Summer hats for women: trends of hats

Panama summer hats for women were popular because of the hot climatic conditions in Panama. Panamas are now common in all countries of the world and are an easy accessory of summer hats for women. This hat should be light and breathable.

Women's hats 2018, panama hatsSombrero is another trend of women’s hats 2018, the origins of which go to another hot Mexico country. Currently, the sombrero is present in many fashion collections and is the traditional headdress of Mexico inhabitants.

hats for women 2018, sombrero hatsWide-brimmed hats are the most popular models among women’s hats 2018. They look perfect not only with pantsuits in classic men’s style but also with feminine summer sundresses. It has wide fields. Tulle can be as hard or soft as various sizes.

summer hats for women, wide-brimmed hats

Hats for women 2018: fashion ideas

Slouch hats for women 2018 have wide fields lowered downwards, resembling the hemisphere in shape. Tulle has a small height. Initially, this model was men’s wardrobe item, now it is part of the female wardrobe.

summer hats for women, slouch and tablet hatsTablet is a small-sized hat which shape resembling a pill. It is slightly flat, low, has no fields. Originally this headdress was polo players’ accessory. For the first time, Jacqueline Kennedy wore a hat-pill. Since this type of headdress became very popular among women.

summer hats for women, bowler hatsBowler hats are from the UK. Such a cap has a rounded top, curved up short fields. The crockery of the pot is like a hemisphere. Another name for such a headdress is a derby.

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