Formal dresses 2019: gorgeous trends and ideas of prom dresses 2019

Evening dresses are the most important detail of women’s wardrobe. Well-chosen dress can turn ordinary woman into real goddess. It is no coincidence that, on the eve of important events, women try to find spectacular outfit. We decided to tell elegant ladies which fashion trends of formal dresses 2019 will prevail.

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Formal dresses 2019: fashion trends

Formal dresses 2019 with veil, capes and train are in trend. Such details give evening dress dizzying lightness, solemnity and real chic.

In addition, they lengthen silhouette and make woman slim and elegant.

If you decide to choose such dress, you shouldn’t forget that you’ll have to move in such dress not very quickly and very carefully. Now you need to constantly monitor your hem so that no one can step on it.

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If you are going to event where you have to move a lot, for example, to graduation party, then you should think about dress with less long train or dress with transparent veil.

Mallet dresses are also in formal dresses 2019 trend. Cut of this outfit is different in that it has split-level hem. They are suitable for women of any body type. By adjusting length, you can correct figure flaws. Asymmetrical lines give image certain charm.

Formal dresses 2019: fashionable styles

Dresses with tiered ruffles, folds, and frills are also in formal dresses 2019 fashion. Dresses with such elements are perfect for various celebrations, romantic meetings and New Year.

Moreover, folds, ruffles, flounces can be on any parts of attire: in decollete area; around waist; on sleeves. Details can be almost imperceptible and can represent real waterfall, iridescent with all colors of rainbow.

Mermaid style dresses are in formal dresses for women 2019 fashion. It resembles shape of famous fairy-tale character.

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Long dresses of such silhouette have become classic. We constantly see them at various awards, celebrations of major events.

They feature Hollywood stars on red carpet of film festivals. It is not difficult to guess that every woman, who has beautiful figure, wants to have long dresses of this style.

Bandeau dress and bustier are also trendy. Not one solemn event is complete without women’s dresses with bare top. Now, there are many wardrobe items, with which, if necessary, you can close open areas of body: boa, shawls, stoles.

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Stylish trends

Transparent formal dresses 2019 are also fashionable. These dresses continue to be popular at various social events. Often in such dresses appear stars of theater and cinema. Although such item of female wardrobe is not always convenient.

Evening ensembles with applique and floral embroidery will be fashionable in formal dresses 2019 trend.

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Fashion of autumn-winter period is replete with bright colors. Don’t make exceptions and formal dresses for women 2019. In trend of current season appliques and embroidered flowers. They can be seen in almost all famous designers’ collections.

High cuts and bold cut of neckline are gaining momentum. Some styles of formal dresses for women 2019 surprise so much that, it seems, they are designed more for beach than for secular party. Cutouts sometimes also reach waistline.

Proliferation of such stunning outfits is promoted by new items from designers such as T. Shoji, D. Koma, Marchesa, B. Mohapatra, F. Puglisi et al.

Trendy ideas

Currently, most girls for evening choose dresses of medium length. It is appropriate for all occasions: at prom; for friendly party; on the New Year; for romantic meeting.

According to generally accepted rules, it is recommended to wear short dresses only if party begins before seven o’clock in the evening.

Sheath dress has semi-adjacent silhouette and doesn’t have horizontal line of cut. Dress has vertical tucks on back. Such cut slightly pulls silhouette and due to this figure of girl seems to be more slender, and height is higher.

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In case of formal dresses for women 2019, tailoring materials, such as silk, satin, guipure are in trend. For plus size girls, dress can also be suitable if you use corrective underwear.

Ballon style dress was named because of unusual oval-shaped skirt. It can be flared cut or straight, like wide pipe. In waist area, fabric is gathered in small folds, and bottom is folded and sewn to lining. Due to this, original volume is formed. Top of dress is alike corset.

Shoulders can be both open and closed. Cutout can have any shape. For tailoring such dress, well-draped fabrics are used: satin, silk, etc. Color can be any, from neutral colors to the brightest.

Semi formal dresses 2019: modish ideas

Babydoll models are ideal for young slim girls. All attributes of clothes for children are inherent in them, such as ruches, sleeves in form of flashlight; all kinds of bows.

At the same time, dress contains provocative moments inherent in adult clothing: transparent inserts, cuts of different depths, etc. Due to this, image seems innocent and stunning at the same time.

Dress has high waist and fluffy skirt. Skirt can be multi-layered.

For overweight girls, this model is not recommended. It is also contraindicated for women who are over thirty-five. Otherwise, image looks comical and even vulgar.

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Dresses with high waist are in semi formal dresses 2019 trend. These dresses will form basis of image. In addition to fact that they look unusually attractive and feminine, they also amazingly transform figure of their owner.

Accent on line of shoulders is in trend. This is hot trend that only recently descended from world’s catwalks and set off to conquer world. It has strong influence on development of fashionable taste of women.

Fashionable ideas for semi formal dresses 2019

Oversize semi formal dresses 2019 is bold decision for extravagant mods. Women who are more attracted by new fashion, need to purchase models of dresses in oversized style, which have free form.

Safari style is also in fashion. Girls who prefer to lead active lifestyle will definitely pay attention to safari model.

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Retro style and its elements are in trend. Trends of new season are not deprived of attention fans of retro-style, who are more often found in photos than in real life.

Therefore, in 2019, designers decided to eliminate this flaw. They created models of retro dresses that simultaneously correspond to all fashion trends and don’t lose their true look.

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Voguish colors of formal dresses

Those ladies who have not yet mastered art of selection of colors should explore all fashionable colors of this season. Fashion experts announced list, which includes following shades:

  • golden
  • olive
  • soft purple
  • sky blue
  • wine
  • ashen pink
  • yellow with touch of mustard
  • Marsala.

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Since listed colors themselves have noble and expensive look, then dresses made in these shades adopt these qualities.

Actual dresses of this season can be made of white and black fabrics. Such combinations look stylish and elegant. This is ageless classic that almost never goes out of style.

It doesn’t lose relevance even despite fact that team of the Institute of Pantone announced trendy fashionable bright and saturated colors.

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