Prom Dresses 2022: Top 24 Trends Prom Dresses To Try In 2022

Choosing prom dresses 2022 is a very serious matter. If you are reading this article now, then instead of preparing for exams, you are choosing a perfect dress for your prom!

Well, this is also an important matter, and we would like to note that you are on the right track.

Prom Dresses 2022: Trends for Evening Dresses for Women 2022

We will definitely help you get inspired and show you how to choose the perfect model. It’s time to find out which prom dresses 2022 are relevant. Let’s talk about shades, styles, decor and much more!

Prom Dresses 2022: Slip Dresses

One of the most attractive options for the upcoming season will be trendy slip prom dresses 2022. At the prom in 2022, they will be the most appropriate outfit. This garment can be paired with leather jackets, satin or denim shirts, or oversized blazers.

You can choose different models depending on the type of figure:

  • straight cut dress;
  • fitted style;
  • with a cut;
  • with frills on the side;
  • with cups under the chest, etc.

The main decoration of such a dress is thin straps.

They emphasize the fragility of the figure, visually make the shoulders smaller. You won’t be able to find such dresses with an additional design, most often they are made in a minimalist style.

You can complement the look with a slip dress by wearing bright shoes.

Massive jewelry is perfectly combined with this wardrobe item. When choosing a bag, you should pay attention to small-sized models.

Prom Dresses 2022: Slip Dresses

Evening Dresses 2022 With Lantern Sleeve

Among the fashionable prom dresses, a special place is given to white prom dresses 2022 with lantern sleeves. For girls who have completed their studies, this option will be suitable for holding a celebration.

But before choosing a dress, you should consider a number of nuances:

  • models with long volumetric sleeves will be relevant;
  • it is better to choose a dress with a square neckline, not necessarily deep;
  • the model must be fitted;
  • dress length – below the knee.

Other options for a dress with a lantern sleeve will look ridiculous and make the image look cheap.

Such models should be combined with high-heeled shoes. Stylists advise to give preference to classic pumps.

You should also pay attention to sandals with a small number of thin straps. This will accentuate the fragility of the figure and lengthen the legs.

Evening Dresses 2022 With Lantern Sleeve

Dresses With Fluffy Skirts

Prom dresses 2022 with voluminous skirts should be chosen by girls with a fragile physique. In this case, the outfit will only emphasize the dignity of the young lady. In other cases, there is a risk of creating an overweight image.

The top of the dress should be fitted, only the skirt can remain voluminous.

You should pay attention to the models with straps, such dresses with sleeves make the image heavier.

The length of this version of the outfit does not exceed the middle of the ankle. Cropped models look ridiculous. They spoil the image, create the effect of untidiness.

Pink prom dresses 2022 with fluffy skirts should be combined with high-heeled shoes. Pointed-toed pumps with a stiletto heel will fit perfectly into the image. Also at the prom, you can choose graceful sandals.

Wardrobe items that complement the look with a lush dress should be made in a minimalist style, since a voluminous skirt will be the main and only decoration of the image.

Dresses With Fluffy Skirts 2022

Off-Shoulder Prom Dresses 2022

The dropped shoulders of the dress perfectly accentuate the line of the neck. Each girl in this outfit will look graceful and sophisticated. However, when choosing, you should consider a number of details:

the dress does not imply decor, otherwise the image will seem overloaded;

the whole outfit is made of one type of fabric, the combination of transparent sleeves and a velvet base will look ridiculous and cheap;

the neckline should not be very deep so that when bending over and in motion, the girl would feel comfortable.

Sleeveless off-the-shoulder dress is considered too open. For this reason, the length of the midi should be chosen.

Models below the knee look perfect with both a fitted cut and a fluffy skirt. The main rule when choosing a dress with lowered sleeves: the top of the dress should be tight.

Off-Shoulder Prom Dresses 2022

Sheath Dresses 2022

Another perfect model for a graduation dress is a sheath dress. It defines the figure by emphasizing the waist. In such clothes, every girl will feel confident.

However, there are a number of rules that stylists advise to adhere to when choosing this wardrobe item:

the length of the dress should not be higher than the knee, the middle of the ankle would be perfect;

clothes should be combined with high-heeled shoes – pumps or sandals with thin straps;

the dress should be long-sleeved, models with spaghetti straps look too open and vulgar;

if you put on a jacket on top, you can give preference to the option with short sleeves.

