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Each girl dreams to wear the most beautiful dress in the world for going to prom night. We will help you to pick it up, guided by fashion 2017 trends among shades and styles prom dresses 2017. So what prom dresses are in fashion 2017, look on photos of new items in article «fashion 2017; prom dresses 2017» and choose the most beautiful model for any celebration for graduates!




Main styles of prom dresses 2017

Every year, on fashion catwalks for graduates popping up various innovations, but more often they remain within classic framework. Evening dresses has their own special rules, which can be traced in any collection. Nevertheless, occasionally, and designers offer something completely new.


We begin with topical length. First place, surely taken by long prom dresses, and what could be better for the prom? Option to the floor was always in demand, so it happened also for season 2017. Short prom dresses also in demand, and certainly has own place in fashion 2017.


The most frequent graduation dresses are form-fitting ones and it’s very topical for dresses with fluffy skirt. They look very pretty, and length of such graduation dresses often doesn’t reach floor (although sometimes found such) but to knees, and occasionally a little higher.



There is still enjoys success such thing as convertible dress. It is better to choose the floor length dresses, because such long prom dresses look the most elegant. Also, many people are interested in option with corset and fluffy skirt, it hard to name trend, however you can find quite a lot such models in collections!


Great success have enclosed 2017 prom dresses with bodice from lace or other transparent material. Also in graduation dresses found boat-neck, oval, “to neck”, with deep swing collars, cutout heart, or “Carmen” with open arms options. Separately should be mentioned prom dresses 2017 on one shoulder strap. They could be wide or narrow.





The most beautiful prom dresses 2017

Now let’s talk about which trendiest graduation dresses appeared on catwalks this year. Main ornament of season 2017 is expensive and luxurious lace. 2017 prom dresses rarely sewn entirely from lace, its often quite extensive inserts. Branded clothes imply complex elements, but simultaneously have simple cut, and besides material, style is also very important.


Often the first places in designer collections has taken by colors of 2017 prom dresses, which become main ornament of evening dresses. Delicate pastel shades of pink, yellow, blue and orange will be at height of fashion during this season.



Fashionable colors of 2017 prom dresses

Now let’s talk about the trendy colors of 2017 prom dresses. Designers from around the world regularly offer something new that will attract attention and impress, but simultaneously everyone is trying to remain within classics and elegance, since it limitation imposes the collection itself.


If you pick up beautiful graduation dresses with fashionable shade you can safely use white or black version and it will not go wrong. Of course, there are not too much of this kind of dresses, shades cannot be called compulsory trends, but simultaneously its classic colors which always appropriate in evening fashion. Especially, black prom dresses are still popular, white ones are less but they exist. Other trendy basic colors for prom dresses 2017 are gray and pearl.


From bright colors cyan, blue, emerald, turquoise, ultramarine and yellow can be recommended from rich-bright to rich-dark options.




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Hopefully our touch on «fashion  2017; prom dresses 2017» will help to make your prom outfit.

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