Underwear Trends 2022: Stylish Trends of Women’s Lingerie

Like our entire wardrobe, lingerie also has its own underwear trends 2022.

A beautiful set of underwear is a must-have for any girl and woman. Thanks to it, we feel confident and attractive.

Women's Underwear Trends 2022

Perfect underwear gives confidence and flair to stylish feminine looks.

How to choose a fashionable lingerie set for 2022, we will tell you in the following article.

As you know, fashion has a cyclical nature, returning to the past experience, at regular intervals, but at the same time bringing a new stream and a new idea of beauty.

Underwear Trends 2022: Stylish Trends of Women's Lingerie

Newfangled underwear trends 2022 “create an incredibly beautiful symbiosis of different times”, which is clearly expressed in:

  • high-waisted underwear;
  • return of ruffles;
  • a new look at panties – shorts;
  • floral print;
  • the growing popularity of lace lingerie;
  • polka dot print;
  • the appearance of bright sportswear.

To understand the scale of innovation, it is necessary to take a closer look at each innovation that has happened to underwear trends 2022.

Floral prints are not complete without 2022 lingerie: they are everywhere, because we’ve seen them in other parts of our wardrobe.

White is no exception in the coming year. Expect floral and other types of appliqués on lace and tulle this season.

Women's Underwear Trends 2022: Floral Prints

In the past few seasons, bras have started showing designs with multiple stripes, different creative cutouts that suit different styles of dresses and blouses.

Lingerie Trends 2022: With Cutouts And Stripes

Also among the underwear trends 2022 are mesh lingerie, embroidered with graceful sequins. This unconventional combination can be complemented with exquisite silk.

A bra with a wide elastic band is ideal for large breasts, but they also perfectly “lift” small breasts.

Mesh Underwear Trends 2022

Fashion gurus are advised to choose models with contrasting lace, this option will look advantageous on a tanned female body.

The combination of silk + lace is a sure-fire option for women’s underwear, which always looks as sexy and attractive as possible.

Lingerie Trends 2022: Contrast Lace

In the new season, fashion designers have presented to our attention a huge number of interpretations of lingerie, among which you can see sets with a bralette and a delightful corset.

Bralette is among new underwear trends 2022 of modern fashion, which will be appreciated by beauties with small breasts.

This trend looks harmoniously in modern looks with oversized jackets, translucent blouses and even knitted asymmetric sweaters.

Women's Underwear Trends 2022: Bralette

Animal Prints

Designers paid special attention to animal print. This season, modern beauties can easily find for themselves the perfect set of underwear in animal print with exquisite and delicate lace.


Silk lingerie in a minimalist style with high-rise panties 2022 in neutral pastel shades is a must have that looks spectacular and stylish on any female figure.

Lingerie Trends 2022: Silk


Lingerie sets in the style of “Provence”, designers in 2022 decorated it with openwork lace, floral prints and impeccable embroidery.

Lingerie Trends 2022: Silk

Fashionable Shades

The most delicate nude shades are welcome in underwear. In 2022, at the peak of popularity, there will be the laciest sets of underwear in noble pastel colors, which are perfect for both bright and neutral palettes.

Pastels are trending this season, but pink reigns supreme when it comes to lingerie.

The pink shade has a vintage look, especially with high waists, pink garters and robes.

For important events in life, underwear in black or red shades is perfect.

For everyday life this season, designers suggest paying attention to sets of powdery shades.

And for those who are not afraid to experiment and amaze, this season such colors of fashionable underwear as emerald or Marsala are in trend.

Lingerie Trends 2022: Silk

Another point to pay attention to when you are choosing a set of lingerie for yourself in order to be in trend is the material.

After all, it is this factor that provides the style, comfort and durability of the underwear.

This season stylists are focusing on polyester, velvet, satin and comfortable cotton. It is the underwear made of these materials that helps us to correct the figure (slimming sets), to give the breast volume, to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws.

Women's Underwear Trends 2022: Fashionable Materials

One of the most controversial trends in the 2000s is re-entering fashion – thongs that look out of jeans or trousers.

Crazy year – crazy underwear trends 2022. We have already witnessed the resounding return of low-waisted jeans, crop tops and balloon skirts, and it seems that we are quite used to the fact that our twenty-year-old photos look relevant again.

Now on the turn, perhaps the most controversial part of the wardrobe of the early 2000s, which many remember with horror – thongs peeking out of jeans. Yes, yes, they are again in trend.

Women's Underwear Trends 2022: Fashionable types

This season, unlike the past, not only slips and thongs are in fashion, but also high-waisted models. And in design, lace or mesh jewelry, as well as original kits using buckles and slots, are popular.

For girls who like to choose non-standard options, fashion designers bring bodysuits with different types of tops into the trend.

It can be made in the form of a T-shirt, top, or even strapless. You can wear such bodysuits not only as underwear, but also as a separate wardrobe item.

Dressing them under a jacket or stylish pantsuit, you will definitely find yourself the most fashionable and sexy at a party or meeting with your beloved.

For important events and outings this season, designers offer bras with the most open breasts or options with a lowered line at the back, which are perfect for outfits with an open back.

Lingerie Trends 2022: Fashionable Models

Retro is in fashion not only in everyday items of clothing, but also in underwear. High-waisted panties 2022 become a feature of such underwear.

But the bras in the vintage collection are made by designers with a neat dim design that laconically emphasizes the breasts.

Fashion designers decorate retro sets with bows, satin ribbons or beads. A floral print is used as a pattern. Such models will decorate any figure and emphasize its dignity.

The high waist will make the silhouette lines smoother, visually lengthen the legs and give a sense of confidence.

