Womens shorts 2019: The trendiest 10 styles of ladies shots 2019

Shorts are more versatile pieces of clothing than you might think. Womens shorts 2019 trends are here to suit any woman with any type of body. The choices of styles, models and colors are incredibly many. You can find all casual, fitness and business womens shorts styles 2019 with ease. So, let’s dig deep into whatever the designers of 2019 fashion season have prepared for us all.


Shorts are the ultimate alternatives for jeans and pants during hot seasons. Among the biggest advantages of womens summer shorts 2019 are the facts that they are easy to wear, to match with different styles and are very comfortable.

Shorts for women 2019 are different in styles, materials, as well as lengths and decor inserts. This fact is listed in the advantages section of the specifications of the best women’s shorts 2019.

Womens summer shorts 2019


Shorts are extremely relevant for hot seasons. Womens shorts 2019 look great when combined with shirts, t-shirts, crop tops, etc. Additionally, womens summer shorts 2019 are an inseparable part of beachwear. Moreover, women with long beautiful legs have the chance to show off their bodies. Ladies shorts 2019 give you the opportunity to both relax and do sports in the same outfit.

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Shorts for women 2019: top 10 womens shorts 2019

1. Classic shorts for women 2019


Work place not being a strict dress code office is a real treat. In addition, adding classical shorts into your office wardrobe would be the most comfortable thing for you. Casual ladies shorts 2019 are appropriate for any age. Classical style looks great with button-up shirts and blouses.

Adding interesting inserts and accessories to the style, in order to prevent it from looking boring is a nice idea. Belts and buckles will serve you well in this mission.

2. Fitness womens shorts 2019


Women who go to gym should be thankful to the designers of sports brands. Nike, Adidas, Puma and such brands have big collections of fitness shorts for women 2019. Since the designers have spent much time on creating these interesting models of fitness womens shorts 2019, they also have not spared quality natural materials for those womens shorts styles 2019.

3. Basketball ladies shorts 2019


Do not let the name confuse you. These are not simple basketball uniform womens shorts 2019. In addition, the long and spacious womens shorts styles 2019 are called so for resemblance to basketball shorts. Basketball models are amazing for creating a tomboy style. They look great with various shirts of different prints and colors.

4. Home shorts


In summer, shorts are the most often worn clothes at home. Loose t-shirts fit perfectly into the lazy bow for staying home at the evening. Womens shorts 2019 give you enough comfort to be relaxed when doing the house chores, as well as take a nap on the living room sofa as if you were in your pajamas.

5. Wide models of the best women’s shorts 2019


Wide shorts are spread among thick women. These interesting models are capable of hiding extra body fat. In fact, wearing wide womens shorts styles 2019 will add femininity to the look. It creates a smooth and an attractive silhouette.

6. Military shorts for women 2019


Military style has gained popularity for all pieces of clothing, not just shorts. The primary colors of military style, which are khaki and beige have settled deep into women’s wardrobes. Military shorts look the best in combination with plaint color tops.

7. The best women’s shorts 2019 with suspenders


These options are also very interesting. Suspender shorts look a bit unnatural. The most common style for suspender shorts is the casual style. However, they can be well complemented with a classical button up shirt as well.

8. Shorts on an elastic band


Elastic band shorts are comfortable models for casual wear. Women with anybody type are good to choose these shorts. These are just simple and light models that you can wear mainly at home or for a run.


Capri is the best of both worlds model. Capri shorts are great for casual offices, city walks, even small hikes. Certain styles of Capri have more classical features, so they are usually in combination with more strict clothing.

10. High waist womens shorts 2019


The purpose of high waist shorts is to make the slim waist even slimmer. For women who have belly fat, this model serves as a cover up option. High waist shorts are great at smoothing the body giving it more femininity and tenderness.

Trendy lengths for womens shorts 2019

Short shorts of mini length are one of the most popular models. They look great on women with slim bodies. Frankly, the very mini shorts are best for younger girls to wear otherwise they might look vulgar.

Denim shorts for women 2019 of mid length, that is to the middle of thighs, work amazing for older women who want to wear short shorts, but do not have the desire to open up their thighs and buttocks. Mid-thigh length shorts are also suitable for business attire.

Long denim shorts for women 2019 have not lost their relevance. In the 90’s they started to become fashionable and have been at the top of the industry ever since. They make the all in all style look more naïve and light. Long shorts are suitable for casual or sports events as well.

Materials of the best women’s shorts 2019

Woolen short for women


Woolen shorts are great for colder seasons. During fall, it is more than acceptable to wear woolen shorts with leggings. This look is more stylish than any other combination for fall, provided, of course, it is put together correctly.

Denim shorts for women 2019


This material is no doubt among the most popular materials for clothing. Denim shorts are universal. They look great on everyone. These models are often decorated with interesting patch pockets, decorative cuts and various inserts. The length for denim shorts for women 2019 varies from mini shorts to Capri models.

Shorts for women 2019: Silk


Silk shorts are for elegant women out there. Summer parties are filled with women who appreciate silk womens shorts styles 2019.

The primary criteria for shorts selection is the way they fit your body. Firstly, consider the right length for you. Open up and show off your legs with confidence if you feel like doing so. Fashion designers of 2019 season have provided you with a diversity among imaginable. Feel free looking fabulous.






















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