Pant Shirt New Style 2022: Best 15 Pant Shirt Combination Trends

Pant shirt new style 2022 has become a timeless classic in our time. This tandem is always relevant and appropriate both in everyday life and at various events.

However, a shirt with pants is not a T-shirt with shorts for you: there are rules here.

Everyone should know what to wear with a shirt by color. Particular attention should be paid to bright and colored shirts.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022: Best 15 Pant Shirt Combination Trends

Today we will discuss what the trendy colors are this year. We will learn how to choose the right clothes for each color and talk about some rules for pant shirt new style 2022 combinations.

Such a wide variety of colors will help a man choose the color that suits him. Not only plain shirts are considered fashionable, many patterns can decorate the image.

Therefore, it is important to be able to correctly combine styles and colors.

Let’s figure it out together.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022: Color Combination Rules

Even the most fashionable shirt will look ridiculous if it is incorrectly combined with other elements of clothing.

The most versatile colors that fit any look are white and black. However, many men want to look bright and original.

It is important to choose a shirt in accordance with the color type of a man. For example, dark-skinned men and brunettes can wear any tone – from pastel to bright, but for owners of pale skin and blond hair, beige and milky shirts may not be suitable.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022: Color Combination Rules

There are simple and versatile color pant shirt new style 2022 combinations that you can’t go wrong with:

  • with gray trousers we wear white, beige, pale pink, light blue, light gray and cream shirts;
  • blue pants will look perfect with a white shirt, as well as all pastel shades. A casual look can be diluted with yellow and plaid shirts, as well as shirts with small stripes;
  • white trousers are paired with light-colored shirts, but tone-on-tone combinations are best avoided. For variety, look at burgundy, green, gray and brown options. A print is also suitable here: a strip, a plaid;
  • shades of brown, black, white, blue and light blue look good with beige trousers. But with bright colors, such trousers will simply be lost;
  • black pants and a white shirt – timeless classic right on target! For a more casual look, light as well as rich colors and prints are suitable, if you want to focus on the shirt.
  • and the most important rule that works always and in any situation: if in doubt, follow the principle of “no more than three colors.”

New Formal Pant Shirt Style 2022: White

A white shirt will go with absolutely any outfit. This versatile option looks beautiful with black pants. Since it does not attract much attention, thanks to it you can emphasize the bright color of the suit.

This shirt can be worn with pants or jeans.

In the summer, many men wear it with shorts. The main thing when choosing a white shirt is to pay attention to its size and cut. It should sit beautifully on a man and hide his shortcomings.

New Formal Pant Shirt Style 2022: White


Few people have the question of what to wear with a black shirt. If we talk about ties, then accessories of any color will do, the main thing is that they are not black. White pants and a black shirt look very original. Of course, a black suit is suitable for a business meeting, but then you need to choose a bright tie.

The choice of image depends on the type of meeting and the age of the man. It is also important to choose the right shoes and cufflinks. For creative people, a gray jacket and a black shirt are suitable.

Important! A man should always have a black shirt, as it is versatile and goes with any suit.

New Formal Pant Shirt Style 2022: Black


A burgundy shirt looks perfect with maroon pants in black, blue, gray and white.

The most attractive look is a combination of burgundy and blue. This color is suitable for intelligent men and those who have a masculine appearance.

New Formal Pant Shirt Style 2022


A blue shirt can be worn with different shades of pants, it all depends on the saturation of the blue color. In this case, a red tie will look perfect. It can be patterned or plain. A yellow tie is also suitable for a dark blue shirt. If you want to wear a black accessory, then it is better to combine it with a bright blue color.

To understand what to wear with a dark blue shirt for men, you need to remember one rule, there must always be a contrasting element in the image. That is, if you put on black or dark blue pants, then you need to pick up a bright tie.

A blue shirt also goes well with different clothes. Dark blue or beige pants look very nice. You can also try to combine gray and burgundy shades.

Advice! A red or brown tie adorns a blue shirt.

New Formal Pant Shirt Style 2022: Blue


Since such a shirt is mainly worn for informal events, you need to know what to wear with a red shirt. Red is worn for evening events. This bright shade requires a skillful combination of the same spectacular colors.

It is combined with gray, brown and black pants.

You can also emphasize this shade with delicate shades of pants, pale pink, beige, cream or white. These colors should be dull so as not to detract from the red shirt. The combination of this color with a dark green tint also looks very original.

New Formal Pant Shirt Style 2022: Red

Pant Shirt New Style 2022: Pink

A pink shirt is not suitable for anything, it all depends on its shade. Pale pink goes well with jeans or blue trousers. It also goes well with beige, gray, black, blue and olive pants.

