Scarves 2024 for Women: Best 28 Stylish Scarf Trends 2024

Probably, you need to start with the fact that fashionable scarves 2024 are a must-have wardrobe item for the coming autumn and winter.

And it’s not only about its versatility and ability to keep warm, but also about its real, let’s not be afraid of this word, enchanting possibilities.

While you probably haven’t forgotten about warm sweaters, jackets and tweed coats, things are usually a little different with accessories.

Scarves 2024 for Women: The Most Stylish Scarf Trends 2024

Many people are not scrupulous enough to choose such important components of our image.

But they are the central elements of the entire fashionable image. It’s time to rectify the situation and choose a couple of such seemingly imperceptible, but very important elements.

Today we will focus on scarves 2024 and look at them from different sides of fashionable trends.

Woolen, cotton or velvet, they can either enhance or ruin your entire look. But, in order for the scarf to play in your favor, you just need to choose the right one.

Long Knitted Scarves 2024

Probably everyone in childhood had a cozy and warm scarf knitted by a caring grandmother. Wrap this scarf around your neck once and leave the ends free: such an accessory will emphasize your creative personality.

A military-style raincoat or coat, a dark maxi or midi dress, a parka – this is not a complete list of things with which long knitted scarves can be successfully combined.

Long Knitted Scarves 2024

Scarves for Women 2024 Large Knitting

Stylish and distinctive, scarves 2024 are offered with chunky knit. Such a textured model of a scarf looks best in deep noble shades of brown, cream, beige, chocolate, emerald, and burgundy.

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Often, such models are not too wide, while they are quite long, they can be supplemented with pom-poms.

Long Knitted Scarves 2024

Short Scarves 2024

Fashionable scarves 2024 are inconceivable without short models.

The only condition for a short scarf is that it should not be below chest level in length.

But the width, like the material of the scarf, can vary as you wish. Woolen or silk, wide or narrow: a short scarf will draw attention to the neckline and graceful neck in any case.

Short Scarves 2024

Models of scarves for women 2024 of medium width, made of fluffy material, will be especially relevant. Moreover, their length can be different: from short to long options. Fur scarves made of colored fur are in special favor.

By the way, you can also wear such luxurious accessories indoors.

Scarf Trends 2024: Fur Scarves


A fashionable stole will allow you to warm up best of all, because thanks to its massive and large frames, it makes it possible to wrap up as much as possible. First of all, you need to choose a stole depending on outerwear, and of course, on other components of the autumn-winter image.

The stole can be cashmere, knitted, fur, with or without fringes, printed, bright or more discreet. We suggest wearing it, fastening with a belt. With the help of a fashionable stole, you can transform beyond recognition and make your look unique and interesting.

You can wear a trendy stole by throwing it around your neck or on one shoulder, securing it with a belt.

Scarf Trends 2024

With Pompoms

Like beanies, scarves can be complemented with cute and playful pom-poms on the loose edges. This decor is most often decorated with knitted scarves with textured patterns.

The pom-poms themselves can be made of thread or eco-fur, making the image with a scarf cute and romantic.



This is one of the most popular and widespread options for decorating fashionable scarves 2024. Fringe will also be found on knitted scarves, cashmere, silk, and even fur.

The trendy fringe decor gives originality and makes scarves for women 2024 much more interesting.



The abundance of prints in new scarves will surprise anyone.

This is the traditional Scottish plaid, which will become just the central object of the whole image, geometric patterns, abstract flowers, leopard and classic Russian patterns in the form of bright colors and ornaments, checkered motifs in various colors, and “animal” prints, stripes, and trendy monograms.

In addition, very often designers decorate autumn-winter 2024- 2024 scarves with inscriptions and brand names.

Such scarves are much more daring options compared to sophisticated monochrome models, however, they are certainly capable of adding a little audacity to gloomy everyday life.