Bras in the form of mini-tops will accentuate your breasts and create a set in the same style.

Beautiful, retro-styled lingerie incorporates charm and individual femininity.

Such a model is ideal for trousers, under a dress, as it will help to harmoniously model your figure. It will accentuate the waist and hide the dip hips.

The color scheme will also change. The floral print is gaining popularity, moreover, large and small, always contrasting with the general background.

For example, in the next season, the most popular will be burgundy and blue, and on their basis, the floral print takes on an unexpected effect.

Lingerie with polka dots is again on trend thanks to the use of different textures of fabrics, suitable for lovers of innovative classics.

Underwear Trends 2022: Retro Style Lingerie

The 2022 lingerie retains a sporty feel. It is definitely not going away anytime soon. Every season, it seems that fashion is getting closer to the everyday workout look from head to toe.

The most recent bras are just tops. Pair a sports bra with high-waisted jeans.

However, the sporty lingerie sets changed somewhat in 2022, now fashion gurus have diversified them with elegant lace and shiny silk fabrics.

A wide elastic band with a branded print remained unchanged.

They are very convenient for everyday life, and especially for those women who lead an active lifestyle.

You can wear it not only for sports, but also in everyday life.

The main advantage of such underwear is a bra with an anatomical structure, which fits exactly according to the outlines of your figure and does not restrict you in movements.

In the production of underwear, soft fabrics and seamless sewing are used.

Due to their practicality and convenience, they have become not only fashionable, but also beloved by all girls and women.

Choosing a sports set, you can choose geometric patterns in the design of lingerie, fashionable this season, or a pink or blue shade.

The 2022 sports underwear has a new look that is “unobstructed, breathable and has an interesting, feminine design that flaunts the figure.”

Most characteristic is expressed in three variants:

  • Sports top-bra, the main function is to support the chest, so that during sports, it is well fixed, but at the same time does not interfere with blood circulation, while it looks like a boxer, that is, wide straps are crosswise fixed on the back, which contributes to free movement;
  • Sports shorts-panties, seamless, in the form of “slip-ons”, have different fit, thanks to a special cut will suit absolutely any girl;
  • It is also necessary to mention sports thermal underwear, which is gaining more and more popularity every day. Depending on the task, thermal underwear can be used for winter sports, the composition is mainly synthetic, so that moisture does not linger on the skin.
  • Woolen models are suitable for everyday wear, they are very light and thin, but at the same time they retain heat for a long time. As mentioned above, the design has undergone changes; in the new season, bright, contrasting colors combined with geometric patterns will be in trend.

Sports Underwear Trends 2022

Comfort Comes First

If women used to choose between beauty and convenience, now they have the opportunity to combine these two concepts in one image.

Seamless patterns of linen and natural breathable fabrics are gaining popularity. Naturalness is stylish.

Underwear Trends 2022

Straps and Corsets

When you want something new, set up a bold experiment. Harness, belt and stockings, lace corset – which one suits you best? To find out, you have to try.

Corset Underwear Trends 2022

Bodysuits as A Must Have

The next must have for modern women is, of course, bodysuits. In 2022, couturiers advise modern ladies to give their preference to lace bodysuits.

Fashionistas can safely use trendy bodysuits instead of T-shirts and blouses, it is enough to supplement them with a voluminous jacket and your stunning look will be ready.

bodysuit Underwear Trends 2022

It is difficult to convey the feeling that arises when you wear beautiful lace lingerie. Knowing the unshakable love of girls all over the world for lace, the designers have developed several lines that can satisfy any whim.

Bralettes made in the form of transparent lace look very curious.

Lacy lingerie 2022 is characteristically expressed at the show “in Milan, models are provided in pastel, nude, black and red tones, in various styles, ranging from the classic combination of satin and lace to a new look at lace pin-up style”, which will adorn girls of any figure.

Underwear Trends 2022: Lace Lingerie

Seamless Women’s Underwear 2022

Despite the fact that seamless underwear appeared not long ago, it has already managed to establish itself only from the best side.

The popularity of seamless underwear 2022 is due to its hygroscopicity and breathable material and pleasant tactile sensation, which is a great pleasure to wear.

The main idea was that the seam was not visible even through thin clothes, the designers coped with this task with a bang.

Leading couturiers went further and began to create seamless underwear using lace, not only panties 2022, but also bras.

Also, do not forget about the magnificent bodysuits that will make the silhouette incredibly sophisticated, regardless of the type of figure.

Seamless Women's Underwear 2022

How Do I Choose My Underwear Style?

To make a choice, it is better to look in advance what options are available. For example, designers create mood boards for their work that use photographs, illustrations, material textures, and color schemes.

Lingerie models can be viewed on the Internet, saved to your bookmarks, or you can use the collage maker – there are many of them in the public domain, and they are easy to use.

It is better to save all the images that you like so that you can find your own style of lingerie in clothes.

After the images have been selected, all the options you like are in front of your eyes, you need to find what is in common between them.

It can be a single color scheme – for example, bright colors, or muted, pastel shades. Or is it a minimalism style, in which there is nothing superfluous, only basic elements.

Maybe most of the sets will be laced, or vice versa, you will prefer natural cotton underwear. If you have a lot of evening dresses in your wardrobe, you should consider buying a silicone bra or seamless underwear.


Typically, the style is determined by distinctive details – a sports bra, lace bodice, bralette – a feature can be anything from the shape of the bodice to the texture of the fabric, from the presence of a push-up to the choice of colors.

It remains only to find similar details in the collected collection of pictures and photographs.

You can structure the models into groups and purchase several different options for possible cases.

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