Womens Pants 2019: Top 5 Trends for Trousers for Women 2019 (40+ photos and Videos)

Let’s consider the benefits of womens pants 2019.

Nowadays women have very tight schedules. Therefore, their lives evolve around so many things. Among those things are going to the office, seeing friends, going to a gym, beauty salons, malls and so on.

Thus, it is not surprising that almost every woman chooses to wear trousers, dress pants and other costumes to avoid any constriction of movement.


Apart from being comfortable, these items of clothing are easy to adjust with any style. Moreover, they are easy to play with and create interesting, yet practical looks.

Practicality above all in women pants 2019


The designers have not passed by these needs of modern women and presented a wonderful variety of models, styles, color solutions and materials of womens trousers 2019.

Womens pants 2019: Video News

When looking at the variety for the first time, you might have the feeling of confusion, thinking that nothing goes with anything.

However, if you take a closer look, every item has its pair and falls into a certain place of the 2019 fashion trends.


The trousers for women 2019 have extraordinary features. They are of concise classic lines mixed with vintage notes and modern trends. It all comes into one complete image.

The runways of 2019 fashion shows were washed over with well-known denim, tweed, gabardine and crepe models. However, the novelties of the season were not left unnoticed. As a result, satin, velvet and leather pants were also presented as novelties.

The common colors for womens trousers 2019 black and white are replaced with blue, red, mustard, ocher, milk, wine, lavender and green colors.

We think that the innovations that we just mentioned have intrigued you. Therefore, you wish to know more about the upcoming womens pants 2019 styles.

1. The length of womens pants 2019


The women leggings 2019 length is the designers’ favorite 7/8 length. The models of this length were so fascinating that 2019 fashion couldn’t do without their presence. These cropped pants are in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Womens pants 2019 are wide, narrow, flared and so many other things. These are the bases of creating any kind of appearance: party, office, leisure, etc. Moreover, this variety gives you the freedom to create any style of outfit you desire.

Different designers have contributed to this vast variety of womens trousers 2019. Escada, Ocar dela Renta suggested checkered red cropped trousers. Sonia Rykiel believes in tight striped pants in black.

2. Leather women leggings 2019


When saying leather womens pants 2019, the first thing that comes to mind is the extreme sexy looking beautiful legs of a woman who is wearing them. Women leggings 2019 in leather material differ with their extravagance.

They are not for everyone. Only the brave and self-confident women will go on to wear these pants.

The surprising novelty is that the designers have decided to present not only tight leather pants modes, but also loose women trousers 2019 made of leather.

This serves the purpose of highlighting the gracefulness of the leather material and showing off not just the female beautiful legs, but also the rich flow of the leather material.

2019 fashion designers have decided against aggressive colors like red. The preference in color for womens pants 2019 is given to black, blue, wine and green shades.

The leather women leggings 2019 remind of the styles of the 70’s.

Womens trousers 2019 leather models are well combined with simple and elegant looking blouses, as well as jackets.

3. Trousers for women 2019: Culottes


This is one of the most talked about and provocative trends of the past several years. Due to its stubbornness, it doesn’t lose popularity. Knitted pants, as well as made of satin, wool and similar materials are very versatile. These trousers for women 2019 are easily combined with casual, evening and even sports styles.

However, this one is not for everyone. Most women don’t dare to wear cropped wide pants. This is because these womens pants 2019 will add some extra kilos to your look and will definitely distort many of the proportions on your body.

Since this style is one of the most eye-catching fashion novelties of 2019 season, we suggest you consider adopting its features into your look. Alice and Olivia are the initial creators of this style. They first introduced the culottes in silver metallic color.

Cavali, however, prefers to stick to the well tested options of black satin womens trousers 2019.

Monse succeeded in proving that the pajama like looking pants can be just as stylish and in fashion as anything else.

4. Dress pants for women 2019


Dress pants for women 2019 are a classical model of pants that are mainly used as office uniforms. However, many stylish and confident women wear these pants to emphasize their independence and status.

Men usually wear this type of pants.

They come in combination with button ups and suits. In the ancient times, women weren’t allowed to wear such pants. However, by time, as women got more rights and freedom, as the society started to have corporation leaders, lawyers, and business people in the faces of women, they started wearing these pants in order to show off that they are equal with men.

So, this trend of 2019 fashion is not really only for this year. It has been around for a long time already. Dress pants for women 2019 are well combined with shirts and suits. There are different models and designs for these womens pants 2019.

The variety of choices lies between loose and tight, straight fitting and wide cut models. The options are various enough to find the model that best suits your all in all style.

5. Trousers for women 2019: Jeans


Lovers of skinny jeans might be disappointed in 2019 fashion trends, since these models seem to have lost their popularity. In 2019 fashion, denim pants have gone wider. The fit of these jeans is more relaxed.

The eye-catching details like pins and embroidery are archived as fashion trends of the past years. Button decorations, patch pockets and small parts imitating aging of the jeans have come to replace all the trends of the past.




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