Sheath dresses accentuate any figure by accentuating the waist for an attractive prom dress.

Sheath Dresses 2022

Open Back Dresses

An elegant option for a prom dress is a dress with an open back, but it will only suit daring graduates. It is not necessary to choose models where the back will be completely bare. Preference should be given to:

floral prom dresses 2022 with an open top;

options with long sleeves and open back;

long models with a deep cut on the back;

dresses with an open back from the middle to the waist line.

You can combine dress models with an open back with different wardrobe items. If the length is short, it is better not to wear high-heeled shoes so as not to make the image vulgar. Gladiator-style flat sandals can be an option.

When choosing a dress with an open back, be sure to include outerwear. Depending on the style, you can choose a leather jacket, a denim jacket and other options.

Open Back Dresses

Prom Suits for Women 2022

When choosing an outfit for prom in 2022, you should pay attention to costumes. The options may be different:

  • pantsuits;
  • with a skirt;
  • with shorts;
  • set with an oversize jacket;
  • with an extended vest

Suits are a versatile wardrobe item. After graduation, their components can be worn separately.

Prom Suits for Women 2022

Particular attention should be paid to pantsuits with oversized jackets. Subsequently, they can be paired with T-shirts and tops.

The suits match perfectly with any footwear:

  • sneakers on a high platform;
  • sneakers;
  • sandals with thin straps;
  • classic pumps;
  • loafers;
  • mules

You should choose the option of shoes that will be comfortable throughout the day. It is better for tall girls to give preference to models on a low platform in order to be on a par with other students in the photographs.

For costumes with skirts, stylists recommend choosing shoes with heels.

Prom Suits for Women 2022

Dresses With Rhinestones And Stones

Dresses studded with rhinestones and stones are perfect for a prom in 2022. Stylists advise paying attention to fashionable blue prom dresses 2022 in which not only the top of the outfit is adorned, but also the skirt.

This option looks expensive, makes the image chic.

This dress goes well with high-heeled shoes. You can wear classic pumps or sandals with thin straps, so the leg will look graceful and petite.

Dresses With Rhinestones And Stones 2022

Knee Dresses 2022

One of the elegant options for outfits for the upcoming holiday will be a dress below the knee.

Any style in this length will look attractive and interesting. In 2022, you should pay attention to the following models:

  • with a narrowed skirt;
  • fitted;
  • with long sleeve;
  • with a slit along the leg.

Knee Dresses 2022

Prom Dresses 2022 to the Floor

One of the most perfect prom dresses is floor length navy blue prom dresses 2022. Long models will never cease to be relevant, they look elegant, visually stretch the figure.

The main rule to follow when choosing a floor-length dress is a minimalistic design. The following fashion models are ideal for prom in 2022:

  • on shoulder straps with a slit along the leg;
  • with long sleeves and open back;
  • with a train;
  • with a detachable straight skirt;
  • fitted dresses;
  • with lowered shoulders

Prom Dresses 2022 to the Floor

Asymmetric Dresses

In 2022, asymmetrical dress models will be back in fashion. These can be options with one sleeve or a strap on one shoulder. Asymmetry is also acceptable for the skirt.

For inspiration, stylists advise to take a look at photos from fashion catwalks. It is not necessary to immediately purchase such a dress, but you should pay attention to this style.


Fitted Dresses with Straps

The models that fit the figure are among the fashionable prom dresses 2022. This version of a dress for a celebration should be below the knee so that the image does not look vulgar.

Graceful shoulder straps accentuate the beauty of the shoulders.

However, you should be careful with an open dress. It is better to wear a jacket or leather jacket from above – this way the outfit will look more restrained.


Velvet Prom Dresses 2022

It is believed that dresses made from light fabrics should be chosen for prom. However, in 2022, stylists advise to pay attention to velvet options. If you choose the right style, it will not be hot in such clothes.

The most common in the upcoming season will be a wrap model with a sash tie at the back.

Velvet Prom Dresses 2022

Dresses with Voluminous Sleeves

In the summer of 2022, dress options with voluminous sleeves will be popular. Such a wardrobe item looks unusual and stylish. However, it should be worn if the girl has narrow shoulders.

Otherwise, the dress will only add volume to the upper body.

The dress should be straight cut or fit, otherwise it will look very voluminous. Also stylists advise to give preference to short outfits.

