Blazer Trends 2022: Top 22 Tendencies And Styles of Blazers For Men 2022

Considering fashionable men’s blazer trends 2022, we can conclude that designers fully support the trend of modern men who care not only about their health, but also about their appearance.

Such an attribute of a man’s wardrobe as a blazer is truly irreplaceable and can become a part of various looks.

The modern clothing market offers a fairly large number of blazer models, made in accordance with classic designs and modern blazer trends 2022.

Blazer Trends 2022: 22 Tendencies And Styles of Blazers For Men 2022

In order not to be mistaken in the choice and in combination with other wardrobe items, you should know more about the materials from which the blazers are made, about the different types of their cuts, as well as about colors, trends and other details.

All these nuances will be discussed in detail in this article.

Clothes like blazer for men 2022 have their own trends. Among the latest blazer trends 2022, you can see quite a few different features associated with both the cut items and the location of prints.

Each criterion, thanks to which new blazer trends 2022 appear, is worth telling separately.

Blazer Trends 2022

Among the popular models, the types presented below stand out.


Models with buttons in one row are called single-breasted.

Sometimes the classic fitted silhouette is supplied with horizontal cuffs, due to which you can hide some figure flaws.

Blazer Trends 2022


Oversized is a model of a blazer for men 2022 that gives a certain volume to the figure. This style looks great on those of men who are not overweight. On other people, this option will only highlight the flaws.


Shortened Models

Cropped models have strict requirements for the figure of a man who will wear such clothes. They have a fitted silhouette, can be fastened with one button or not fastened at all.



For extravagant gentlemen, such an option as a blazer with an asymmetrical cut is suitable.

The asymmetry underlying the design makes the outfit truly original, even if the blazer is made in soothing colors. Most often, such lines are embodied in an unusual wrapover or blazer lapels.


Blazer For Men 2022: With Patch Pockets

Special attention should be paid to men’s blazers with patch pockets and straight cut. They look stern, but not too formal. Perfect for everyday wear and even office dress code.

Patches have been part of the decoration of men’s blazers for more than one year. They are located on the elbows and have an oval or round shape.

The classic remains the unchanged option, while slightly fitted styles often end up with a modern version and look doubly stylish.

Blazer For Men 2022: With Patch Pockets


The two-piece is not just a men’s blazer, but a combination of a blazer and a vest, made in the same style and from the same fabric. Such models evolved from the three-piece suits for men, but nowadays can be combined with different bottoms.

There are also men’s blazers, the cut of which was created by analogy with a shirt. These models look unusual, but at the same time they quite meet the requirements of the office.

Blazer For Men 2022: With Patch Pockets


Double-breasted blazers differ in that the buttons are located in two rows opposite each other. Thanks to this arrangement of buttons, the blazer can be fastened both on the left and on the right side.

A feature of this model is the need to fasten it. When unbuttoned, the item loses its uniqueness.


The fabric from which the blazer is made is a very important component that determines the degree of durability of the item. The fabrics described below are relevant for the creation of men’s blazers.

While the blazer for men 2022 itself may not be made of very dense fabric, the patches on the elbows must be durable. Leather or suede is often chosen as a material for them (depending on what raw material the blazer itself is made of).

For many years, a type of raw material such as leather has been in demand. Items made from such material look respectable and at the same time non-standard.

Usually, in combination with leather, there is a fitted or straight cut without additional accessories, prints and cut complexities, since otherwise the item will look overloaded.

For blazers for a special occasion, materials such as velour and velvet are used. These fabrics have an overflow and can be embodied in bright colors than office models.

Men’s cropped blazers are made using fabrics such as denim, leather or suede.

Denim, cotton and thin fabrics are used for shirts.

Blazer Trends 2022: Materials

Men’s Leather Blazers 2022

At the latest fashion shows, new blazer trends 2022 were demonstrated – men’s blazers 2022 made of leather or with leather inserts.

The most fashionable models are fitted, single-breasted, again with narrow lapels. They are suitable for slender youths. For men of dense build, it is better to pay attention to more brutal models of the classic cut. They are complemented by snap cuffs and zippered pockets.

Leather blazers for men 2022 should be made of genuine leather. Some designers, being convinced followers of the ideas of “green”, offer options from leatherette. However, in this case, we are talking about artificial materials of the highest quality.

Men's Leather Blazers 2022

Sport Jacket 2022: Denim

Men’s or women’s jeans are something without which it is impossible to imagine the wardrobe of a young man or girl.

Men’s blazers 2022, which are suitable to be worn with denim pants, should be sporty.

Models with patch pockets and flaps are in trend. Variants from corduroy, velvet and suede are especially relevant. The latter can be in grunge style, with artificial scuffs in the area of cuffs and pockets.

Unless you have your own stylist, it is not recommended to complement denim trousers with a blazer made of the same material. This totally denim set will look old-fashioned.

Only carefully selected accessories can save the situation, and you can cope with such a task only if you have an impeccable sense of style.

Sport Jacket 2022: Denim

Speaking about blazer trends 2022 in menswear, one cannot ignore the color scheme. In blazers, it can be realized using a variety of shades.

The most common and suitable for any formal dress code are blue, black and gray blazers. They are non-marking and give the image additional rigor.

If we are talking about the color of an element such as patches on the elbows, then they should be in harmony with the color of the blazer itself (with the color of the pocket line).

As for single-breasted models, matte options are suitable for them, not overloaded with glitter and catchy prints. These may include colors such as gray, blue, cyan, and others. However, prints are sometimes appropriate.

In the new season, you should pay attention to such colors of men’s blazers 2022 as bottle green, mustard. Nude tones, for example, beige, are also relevant.