Scarf Color 2024

The first thing you think about when buying an accessory, in this case a scarf, is its color. Actual shades, which have already been dubbed “the second black” – deep blue and restrained turquoise.

However, we are not talking about the bright and defiant color of the summer sky or sea waves, but about the more restrained, autumnal calm color of the raging sea or turquoise lagoon after sunset.

It is impossible not to mention the slightly muted pink, which is very unconventional for the coming season.

Scarf Color 2024


Elongated and dense models of scarves 2024 look very impressive, creating additional volume and accentuating the image. New oversized scarves should be worn with one free edge over the shoulder.

The basic version is a voluminous oversized scarf with fringe and in beige color, which will suit any of your outfits this fall and winter.

Scarf Color 2024

Snood Scarves

Snood or collar (which is more familiar to our fashionistas) – has gained particular popularity in the last few seasons.

This model of scarf can be used both as an accessory tied around the neck and as a headdress.

By the way, snood is easy to knit: just a few evenings of work and an exclusive scarf is ready!

Scarf 2024

Sleeve Scarves

The sleeve scarf is a bit unusual for our fashionistas. This is an asymmetrical item that will undoubtedly add zest to your wardrobe. The well-known designer Maison Margiela gave us similar ideas.

Sleeve Scarves 2024

Down Scarves

The down scarves option is interesting not only visually, but also in the choice of materials.

A thick, voluminous fashionable scarf will be a good replacement for a warm down jacket. It is enough to wrap it around the upper body, then you can get by with a simple coat.

Down Scarves 2024

Animal Scarves

For lovers of the unusual and funny, the time has come – in the fall of 2023-2024, extravagance is revered. Scarves in the shape of cats, foxes or wolves, especially for young ladies, will be a bright accessory around the neck.

It can also be tied so that it seems as if the animal is hugging you, or vice versa – biting itself.

Animal Scarves 2024

Bright Scarves

Such scarves 2024 should not be chosen “blindly” – first decide on the main look. Based on it, it will be possible to decide what color to dilute the outfit with – scarlet, red, lemon, emerald, purple or orange.

They can be perfect for sheepskin coats, down jackets and coats. Note that bright colors include prints or even monochrome due to their unusualness.

Bright Scarves for women 2024

Silk and Chiffon Scarves

This type is best used either in the fall or in the spring. Such scarves will add tenderness and texture.

They are tied in the form of a bow, choker, or loosely wrapped around the neck. Scarves will be trendy if their colors are bright, with contrasting prints and delicate pastel tones.

Silk and Chiffon Scarves 2024

Checkered and Striped Scarves

Plaid and striped scarves have taken pride of place not only in men’s but also in women’s wardrobe. Designers are sure that such prints add rigidity and determination to a feminine image.

Plaid and striped scarves were shown in the collections by the fashion houses Balenciaga, Fay, Tommy Hilfiger.

Checkered models – various colors of plaid, as well as a multifaceted palette of all kinds of shaped manifestations of this geometric pattern, always look stylish and attractive. The scarf fashion 2024 for the plaid will probably never fade away.

Red tartan, gray and white square geometry, checkerboard, English rhombus – all these varieties will be quite relevant in the upcoming season 2023-2024.

Checkered and Striped Scarves 2024

Scarf Fashion 2024: Сashmere

Cashmere evokes pleasant associations for all fashionistas. It is soft, pleasant to the touch, and at the same time looks expensive, protects and warms well. Cashmere scarves 2024 go well with any coat or jacket.

The most popular colors for cashmere will be chocolate and green. Use this scarf to add femininity and elegance to your look.

Scarf Fashion 2024: Сashmere

Scarves For Women 2024: Kerchief

Before, we only laughed that headscarves were an attribute of our grandmothers. And now they are back in fashion and every self-respecting fashionista should have in her wardrobe at least one basic scarf, plain or with a print, suitable for different types of clothing.

