Men’s Jacket Trends 2022: Best 15 Tendencies of Men’s Jackets in 2022

A man who cares about his image is sure to follow men’s jacket trends 2022. Photos from the catwalks are vivid proof that men’s jackets 2022 will not lose their relevance.

For decades, they have been considered versatile, trendy menswear.

Men’s Jacket Trends 2022: Best 15 Tendencies of Men’s Jackets in 2022

Coats, insulated raincoats are not loved by all men. Many people prefer warm, comfortable spring jackets for men 2022, which do not restrict movement, do not have age restrictions.

The designers have prepared well for the coming year, the menswear presented by them looks bright, stylish and impressive.

Which Type Of Jackets Are Best For Winter?

We are used to the restrained color scheme of men’s clothing. However, men’s jacket trends 2022 are completely far from a calm palette.

Fashionable colors:

Bright purple;

Greenish yellow;



Malachite color.

This does not mean that black, gray, brown, blue are prohibited. No one has canceled clothes in such a color scheme; adherents of a strict men’s jacket style 2022 prefer it.

Bright models will be only minor blotches against a calm background.

Comfortable safari jackets are among men’s jacket trends 2022. Their colors range from khaki to beige. These jackets are chosen by men who love comfort and functionality.

Models are equipped with numerous pockets, hoods, drawstrings, zippers. Safari jackets are made of durable and light raincoat fabric, thin leather.

Early spring rarely pleases us with warm weather. On cold, windy days, it is especially pleasant to put on a trendy quilted jacket. The fabric for these products is satin, raincoat fabric, leather or cotton.

The stitch patterns are simple – neat little squares or rhombuses.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022

Sometimes manufacturers decorate individual details with a stitch – pockets, or rounded inserts on the shoulders and sleeves. Quilted models often do not have a collar, or are complemented by a stand-up collar.

The designers have developed a whole series of men’s jacket trends 2022 with landscape prints. The cut of these models is laconic.

Many of them are equipped with stand-up collars, elastic bands at the waist. There are also turn-down collars. The printed fabric is a real godsend. Lunar landscapes, African savannahs, foam waves with dolphins look fantastic.

Many fashion houses presented models made of natural fabrics and leather in soothing pastel colors. Light brown, beige, sandy, bluish, greenish tones prevail. Paradoxically, it is the gentle pastel colors that evoke a special feeling of masculinity and strength.

What Is The Best Jacket For Winter?

For men, designers every year offer new models of men’s winter jackets that attract attention and make men stylish and fashionable. But despite the wide assortment, the leading positions are still occupied by parkas, leather jackets and down jackets.

For those who want to become fashionable this season, you should know which men’s jacket trends 2022 you need to pay attention to.

Advice! This season, a lot of attention is paid to fur. The more magnificent this detail in the jacket, the more advantageous the model will look. Sable and fox fur is in the leading positions.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022

What Jackets Are In Style For Fall 2022?

Before moving on to the popular assortment, you need to talk about those moments that unite all stylish outerwear for men this season:

  • the most relevant materials are genuine leather, suede, raincoat fabric, denim;
  • the color palette is quite diverse, since almost all shades are considered fashionable (classic – black, brown, saturated – orange, blue, burgundy);
  • prints have become quite popular, pay attention to geometric patterns, brand logos, all kinds of inscriptions.

Cut is considered no less important. On the catwalks, designers presented jackets for men with various finishes, patch pockets, hoods, unique patches and unusual details.


Men’s Leather Jacket 2022

Patent leather jackets will also be among men’s jacket trends 2022.

They are characterized by a variety of color palette:

  • Classic colors (black, beige, gray, brown);
  • Bright (eggplant, bright blue, all shades of red).
  • Older men choose black, gray, brown. Young men prefer bright models – red, eggplant, blue.

As for the finishing, in these models it is represented by very restrained fittings.

Among the leather men’s jacket trends 2022, two current models should be noted – jackets and bombers. A classic leather jacket that reaches mid-thigh. These things are decorated with contrasting seams and zippers.

Leather bombers are incredibly popular. They can be worn with sweaters, plain light shirts, tight trousers. Such jackets can be decorated with an embossed stitch located on the shoulders and sleeves.

Men's Leather Jacket 2022

Polyester jackets do not lose their relevance for several seasons in a row. Men appreciate these clothes.

It features:

  1. Light weight;
  2. Practicality;
  3. Convenience.

Often such models are equipped with hoods, decorated with fashionable stitching. A coarse horizontal stitch can be sewn all over the garment.

There are models decorated with curly stitch – squares, rhombuses. Dark jackets with padding polyester, with pockets and hoods, trimmed with curly stitches, look very presentable.

There are many dark blue jackets. Such clothes evoke thoughts of calmness and restraint – the main distinguishing features of a real man. A lot of creativity has been added to these models, they are decorated with orange zippers. Contrasting details make men’s jackets unusual and expressive.

For young and creative people, designers have prepared bright synthetic models.

Red, yellow, blue, eggplant things especially suit bright-eyed brunettes. Blondes with blue eyes should prefer light tones that accentuate their masculinity.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: Jackets with Padding Polyester

In the second half of spring, the male half of humanity changes into windbreakers. This outerwear was invented by a truly ingenious designer. Thin jackets made of lightweight fabric with a lining reliably protect the owners from the treacherous spring winds.

The styles of modern windbreakers are varied. They can look like elasticated blazers. Such a variety only suits men, it allows you to wear a windbreaker with jeans and classic trousers.

A few years ago, windbreakers were sewn only from raincoat fabric. Various fabrics are now used to make them:

  • Cotton;
  • Velveteen;
  • Suede;
  • Polyester;
  • Nylon.