Contrasting inserts, which can be present not only on the elbows, but also on the pockets and on the cuffs of the blazer, are the current color scheme. Lapels and cuffs can also be designed in contrast.

Blazer Trends 2022: Colors

Blazer for Men 2022: Prints

To give the blazer even more chic and rigor, the fabric is often supplied with a print. Among the popular prints of this type of clothing, some options can be distinguished.

A classic large-format check will complement a single-breasted blazer in discreet colors.

A striped print will look no less relevant, while a vertical strip is in most cases lighter than the main tone and creates a contrast.

The ornament in ethnic style is a rather small abstraction that occupies the main part of the blazer or even its entire surface. This option is suitable for extraordinary people. To soften the bright pattern, there are dark-colored cuffs in the clothes.

Blazer for Men 2022: Prints

Since blazers can differ significantly from each other in the above-mentioned characteristics, they belong to different styles of clothing. This item of men’s wardrobe can be embodied in the fashion blazer trends 2022 presented below.

Blazer Trends 2022: Styles

The Military Style

The military style is suitable for blazer for men 2022 that has a cropped cut.

Made in restrained gray and brown colors or in a shade of khaki, these wardrobe items will add extra elegance to the wearer. Double-breasted models are also suitable for this concept.

The Military Style blazer 2022

The Casual Style

The casual style offers less formality than the formal business, therefore the blazers have a number of details that make the image more relaxed. This can be the turn-ups of the sleeves of a men’s blazer, the back of which is decorated with a striking print. It is on items in this style that you can see patches in the elbow part.

The official business style assumes a certain severity of the cut, and also limits the choice of colors. The ideal option would be a single-breasted model or a two-piece. On blazers in this style, there may be an unobtrusive ornament, for example, a strip.

However, there should be no distracting inserts and prints.

The Casual Style blazer 2022

In the modern clothing market, one cannot do without brands that are loved by most of the buyers. A truly distinctive men’s blazer for various occasions can be found at the brands below.

Designer brands offering premium and even exclusive models are Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Giorgio Armani, Massimo Dutti.

The high and medium price segment is inherent in brands such as Colombo, Loro Piano, Brioni, Zilli. The manufacturers available are Zara, Pull and Bear, Collins and other brands.

Men's Blazer Trends 2022: Brands

How To Choose Blazer For Men 2022?

When choosing a blazer for men, the main thing is to take into account some features of the figure. This applies to overweight and thin men, since it is important to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the outfit and correctly create visual effects using prints and accessories.

When choosing, it is necessary to build on the prevailing style in the wardrobe. For example, a fan of casual style should choose a model created for this concept. This will allow a person not only to feel comfortable, but also to successfully combine a new thing with other wardrobe items.

The occasion for which the blazer is selected is also an important criterion. It can be limited by the requirements for the appearance, the formality of the event and other nuances.

How To Choose Blazer For Men 2022?

What To Combine With?

The classic combination of a blazer with other wardrobe items involves the use of a shirt and tie in the image. The bottom part can be pants or jeans (depending on the required dress code).

If we consider the combination of a velour item with other garments, then knitted vests or sweaters will be the best combination for it. The texture and color of the trousers must necessarily match the upper element of the outfit.

Nowadays, such a bold combination as a velvet blazer and sports shoes is in fashion, which can be traced in the collections of Cavalli and Versace.

The cropped cut must be combined with trousers, the fit of which matches the length of the blazer (above the edge of the blazer), and the silhouette is straight. Oversized models look optimal with tapered trousers.

If a two-piece suit was chosen, then it can be worn with both classic trousers and jeans. A white shirt will look harmonious with such an ensemble, as well as a bow tie, echoing in its shade with a two-piece.

You should not be limited only to the ordinary things, thinking over a set, because, in addition to a shirt, blazers can be combined with jumpers. Such a set will be relevant for a leather item.

The combination of a shirt cut with a blazer largely depends on the materials. It is they who need to be successfully combined. At the same time, trousers should be wide cut and have the texture opposite to the blazer.

Silk will go well with denim, and cotton with wool or satin.

How To Choose Blazer For Men 2022?

If you can’t decide on a blazer model, then you should pay attention to examples of outfits that look really stylish.

It is not necessary to decorate the lower part of the image in a dark color. The opposite combination also looks very aesthetically pleasing due to the successful composition of beige with deep blue.

A print, which is present only in a blazer, in combination with plain trousers and a shirt will make an office look uncommon.

The leather option will help to delicately give brutality to the image without making it overly masculine.

Blazer Trends 2022: Beautiful Examples

What To Wear To The Office?

Did you know that the blazer appeared only 120-130 years ago?

Since then, it has firmly established itself in the men’s wardrobe and its wearing has been prescribed by the dress code of many companies for decades.

Today, however, many even the most respected companies make concessions on the issue of employee business attire.

Try to surprise your colleagues by appearing in the office in a fitted dark-colored model with a barely noticeable light stripe.

Add freshness to your classic formal look with patch pockets or rounded hemlines.

Attention! Wide lapels are too behind! Today, the 2022 double-breasted blazers for men with narrow lapels and with ledges facing up are in vogue.

You can wear leather blazers with trendy 2022 shirts or plain T-shirts. In the first case, complementing the set with a fashionable tie, you can get a fresh and relevant look, appropriate both in the office and at a business meeting.

Blazer Trends 2022: Beautiful Examples

Original Cut

What surprised many fashion houses at the last shows are the styles of men’s blazers.

Blazer Trends 2022: Beautiful Examples


Designers offer models with unusual collars, For example, blazers with a narrow stand-up collar or asymmetric avant-garde options, which can hardly be called a blazer, are relevant!

Now you know which blazers will allow you to create trendy and fresh looks that will testify to your good taste.

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