Many shades of red and burgundy also work well with pink. If the shirt is very bright, then it is better to wear it with a burgundy or blue suit.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022: Pink

How to Choose a Shirt?

When choosing a shirt, in addition to color, you need to pay attention to the material and cut. Be sure all the elements of clothing must be combined and complement each other. It is especially difficult to combine clothes if two of them have patterns.

It takes time to learn how to match colors. Sellers or the Internet can facilitate this work. If it’s hard for you to pick up things, look at the photos of the finished images.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022


Firstly, only a classic shirt is combined with classic pants: soft, cotton with a hard collar so that you can tie a tie or bow tie. Best of all – plain or with a neutral plaid or a narrow strip. Such shirts are usually without pockets or with one, which serves more as a decoration.

But with a more casual look in combination with casual trousers, you can already play around.

In this case, restrained classics are relegated to the background: shirts made of coarser fabrics and various colors can be used in the image. It is appropriate to roll up the sleeve.

To emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide what you don’t want to show, it’s better not to experiment and choose shirts of a traditional cut. If self-awareness and figure allow, then do not pass by a narrow slim shirt.


Pant Shirt New Style 2022 Boy: Tuck Or Untuck?

Our verdict is to tuck. Especially with rolled up trousers. Especially if the hem of the shirt is the same along the entire length. Otherwise, the man will look like he was just kicked out of the bar for a drunken brawl.

And you need to do it right: first put on trousers, then a shirt and, without fastening the belt, tuck in the edges of the shirt.

At the same time, it must be borne in mind that during the day you will definitely have to bend over, and I think people do not need to see what kind of underwear you wear today. That is why, loosen the fabric and secure the whole thing with a belt.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022 Boy: Tuck Or Untuck?

How to Wear an Untucked Shirt

If you are a rebel at heart and urgently want to wear a loose shirt, keep in mind that this can only be done in the following cases:

  • the shirt is shortened (not lower than the hips) and really “fits” you;
  • informal shirt collar;
  • the bottom of the shirt is slightly rounded.

Whatever the pant shirt new style 2022 is, the main thing that will save the situation if someone is nervous and chooses “wrong” is perfectly ironed clothes. A neat look is 95% of the success of the look!

Pant Shirt New Style 2022 Boy: Tuck Or Untuck?

Pant Shirt New Style 2022 Girl: Pants with A White Shirt

For a natural look, opt for high-waisted trousers and a medium-length shirt with a fitted silhouette. Culottes or palazzos look good if they suit your figure.
Important: so that the look with black pants does not look too strict and office-like, give preference to shirts of an unusual cut and be sure to complement the outfit with a comfortable cardigan or bright shoes.

This will keep the charm of the classic pant shirt new style 2022 and beat the usual looks in a new way.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022 Girl: Pants with A White Shirt

How to Match a White Shirt with Overalls

The image is interesting due to the mixing of different styles in one image. After all, overalls are a uniform that several decades ago successfully integrated into women’s everyday wardrobe. The combination of workwear and a classic element is intriguing and stands out from the crowd.

If you are not used to such bold decisions, decorate the outfit with discreet accessories. Choose a modest boho-inspired bracelet or wrist watch – that will be enough. From shoes, sneakers or slip-ons to match are useful.

For several years now, classic overalls made of leather and suit fabric have been very popular – in alliance with a white shirt, they can be worn to both business and informal meetings.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022 Girl: Pants with A White Shirt

Pant Shirt New Style 2022 Jeans

The combination of denim and light fabric always looks stylish. You have a huge field for experimentation: make bright accents in makeup, hair and jewelry – all this is appropriate and will be an interesting addition to a casual look.

Want to make an interesting set with leather leggings or skinny jeans? Choose a long white shirt – you can wear it both to the office and for a walk!

An interesting look is a white shirt with unbuttoned buttons and a short strapless top worn over it. Be sure to choose models without patterns, from a dense plain fabric.

Pant Shirt New Style 2022 Jeans

Pant Shirt New Design 2022: White Men’s Shirt for A Girl

Girls love to borrow things from men. Oddly enough, they are much more comfortable, and they sit on female figures very beautifully and seductively.

The Boyfriend shirt is another interesting trophy from the men’s closet that has firmly established itself in the ranks of basic and trendy elements of women’s fashion.

Pant Shirt New Design 2022: White Men's Shirt for A Girl

You can buy it in the men’s department (sometimes fashion influencers advise exactly this) or borrow it from your beloved man. When buying, choose size XS and models with a soft collar – too large and voluminous shirts look stylish on girls and are perfect for informal events: meetings with friends, family dinners, walks.

A white shirt in your wardrobe as a simple but very important element in the lego constructor – with its help you can create many pant shirt new style 2022 combinations.

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