Maternity wear; maternity pants trends and tendencies 2017


Pregnancy is not an obstacle in order to remain effective and spectacular lady, on the contrary, it’s quite possible that you will discover new facets of femininity. Of course, during maternity outfit choosing priorities are changing, but not always, comfort and beauty are mutually exclusive. Items could combine the best qualities. About maternity pants trends for season 2017 offered by designers for expectant mothers we will talk over in «maternity wear; maternity pants trends and tendencies 2017» article.

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In fall-winter season, it’s important to choose not only comfortable, but also heat-protective maternity clothes for expectant mothers. During the early stages of pregnancy maternity jeans can be used included with jerseys, during later months jeans should be replaced by soft and elastic maternity leggings. Fashionable men’s type shirts, combined with maternity pants and worn outside look very stylish! Loose tunics, long sweaters and T-shirts excellent camouflage tummy. The existence of different prints on maternity clothes is welcomed, because it distracts from shape of tummy. Jackets and long coats can be worn over shirts, sweaters and tunics, perfectly complementing autumn image of future mothers.

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Maternity jeans 2017 trends and tendencies

Many people know that pregnant women from first trimester almost feel and see the changes in abdominal area. If habitual women jeans could be pulled, even if she has gained a couple of kilograms, while pregnancy so should not be done. Designers have developed special models of maternity jeans that not over tighten tummy. When woman in such situation that doesn’t mean she spends most of time at home. Pregnant woman still remains active, and sometimes doesn’t even come down from her usual high heels, which is not very useful for gestation.

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Fashionable maternity leggings and maternity tights 2017

It’s impossible to imagine more practical and convenient items for pregnant women than all kinds of maternity leggings and maternity tights. With their help, the fair sex is not only able to create lots of stylish and original images, but also protect body from the negative effects of external environment.

For autumn-winter 2017 season is better to choose maternity leggings and maternity tights models on fleece or other heaters. Thus your feet will always feel comfortable. Best of all, if maternity clothes will have discreet colors as black, dark blue, beige, flesh, khaki, brown or gray. Ideally, when design of maternity leggings will duplicate jeans or trousers print.

maternity-clothes-maternity-leggings-and-maternity-tights-2017-maternity-wear maternity-clothes-maternity-leggings-and-maternity-tights-2017-maternity-wear-1 maternity-clothes-maternity-leggings-and-maternity-tights-2017-maternity-wear-2 maternity-clothes-maternity-leggings-and-maternity-tights-2017-maternity-wear-3 maternity-clothes-maternity-leggings-and-maternity-tights-2017-maternity-wear-4 maternity-clothes-maternity-leggings-and-maternity-tights-2017-maternity-wear-5 maternity-clothes-maternity-leggings-and-maternity-tights-2017-maternity-wear-6 maternity-clothes-maternity-leggings-and-maternity-tights-2017-maternity-wear-7 maternity-clothes-maternity-leggings-and-maternity-tights-2017-maternity-wear-8

Hopefully our article «maternity wear; maternity pants trends and tendencies 2017» helped to formulate your image.

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