Silk scarf kerchief creates a feeling of lightness, elegance, tenderness. It is pleasant to the touch, it can also replace a hat if you put it over your head. Silk always looks expensive, especially in the right way.

This scarf can be tied into a bandana or tied around the handle of your bag to create a little bold accent. Depending on your preference, you can choose a solid color scarf in soothing colors, or choose a bright, multi-colored option. A scarf can even be tied under a shirt.

Scarves For Women 2024: Kerchief

Solid Color Scarves 2024

We discussed bright colors and prints. But what about those who prefer calm basic shades? For minimalists, designers have also provided new items. In the basic collections of every self-respecting fashion designer, there are several models of calm shades with a minimalist design.

Clothes and accessories in monotone colors are basic wardrobe items that will never lose their relevance.

Solid Color Scarves 2024

Bow Scarves

There is no better association with gifts, surprises, and other nice little things than romantic bows. This trend is especially relevant in autumn and spring, when there is no need to wear bulky accessories.

By tying a scarf made of lightweight fabric in the form of a bow, you can create an image that has been blessed by designers around the world. It looks very feminine and sophisticated, and it will not be difficult to tie a bow.


Narrow Knitted Scarves 2024

Seemingly massive loops create volume, but at the same time, the accessory remains “skinny”. Having tied such a detail once around the neck, the girl becomes super fashionable.

It is desirable that the product be monochromatic in a calm, classic color. It can be combined with any clothing, especially in casual style.

Narrow Knitted Scarves 2024

When it comes to scarves, it seems that nothing of that kind can be imagined. But this is not so, and the designer Demna Gvasalia is the clearest example of this.

Quilted scarves quickly burst into the world of fashion, becoming the most talked about accessory for the fall-winter season.

Scarf Trends 2024: Quilted Models

Brand Models

Branded models have been at the peak of popularity for several years now with shawls and scarves with the corporate logo of the world’s most famous designers.

For example, shawls “Yves Saint Laurent”, “Louis Vuitton”, “Burberry”, etc., are of enduring relevance.

Such options perfectly emphasize the elegant style. What to wear with these versions: they are perfect for strict trouser or skirt suits, for long raincoats, for matching bags of the same brand, as well as for shoes in a single tonal group with a scarf.

Brand Models 2024 scarves for women

Abstract Models

Abstract models are also always in trend. Any extravagant look can be slightly diluted with a discreet white scarf with a subtle black abstraction.

The same can be turned in the direction of the opposite effect: a slightly dull picture of a simple black sheath dress can be supplemented with a bright yellow or lilac scarf with a black pattern.

Polka dots have always been relevant – so here you can resort to them.


Gradient Models

Gradient models are considered a very good choice when choosing a scarf, so in the 2023-2024 season they will be in demand as well as before.

A chic exit from dark purple to delicate lilac, from deep emerald to pure menthol, from bluish black to sky blue – all these varieties of ombre are perfectly combined with clothes selected in the correct tonal group with cold or warm shades of a scarf.


Men’s Style Scarves 2024

Think of the fashion for boyfriend jeans or grandfather sandals. Today, this trend has reached outerwear. Laconic knitted scarves 2024 in dark shades are more relevant than ever.

Such a model will emphasize fragility in a rough biker look, or, conversely, add a twist to a classic outfit from a women’s coat and laconic ankle boots.

Men's Style Scarves 2024

Scarf Fashion 2024: Ripple-Effect Stoles

When the accessory is chosen correctly, it becomes the center of the whole image, you have noticed, sometimes we do not remember what the outerwear was, and at the same time we remember the magnificent stole or bag.

A voluminous stole with a ripple effect can become unforgettable and at the same time will not overshadow you. It, like a veil, creates a cozy cocoon embracing, giving comfort and coziness.

Scarf Fashion 2024: Ripple-Effect Stoles
Choose calm shades, sandy pearl gray, create monochrome images, they look noble and more relevant than ever.

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