You can combine a dress with voluminous sleeves with the following shoes:

  • shoes with low heels;
  • sneakers;
  • sandals with thin straps;
  • loafers;
  • mules

Dresses with Voluminous Sleeves

Light Fabric Dresses

Since graduation takes place in summer, girls can choose prom dresses 2022 made from lightweight fabrics. Consider chiffon, cotton, linen, organza, etc. Styles should be loose to convey all the beauty and lightness of the material.

Dresses made from lightweight fabrics are best paired with combat boots, thick-soled sandals and leather jackets. This will give the image a contrast and emphasize the fragility of the graduate’s figure.

Light Fabric Dresses 2022

Deep Triangle Dresses

Every graduate wants to look special on an important evening for her. At first glance, prom dresses 2022 with a deep neckline may seem vulgar, but it is worth considering models with a mesh or floor-length options with long sleeves.

The choice of footwear for its combination with a dress should be approached responsibly.

The plunging neckline should remain the only decorative and attractive element of the image. For this reason, it is better to choose a small clutch or shoulder bag for the dress. As footwear, preference should be given to classic pumps or minimalist sandals.

Deep Triangle prom Dresses 2022

Prom Dresses 2022 with Corset

The version of the dress with a corset is ideal for lovers of elegant wardrobe items. In 2022, graduates can choose an outfit of any length.

The following models with a corset look attractive:

  • A-line dress;
  • with a long flowing skirt;
  • made of dense fabric with a cut along the leg;
  • with lowered sleeves and a fluffy skirt;
  • from chiffon or satin;
  • with straps

Prom Dresses 2022 with Corset

Small Black Prom Dresses 2022

This trend in designer collections for 2022 is wide and varied, so it will not be difficult for girls to choose a model of such a dress to their liking and according to their figure.

Materials: leather, knitwear, wool, satin, silk, velvet, combination of different textures (the sleeves can be made of a completely different fabric).

The style can be any – with puffy sleeves, with a deep neckline, decorated with bows, in a minimalist style, with cutouts and metallic decor.

The main condition is the length of the mini and the most fitting silhouette. But other options for a short black prom dresses 2022 will not make them less relevant.

Small Black Prom Dresses 2022

Blazer Dresses

The blazer has long become one of the important elements of the basic wardrobe, as it looks elegant and suits any type of figure. In the coming season, designers have presented evening blazer dresses that emphasize the dignity of the female figure.

Models with different finishes were presented on fashion catwalks – metal fittings, beautiful buttons, feathers and other decorative elements will add sophistication and glamor to the image.

Daring fashionistas may not stop at choosing a blazer dress, but also choose a cape dress. Such unusual warm models are ideal for special events that take place outside.

Blazer Dresses 2022

Collar Dresses

If earlier this element was present only in office dresses, then modern fashion offers prom dresses 2022 with a collar. Designers offer evening dresses with a collar that can be of any style – from sheaths to A-line.

When choosing such an outfit, you need a collar type. For example, tall women of fashion should avoid v-necklines.

Collar Dresses 2022

Feather Models

This original decorative element is not often found, but it is still one of the main fashion trends of evening fashion for fall-winter.

Luxurious evening and cocktail options adorned with feathers look glamorous and delightful.

Feather Models 2022

Flounces and Ruffles

Another volumetric finishing element is ruffles and flounces.

Dresses decorated with such decor will make you feel like a sophisticated, feminine lady. However, for owners of curvaceous forms, such models of dresses are not suitable, as they create additional volume and visually increase the forms.


Prom Dresses 2022 with High Slits

A dress of even the simplest cut will become sexy if it has a slit from the hip. A wide selection of prom dresses 2022 with such sexy slits is offered by fashion designers in their collections.

Prom Dresses 2022 with High Slits

Color Solutions

Among the color palette for evening dresses, black remains the undisputed leader. A rich finish in gold or silver will help to bring notes of chic and luxury to it. By the way, silver and gold fabrics will also be relevant this season.

Such materials allow you to create holographic and futuristic images.

For fans of bright colors, fashion gurus offer satin dresses in rich shades – red prom dresses 2022, purple, emerald and others.

Prom Dresses 2022

Despite the fact that the designers presented a fairly wide selection of prom dresses 2022 in shades from the basic, pastel and bright palettes, the color of the dress should correspond to the solemn event and the mood of the prom lady.

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