Women’s Winter Coats 2022: Best 19 Tendencies of Women’s Coats 2022

Every woman wishes to appear attractive and fashionable, and women’s winter coats 2022 will certainly help with this.

No matter how fashionistas love practical jackets, there is always a place for a favorite coat in a women’s wardrobe.

Stylish, elegant and feminine, it not only warms, but also favorably emphasizes the figure. Designers come up with something new every year, satisfying any wishes and emptying our wallets.

Women's Winter Coats 2022: Best Tendencies of Women's Coats 2022

What kind of women’s winter coats 2022 do designers of leading fashion houses offer us to wear? Let’s find out.

Women’s Winter Coats 2022: Fashionable Styles of Coats 2022

Sleeveless and cocoon women’s winter coats 2022 will not leave boutiques this season. Models with fur inserts, coats of a classic silhouette with high collars and cuffs will become fashionable. Designers paid maximum attention to the styles of their models.

Shawls will also be firmly entrenched this season. However, not only long-cut models are relevant, but also short and calf-length models. Lovers of bright colors will especially like these new women’s winter coats 2022.

There will be a lot of fur in the fashion 2022 winter season. Artificial, real, but it will be on all coats or down jackets. The main key trend is that it should be long. The owners of slender waists are invited to opt for an A-line coat.

Women's Winter Coats 2022: Fashionable Styles of Coats 2022

A belt or strap will help emphasize the ideal proportions. Curvy girls are advised to take a closer look at oversized models without additional decorative elements.

Women’s loose-fitting coat will hide extra pounds and help you look slimmer. The color of such a long fashion coat 2022 should be in solid, calm shades, for example, beige.

A variety of prints, decorative colors and a belt will also be fashionable. Maxi is a good substitute for an expensive fur coat or down jacket, as fur coats also look great in this format.

increased shoulder line;
herringbone pattern or floral print;
animal print;
mono-look and blue; belt;
cropped sleeves.

Coat Trends 2022

Classic Winter Coats for Women 2022

As mentioned earlier, classic and A-line coats will firmly enter the life of fashionistas, however, there are some updates in these models.

The classics will forever remain in fashion, and therefore the classic women’s coat is the main trend of the upcoming season. Coats with high fur collars and matching cuffs are now welcome. The color should not be too bright. White or beige are universal colors.

Max Mara, Philipp Plein, Christian Dior – this is not a complete list of brands that once again offered fashionistas their own interpretations of classic coats.

Fitted and loose, single and double-breasted, different in material and color, they will always find their audience and will always be at the height of fashion.

Classic Winter Coats for Women 2022

Women’s Coats 2022 with Fur Trim

A fur coat is an easy way to hide from the cold, but this season it will also be in vogue.

A fur-trimmed coat can be of any cut, short, semi-short or long. Fur trim not only protects from the cold, but also sets you apart from the crowd.

The fur trim may not be natural fur (animal advocates can rejoice).

The presence of fur on the collar and on the cuffs will be trendy this season. In this case, the fur will help to emphasize the elegant modesty. The color of such a coat can be very different, however, preference is given to soft shades. And of course white is a universal color for all models.

Women's Coats 2022 with Fur Trim

Women’s 2022 Military Style Coats

And again the military style comes into vogue – attracting millions of appraising glances. In such a coat, a girl simply cannot go unnoticed. Military style is back in vogue, slightly refined, trendy and versatile.

Trapezoidal coats with shoulder straps, patch pockets, cuffs, will be fashionable this season. A high collar is required. The color of such a coat usually tends towards greens, khakis, or blues. And also models with large buttons, no patterns.

The length is more often just below the knee, but there are also shorter models.

A military coat is the very thing of the wardrobe that attracts attention. It should be of bright colors; elements of a pattern, abstract images may also be present.

Women's 2022 Military Style Coats

Warmest Winter Coats 2022: Puffer Coats 2022

Usually, down jackets are classified as a sporty style of clothing, but this season fashionistas will be given a huge choice among puffer coats, striking in originality of tailoring and shape.

Puffer coats can be from long to short, while they do not lose the ability to keep warm.

This is an inexpensive, beautiful and fashionable way to hide from the cold and attract the attention of others. The new items of such models will have no collar at all. If it does, it will be very small and inconspicuous.

This season, designers have made their coats quilted down jackets. The famous Coco Chanel did this.

The range of colors here extends to infinity. While classic whites, beige and grays look good on these models, vibrant and saturated colors like bright yellow or toxic green also look great.

Warmest Winter Coats 2022: Puffer Coats 2022

Fashion Coat 2022: Black

A black coat is an essential part of any fashionista’s wardrobe. This season, classic black women’s winter coats 2022, maxi and down jackets will be fashionable. Fur trim on the collar and cuffs will also come into fashion.

Not all coats look good in black. It only looks great on some models.

Fashion Coat 2022: Black

Plaid Coats 2022

The plaid does not lose its relevance to this day.

A huge number of brands make their products plaid. And now the plaid coat will also enter the fashion world. Plaid is a great way to stand out.

There are a lot of styles on which the checkered print looks beneficial. However, some cuts tend to be more checkered than others.

After all, for example, a military coat will not look good at all if it is plaid. But the classic, free cut is a completely different matter.

A checkered puffer coat will look bright and unusual. So not a single fashionista will remain unnoticed.

