Swimwear 2018: trends and tendencies for womens swimsuits 2018

Swimsuit is an important attribute of beach season. Every fashionable girl should have at least one piece of stylish swimwear 2018. Designers have already announced main trends of womens swimsuits 2018.

swimsuits 2018, trends and tendencies

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  • Swimsuits 2018 with open back is the embodiment of charm and elegance. The main element of this model is the deep cutout from the rear. This model perfectly suits tall, slender girls with a beautiful posture.

swimsuits 2018, open-back tankini

  •  A good way to attract the attention of the opposite sex is a deep neckline or décolleté. Swimsuits 2018 with a neckline is good for girls with an average breast size. The model will look great on a tanned body.

swimsuits 2018, swimsuits with neckline

  • You will be able to swim safely in closed swimsuits 2018. They are made of a light quick-drying material, which completely covers hands and shoulders.

swimwear 2018, closed swimwear

  • Swimsuits for the pool have several varieties, including sports and classic. They are comfortable and stylish.
  • Tankini swimwear 2018 consists of top and panties. The top can be of several types: on thin straps, in the form of a tank top or bando. Panties are often made in a classic design, in the form of slips or mini-shorts. Thong is especially popular among girls with a good figure.

swimwear 2018, tankini

  • Separate swimwear 2018 are the most popular model for girls who appreciate a beautiful even tan. Separate swimsuits can have a bodice of various shapes. Models in the form of a triangle are in demand. Bando models are popular because they are very comfortable to sunbathe. A classic swimsuit can be either merged or split. This model is good because the swimsuit perfectly supports the chest, doesn’t fall off during swimming and diving.

swimwear 2018, swimwear with skirt

  • Swimsuits 2018 with a skirt don’t lose its relevance, despite the emerging novelties. This model has two versions: with a removable or sewn skirt. The swimsuit looks very coquettish and sexy. An additional element in the form of a skirt makes it more mysterious. The length of the skirt can be completely different.
  • The over-open swimsuit consists of a minimum amount of tissue. Two small strips cover the chest. Thong panties are often present in this model of swimsuits. This swimsuit allows you to get an excellent tan. It covers the smallest part of the body.

womens swimsuits 2018, sexual swimsuitsWomens swimsuits 2018: trendy colors

  • A white swimsuit looks very impressive and attracts others attention. The white swimsuit is designed for swimming in clean water. It can turn yellow from sea salt, so it requires careful care.

womens swimsuits 2018, white and yellow swimsuits

  • Yellow is one of the most relevant shades of the summer season. Yellow color womens swimsuits 2018 of looks great on the tanned body. It emphasizes the beauty of the tanned body.

womens swimsuits 2018, blue swimsuits

  • The blue color fits most of the girls. Womens swimsuits 2018 of blue shades are in trend. You should only define your shade.

swimsuits 2018, multi color swimsuits

  • Multicolored swimsuits are appropriate especially for those who can’t give preference to one of the shades. Colorful womens swimsuits 2018 looks bright thanks to the combination of several colors.


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