It’s easy to find a windbreaker, this versatile garment suits all types of male figures.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: Windbreakers

Men’s Jacket Style 2022: Denim

Denim jackets don’t go out of style for many seasons in a row.

Different colors are at the peak of popularity:

  • White;
  • Beige;
  • Blue;
  • Indigo;
  • Grey;
  • Black.

The cut of the jackets has not changed: turn-down collars, clear stitching, numerous pockets. At the same time, some models decorated with floral prints look very unusual.

Men's Jacket Style 2022: Denim

Are men’s denim jackets in style 2022?

Denim, like a white T-shirt, is an indispensable attribute of any wardrobe. Each season, designers reuse this twill weave cotton fabric to give it a personal touch and absolute fashion value.

Whether it’s a distressed XXL or a fitted cut in pastel shades, the denim jacket remains the favorite for outerwear this spring, regardless of silhouette.

denim jackets 2022

To create such models, the following is used:

High-quality material that gives protection from the wind, good air permeability;

Calm colors (blue, black, brown, gray).

The most attractive are models with a removable liner, which you cannot use on warm days.

Men's Winter Jacket Trends 2022: Warm Jackets

You can’t do without a down jacket in early spring. It can be made in restrained colors – black, gray, blue.

There are also very bright items – emerald, bright scarlet.

Distinctive features of fashionable down jackets:

Bulky hoods with natural fur;

Stand-up collars;

Soft lining.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: Down Jackets

Anoraks will be very relevant in late spring. This jacket has distinctive features:

  • Lack of a long clasp;
  • Waterproof fabric;

The presence of a voluminous kangaroo pocket.

This is a type of outerwear for men designed to protect from the wind. Its length can reach mid-thigh, or reach the waist.

2022 Winter Jacket Trends: Anoraks

Men’s Jacket Style 2022: Bomber Jackets

Among the military-style jackets, the first place is occupied by bombers. They are sewn from different materials:

  • Leather;
  • Suede;
  • Cotton fabrics.

Bombers can be plain or with bright blotches – prints, inserts, stripes, logos. Such jackets with sunglasses look especially stylish.

Men's Jacket Style 2022: Bomber Jackets

Biker jackets are incredibly popular. From the wardrobes of bikers, rock musicians and macho who have no complexes, they migrated to ordinary men.

Distinctive features of leather jackets:

Special cut;

Bright details – locks, chains, leather fringe, belts with buckles, rivets;

Comfortable waist length.

Men's Jacket Trends 2022: Biker Jackets

The classic parka is an absolute favorite among all spring models.

What does this trendy jacket look like?

It is:

Made from quality fabrics;

Decorated with large pockets with bright stripes.

Pockets can be located not only in the usual places, but also on the sleeves.

Men's Winter Jacket Trends 2022: Parkas

A short coat is a great option for conservative men.

This fashionable outerwear can be worn:

  • with a classic suit;
  • with skinny jeans.

Men’s short coats in gray, black, blue look very attractive. A minimum of details, a turn-down collar make a man incredibly stylish.

Men's Winter Coat Trends 2022: Short Coats

Outerwear is needed not only for everyday life, but also for outdoor activities, sports. Snowboard jackets are a great option for active men.

Their features are:

  1. Light weight;
  2. A special, high-quality fabric does not allow water to pass through (nylon, 100% cotton);
  3. Very thoughtful, functional details – pockets, fasteners, zippers.

Snowboard jackets may be lightly insulated. Such jackets, made in a classic style, are often chosen by conservative men. The items are also used as ordinary clothes.

Men's Winter Jacket Trends 2022: Snowboard Jackets

Who Makes The Best Winter Jackets?

In the cold season, there are not so many options for outerwear at the disposal of men. Usually the choice is limited to some kind of men’s coat or jacket.

In the second case, the range of items is much wider. That is, it is possible to choose a thing for every taste, including size, cost, quality of material and a model suitable for specific purposes – walking, playing sports, going to work. Next, let’s highlight the best brands of men’s winter jackets 2022.

Canada Goose

According to numerous surveys conducted in different countries of the world, the Canadian company Canada Goose is considered the best manufacturer of men’s winter jackets.

The brand was founded in the city of Toronto just over 60 years ago (1957) and today is the world leader in the production of warm clothing.

Jackets and down jackets of this brand are very popular not only among ordinary buyers, but also among celebrities, including famous actors and athletes.



Columbia Sportswear Company is a major American high-quality apparel company that enjoys an undeniable reputation for outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, running, fishing, hunting, climbing, rowing and more.

The brand was founded in 1938. Today the company’s products are presented in 13 thousand retail stores located in more than 100 countries of the world.



The renowned Canadian brand Arc’teryx produces state-of-the-art innovative products, primarily aimed at climbers and ski enthusiasts.

The company was founded in 1989. Winter jackets for men of the Arc’teryx brand combine fashionable design, high quality and reasonable price.

A wide assortment allows you to find a thing for various activities and weather conditions.



Patagonia was founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard, an American rock climber and environmentalist.

The products are of high quality and are renowned for their environmental focus.

Climbing clothing and equipment were initially the centerpiece of the product range, but today the Patagonia brand produces winter jackets for men, both for various sports and for everyday use.


The North Face

The rating of TOP-5 brands of the best men’s winter jackets is closed by another American company, The North Face. Foundation date – 1968. Under this brand, both sports / mountain clothing and tourist equipment are produced.

An excellent choice for professional athletes and ordinary people with an active lifestyle.


The company’s motto, “Never Stop Exploring,” is fully translated into the innovative design and quality of The North Face products.

In conclusion, we note that the best men’s winter jackets keep warm and protect from the frosty wind, are of good quality and provide comfort. Try to purchase jackets from well-known brands that are likely to last more than one year.

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