Cocktail dresses 2018: trends and tendencies of cocktail party dress

Cocktail party dress is designed for such solemn occasions as corporate events, parties trips to the club, a restaurant, and other entertainment establishments. You will learn all about cocktail dresses, including the latest trends of cocktail dresses 2018 in this article.

cocktail dresses 2018, trends and tendencies of cocktail party dresses



Cocktail dresses 2018: stylish trends

  • With open back

This is a bold version. The other parts of your body should be well closed. This is a fancy model of cocktail dresses 2018.

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There are several options for an open back on a cocktail dress:

  • the cutout can be draped with fabric strips in different directions;
  • a bold neckline that completely opens your back.

cocktail dresses 2018, cocktail party dress with open backCarefully pick up underwear under the formal cocktail dresses. Ideally, you need to do without a bra or use special models of underwear for dresses with an open back.

  • Summer cocktail dress

Summer cocktail dresses should be chosen from light natural fabrics. Choose bright, saturated colors or gentle pastel shades. Pay attention to such trends of summer cocktail dresses, like:

  • asymmetry;
  • a train of any length
  • bouffant skirts;
  • cutouts (open back, neckline).

cocktail dresses 2018, fashionable summer cocktail dressesFormal cocktail dresses: fashionable models

  • With a lush skirt

It’s very feminine and flirty. It beautifully opens female legs. These formal cocktail dresses are often made with a closed top.

cocktail dresses 2018, cocktail dress with lush skirt

  • With décolletage

Cocktail dresses with decollete are perfect for special occasions. Better choose a midi model.

formal cocktail dresses, cocktail dress with decollete

  • Straight cut

A cocktail dress of direct cut is a classic. The straight cut dress is perfect for corporate and formal events. It’s also a popular trend of cocktail dresses 2018.

formal cocktail dresses, cocktail dress with straight cut

  • With open shoulders

The upper part of this model is made on the corset. The skirt can be lush creating A-silhouette. You can also find models with a train of any length. The dress emphasizes the smooth line of the girl’s shoulders.

formal cocktail dresses, cocktail party dress with open shoulders

Cocktail party dress: Current colors

  • Green

Green has many variations: marsh, emerald, and so on. Therefore, you can pick up a green cocktail party dress for any event. Green is a stylish color of cocktail dresses 2018.

cocktail party dress, blue and green cocktail dresses

  • Blue

The blue color is universal. The blue cocktail dress can be worn both for corporate events and for parties.

  • Purple

The purple cocktail dress looks luxurious and significant. Purple color will help you stand out and attract others attention.

cocktail party dress, purple and yellow fashionable dresses

  • Yellow

The yellow color will look great for a cocktail dress in the warm season.

cocktail party dress, emerald fashionable cocktail dress

  • Emerald

Emerald color is the most luxurious shade of green. It is seductive, bright and noble. Feel free to wear an emerald-colored cocktail dress for social events.


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