Bridesmaid dresses 2018: best bridesmaid dresses for our fashionistas

We have already presented wedding dresses 2018. Bridesmaid dresses 2018 are no less important. Bridesmaid dressing gowns are an element of the wedding evening image. There are new trends for bridesmaid dresses. Let’s get introduced to best bridesmaid dresses 2018.

bridesmaid dresses 2018, trends for bridesmaid dresses

If you are slender, smart and have long legs, then the best option of bridesmaid dresses 2018 will be a short dress, just above the knees.

bridesmaid dresses 2018, short dresses

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Fabrics and decorations can be different. You can wear bridesmaid dressing gowns with rhinestones. They will always look appropriate. You can wear a dress of “metallic” color or disco style.

bridesmaid dresses 2018, metallic dressesThe best bridesmaid dresses can be lacy or from translucent fabric. It’s better to give preference to bright fabrics and use the mini length. Your image will be challenging and shocking. Many stylists advise mini dresses with  A-silhouette and with a necessarily open decollete zone.

bridesmaid dressing gowns, lace dressesLace dresses are becoming especially relevant. They fit perfectly for bridesmaid dresses 2018 because they embody tenderness and grace.

Basque is a wide shuttlecock or frill at the waist. This decorative element adds to the hips the necessary volume, visually makes the waist thinner. Dress with Basque will suit both thin, and plump girls. There are short and elongated, double, lush styles.

bridesmaid dressing gowns, bsaque dressesLong sleeves made of transparent or flowing fabrics, geometric patterns, and sharp corners are in fashion. The flower will help to feel the summer mood in any season.

bridesmaid dressing gowns, greek styleA gentle chiffon bridesmaid dresses 2018 with a long sleeve creates a romantic and innocent image. A wide belt emphasizes the elegant waist. An elegant evening dress in Greek style with a shawl-train is a delicate outfit that captivates the imagination.

Best bridesmaid dresses: trendy colors

Classic is always in fashion. An alternative to the classics can be precisely the variegated things that sit on the figure. Such dresses will attract attention. A white dress most often implies greater frankness.M any of the latest collections of evening dresses are made in snow or cream tones. Black dress will be ideal for experimenting. You can pick up bright decorations or a noticeable clutch. Among evening dresses this color became top because it perfectly matches both with ball silhouettes and with a non-standard cut.

best bridesmaid dresses, white bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses 2018 from flowing fabrics. Formal dresses “mermaid look stylish in the turquoise shade. Correctly chosen shade of pink visually levels the skin tone and makes it velvety and smooth, hiding fine wrinkles. Long evening dresses on the floor look very gentle and feminine. Green color fits better than black. This color gives a feeling of peace and harmony. Deep dark green color will help you create an elegant and restrained image.

best bridesmaid dresses, turquoise bridesmaid dressesThe green color fits better than black. This color gives a feeling of peace and harmony.

best bridesmaid dresses, green bridesmaid dresses

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