Maternity clothes; maternity fashion trends and tendencies 2017


Pregnancy is such a time in women life, when she wants to change herself and everything around only with one snapping of fingers.

This amazing state is given to woman as wonderful gift. That’s why the inner feeling of happiness, euphoria and miracle desirable to express also externally. Women in that period want to wear stylish maternity clothes! Future mom should be happy and always smile. People say what kind of mood mother have, so would have child. Let’s consider in details what prepares for us fashion in «maternity clothes; maternity fashion trends and tendencies 2017» article.

Fashion world trends and tendencies 2017 offer large selection of maternity dresses, stylish garments and maternity pants for pregnant women.


Maternity clothes; maternity dresses 2017

Fashion designers made huge efforts inventing maternity dresses in different styles. If you open fashion magazines and have a look at photos maternity fashion trends and tendencies 2017, you will probably see:

  • Empire-dresses for pregnant women, where waistline overstated. Folds freely cascade down on the hem;
  • Greek maternity dresses, free flowing, with plurality of vertical folds. High waistline, which can be decorated with wide belt or satin ribbon sewn on it. Strip may be in harmony with dress, or create some contrast;
  • Tulip dresses for pregnant women, also with pleats, wide at hips. There is place where tummy can be placed;
  • dress skirt looks original, name speaks for itself: sleeveless, like a big skirt;
  • straight style maternity dresses, which can be decorate with a bow or some beautiful brooch.

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As for colors, then certainly, pregnant women prefer calm pastel colors for everyday wear, so considering their preferences in fashion light colors as sky blue, light green, white, and beige will be on top of maternity fashion. If desired to let dynamics and expression in life, you can refer to red, pink, yellow, magenta and purple colors.

Maternity dresses are irreplaceable in wardrobe, in order to feel like real lady and give to image of romance and charm.

What about if while pregnancy it’s necessary to continue lead an active life? For this occasion fashion designers have provided maternity pants for pregnant women. Does not concede their position Corduroy and denim maternity pants with special elastic belt that gently “hugs” and supports the tummy. They have been popular back in 2016.

maternity-clothes-maternity-fashion-maternity-pants-maternity-jeans maternity-clothes-maternity-fashion-maternity-pants-maternity-jeans-1 maternity-clothes-maternity-fashion-maternity-pants-maternity-jeans-2 maternity-clothes-maternity-fashion-maternity-pants-maternity-jeans-3 maternity-clothes-maternity-fashion-maternity-pants-maternity-jeans-4 maternity-clothes-maternity-fashion-maternity-pants-maternity-jeans-5 maternity-clothes-maternity-fashion-maternity-pants-maternity-jeans-6 maternity-clothes-maternity-fashion-maternity-pants-maternity-jeans-7

Maternity clothes; maternity lingerie trends 2017

Maternity panties with high waist and room for tummy don’t lose their uniqueness. Low waist ones also in trend, for those who does not want something tight to her tummy. Maternity panties with high waist pretty good hold tummy, which is important, because generally load is on spine and back muscles get weaken. Doctors also recommend support for spine while pregnancy. Somebody bypassed with such maternity panties, and someone gets a special bandage belt.

Maternity clothes should be purchased in pastel colors.

Pregnant women shouldn’t get sad about temporary inability to defile in tight dresses or low waist pants. Fashion experts took care of that, in fashionable maternity clothes you will look exquisite and feel as comfortable as possible!

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Hopefully you will find something yours in «maternity clothes; maternity fashion trends and tendencies 2017».

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