Mens boots 2018: main trends for men

Classics will never lose relevance, and in mens boots 2018, this style is represented by traditional models. Elegant stylish boots for men, made of genuine leather or suede, look luxurious and presentable. For mens winter boots with fur or woolen insulation with round noses are relevant. Freestyle interpretation of the classics involves original models, decorated with bright laces, decorative seams.

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Boots for men: textures and colors for mens boots

There is still a great demand for high-quality natural textures that look presentable and withstand high loads and low-temperature conditions. Preference is given to natural skin, suede. Products made of perforated leather occupy almost the first place in popularity among footwear intended for warm and dry seasons, suede and nubuck should be left for the cold season.

The footwear from the combined skin of various shades, with various stylish inserts, is in high demand. Also in the trend is the model made of high-quality artificial leather, painted in animalistic prints. These boots look very impressive, but it costs several times cheaper than the real leather. As for the color range, not only traditional black and white colors are relevant, but also bright, rich hues, such as dark green, blue, burgundy, chocolate.



Mens boots 2018: Sports boots

Young people, leading an active lifestyle, prefer sports shoes that are made of high-quality textures that withstand cold and moisture. If earlier such mens boots 2018  was considered to be exclusively for tourism, today eminent designers actively use it in their collections, and they wear it with a classic wardrobe.

mens-boots-2018-sport-boots-mens winter boots-boots for men

mens-boots-2018-sport-boots-mens winter boots-boots for men

Mens winter boots: Winter Sneakers

These mens winter boots visually reminiscent of shoes for training in the gym or for running. In mens fall boots, the models are presented in leather, suede, nubuck and are decorated with original decorative elements.

mens-boots-2018-winter-sneakers-mens winter boots-boots for men

mens-boots-winter-boots-mens winter boots-boots for men

Mens fall boots: Military style

Almost all mens fall boots with lacing send us to the military style. The advantage of massive high-laced amphibian boots for men is that they fit perfectly into any bow, with the sole condition – the image should not be faded and boring.

mens-boots-2018-military-boots for men-mens boots 2018

mens-boots-2018-military-boots for men-mens boots 2018


Beatle boots

In recent years, the Beatle boots for men are very popular, reminiscent of the Chelsea, but instead of rubber inserts they have lightning. In the upcoming season, this kind of footwear is a  way to show your alternativeness.

mens-boots-2018-beatle-boots-boots for men-mens boots 2018


That’s all, choose the appropriate style!

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