In the fall-winter collections, designers have presented almost all modifications of this print: from the classic black-and-white “houndstooth” to the colorful tartan.

Max Mara, Michael Kors and Alice + Olivia had those.

Plaid Coats 2022

Long Coats for Women 2022

Fashionable women’s coat is indispensable in the cold season. And if you are looking for something that protects you as much as possible from the vagaries of the weather – choose a maxi coat.

Wide, free, tight-fitting, classic, “A”-silhouette – it can be of any style, but one thing remains unchanged: length.

Long coats for women 2022 will visually make short girls a little taller.

Sleeveless models will be the novelties of the fall-winter season. Long gloves, matched to a tone lighter than the coat itself, will look good.

There were a lot of them on the catwalks of all four fashion capitals. Examples are Max Mara, Jason Wu, and Christian Dior.

Long Coats for Women 2022

Fashion 2022 Winter: Women’s Oversized Coat

Still, the main point of women’s fashion is femininity. Women’s coats have “grown” by a couple of sizes – the oversized style is again at the height of fashion.

This was largely due to the desire of designers to put on as many layers of clothing as possible on fashionistas.

And in order for this whole multi-layered image to fit under the fashion coat 2022, it simply had to be sewn “with a margin.”

The most fashionable women’s winter coats 2022 “from someone else’s shoulder” were demonstrated by the brands Tory Burch, Prada, Alberta Ferretti.

Such models will be able to emphasize the advantages of the figure and hide its flaws. A model suitable for everyone, without exception, is definitely oversized.

It will hide the flaws, highlight the pros. The main advantage: they are suitable for very thin girls and girls with curvaceous forms.

That is why a voluminous fashion coat 2022 is a thing that is present in at least one collection of any designer.

Elongated oversize, slightly longer than the knee, will become fashionable, while they can have massive shoulders.

This season, the style of such models will become baggy, and they will keep on a pair of buttons and a belt.

Fashion 2022 Winter: Women's Oversized Coat

Three-Quarter Sleeves

A coat that has no sleeves at all, or has, but is three-quarters long, is often called a cape.

Its main feature is a trapezoidal shape. It, like nothing else, will emphasize femininity and tenderness.

But three-quarters sleeves will suit almost any item from your wardrobe. Relevant for this season are:

retro style;
with loose fit,
length above the knees;
uneven bottom line;

Three-Quarter Sleeves women coat 2022

One of the most fashionable coat styles for the winter 2022 season is the cape.

These loose sleeveless coats go out of fashion, then literally burst into fashion again.

The next season is just the time for their take-off.

The fashion houses of Givenchy, Miu Miu and Emilia Wickstead are among those who offer these elegant and original women’s winter coats 2022 to fashionistas.

Coat Trends 2022: Capes

Cropped Pea Coat 2022

Pea jacket – originally an element of men’s wardrobe, will now be present in the wardrobes of connoisseurs of high fashion, albeit somewhat transformed.

Pea coats are now even shorter, there is a huge number of elements of the military style.

Women’s fashion does not stand still and continues to master the men’s wardrobe. The pea jacket is a novelty of the season.

The presence of even more buttons and pockets on the pea jacket will come into fashion. Regarding the color of the pea jacket, designers tend to calm, dark shades, for example, dark blue.

Cropped Pea Coat 2022

Suede Coats 2022

Suede women’s winter coats 2022 will be especially fashionable this season. The trends of the 70s burst into fashion.

Designers begin to produce suede coats in large numbers. Long, short, it doesn’t matter.

But black, gray, beige colors will be completely inappropriate here. Suede women’s winter coats 2022 that are in fashion this season – green, red and so on.

Suede Coats 2022

Bright Coats

If you’ve been following Fashion Weeks, you’ve probably seen the internet explode in a bright yellow Prada coat.

And even if you missed this news – ditch the dark shades this fall, and think of a bright coat – this is the best antidepressant for the winter blues.

The most fashionable coat colors of the next season are yellow, orange, red, blue and so on.

Bright Coats 2022

Leather Coats

Fashion trends 2022 for the next season predict the lucky day for leather.

This means that leather coats will also be in trend. From black leather trench coats in the style of “Matrix” to rich bright leather – all this could be seen in the collections of Sportmax, Loewe, Bally.

Leather Coats 2022

Leopard Coat

Together with bright colors, the designers decided to add mood to the coat collection with the help of a leopard print.

These stylish women’s winter coats 2022 look no less remarkable!

Christian Dior, Michael Kors and Etro convince us of this.

Leopard Coat 2022

Light Coat

Not the most practical option, but how elegant and beautiful!

This is exactly the case when beauty’s a cruel mistress. If you are ready for it, pay attention to the white coat from Michael Kors, light beige from Maryling and pearl gray from Giorgio Armani.

Light Coat 2022

Women’s Winter Coats 2022: Fur Coat

Many brands have recently given up using natural fur in their collections.

But this does not mean that fur coats will disappear from fashion – modern technologies make it possible to create such “substitutes” that you cannot tell by eye – a product is sewn from natural or artificial fur.

Women's Winter Coats 2022: Fur Coat

Coats 2022 Winter: Fashionable Colors

Coats 2022 Winter: Fashionable Colors


In addition to the bright flashes of juicy shades, which we wrote about above, neutral, calm colors prevailed in the autumn-winter collections: beige, black, gray, brown, olive and dark blue.

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