Womens Jeans 2019: Bootcut, Skinny, Ripped Style Jeans for Women 2019

In case you want to know what fashionable womens jeans 2019 are in trend, stick with us, since in this article we’ll talk about fashion trends of ladies jeans 2019.




Womens jeans 2019: fashionable colors and trends

Talking about fashionable colors of womens jeans 2019, we have to mention blue and white jeansthat will be dominating the fashion trends 2019.

Although they are bright, it doesn’t mean that they are only suitable for a summer bow. White denim jeans will look great with a fur vest or a short fur coat.


Caramel tinges are also a fashionable trend of womens jeans 2019.

Color print will look especially stylish on skinny jeans. They look marvelous, both with shirts and short dresses.


Ladies jeans 2019: boyfriend

Fashionable boyfriend jeans are in womens jeans 2019 trends. These are slightly baggy loose-fit pants. They look the best on slender girls.


Their great advantage is that if you wear them with sneakers and a T-shirt or with high heels and a blouse, in both cases they will look stunning and at the same time entirely different.

These jeans look bad on girls with not very smooth legs.


Before, these were low-rise boyfriend jeans, but now it has high waist and 7/8 length. Also, wide pants and pants with cuffs are trendy in fashion 2019. Such womens jeans 2019 are perfect for showing off high heel shoes and slim, graceful ankles.


Womens jeans 2019: trendy styles

Straight ladies jeans 2019

Fashionable straight jeans for women 2019 are also in fashion. Fashionable womens jeans 2019 straight jeans, or as they are called jeans-pipes, will undoubtedly suit any type of figure.

They were in trend in the 90’s and are now returning to fashion again.


They can be both high and medium landing. It is mostly chosen by the lovers of classics.

By the way, if you have wide hips, then such high-rise jeans will do a splendid job with that.


These straight cut jeans are appropriate for work and for leisure. They are combined with tops, shirts, T-shirts, jackets, etc.

Ladies jeans 2019: Flared jeans

Fashionable flared womens jeans 2019 are also trendy. This applies to both flare from hip and flares from knee type pants.


Interestingly enough, not only the standard length but also shortened or elongated parnts are in trend of fashion 2019.

Flared jeans for women 2019 will hide any flaws of the figure and emphasize the dignity. They can be worn with heels or with a low stroke, but if you are short, it’s better to stop at the first option.


Ladies jeans 2019: fashionable modeling jeans

The novelty in ladies jeans 2019 will be Revel denim pants. They are produced by the famous brand Levi’s.

With the help of their new technology, they will give a catching shape, both to women’s legs and buttocks.


In combination with properly made and positioned seams, as well as scuffs, you’ll get elegant legs, hips, and buttocks in such jeans.


Although fashion for womens jeans 2019 is quite fickle, choose an option that is not only trendy but also comfy and makes your figure feminine and admirable.

Fashionable cropped ladies jeans 2019 are also in trend. Many designers showed quite interesting and very non-standard models of cropped jeans. Earlier these denim styles were combined with narrow trousers. This season you can see a lot of wide and loose models.


In combination with various blouses, shirts, T-shirts, tops, sweaters, cropped womens jeans 2019 can create a wide variety of bows.

Even the highlight of the evening look can be a cropped jeans if you make the whole ensemble properly.

In order to replenish your wardrobe with a pair of original cropped denim pants, the recommended options are the following: Crosby Derek Lam, Banana Republic, Isa Arfen, Karen Walker, Sea, Simons Miller.

Womens bootcut jeans is represented by a straight cut to the knee in the male option and a tight fitting cut in female one, recalling the days of the Beatles, hippies, Elvis Presley.

Chip of womens bootcut jeans is that boots can be worn over the high shoes. Fit of pants can be any: low, high, normal.


Bootcut style is appropriate for curvaceous or normal body types.

Womens bootcut jeans visually reduce the wide hips. Same thing happens with a large foot size.

The ancestor of womens bootcut jeans was cowboy style. Today, it is popularized by fashion houses in Italy.


Selecting womens jeans 2019, this season most fashionistas pay attention to one-sided boot-cut jeans.

They are suitable for both office and nightclub soirees. A correct combination with other elements of the wardrobe will compose a graceful look in style of casual, boho-chic, country, rustic, etc.

Womens bootcut jeans will remind you of the 70’s if they make up company with gumshoes. Also, slightly flared boot-cut jeans are perfectly combined with sneakers.

Trendy country style was loved not only by fashion designers but also by consumers.


Slip-on shoes and creepers are also suitable for womens bootcut jeans. For women, it’s better to experiment with high heels, boots, wedge sandals, etc.

Womens jeans 2019: trendy ideas for skinny jeans for women

Another type of fashionable womens jeans 2019 is skinny jeans. It is only suitable for the owners of even and slender legs.

In case there are flaws in your figure, it’s better to transiently forget about such models, as they will accentuate everything that you would like to hide.


The most prosperous tints for skinny jeans for women in this season are white and black.

They look great with multi-layered tops. Blouses, shirts, tops, and T-shirts are also acceptable. Regarding the shoes, those can be elegant pumps, heels and sports shoes or shoes with a flat sole.


High waist skinny with a buckle at the back is also trendy. Skinny jeans for women are preferred by actresses Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss, and Cameron Diaz.

Asphalt shade skinny jeans for women 2019 are also stylish. Torn models also popular.

Designers offer asymmetric arrangements of holes on jeans, promote negligence, a so-called creative chaos.

Black ripped jeans: trendy idea of 2019

Fashionable black ripped jeans are in womens jeans 2019 trend in this season. Holes and scuffs can be natty or with a hanging fringe. In case you want them to be slim, then choose pants with light scuffs in the center of a leg.


In case you don’t like black ripped jeans, choose or make patches on the pants. A top to go with black ripped jeans is best to choose a simple and not baffling one. This can be either a classic jacket, sweater or a blouse in grunge style.

Black ripped boyfriend jeans are very popular. Ripped elements give this style sophistication and uniqueness.


It is the holes that add negligence to the style. The combination of black ripped boyfriend jeans with high-heeled shoes looks great.

Womens jeans 2019 with holes in knees allow you to feel freedom, youth, and serenity. They have been at the peak of popularity for several years thanks to the combination of simplicity, convenience, and informality.

Give preference to womens jeans 2019 in straight cuts and wear them with short or elongated fitted jackets. This style of jeans will hide the flaws of your figure. Also, models must have minimum number of holes.


When choosing shoes, an ideal solution will be sports models: moccasins, sneakers. In order to embody the delicate look with black ripped jeans, you can combine them with wedge shoes.

In case you decide to wear high heels, then for the top, you should consider a shirt, a jacket or a blouse. It will be better that the top and the shoes are selected in the same color.








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