Leggings 2022: Main Leggings Wearing Trends 2022 For Women

Leggings 2022 have become a key piece of stylish wardrobe and appeared in a variety of original options from the most famous designers.

Almost all fashion houses offered their options, from status and respectable to youth and avant-garde ones.

Leggings 2022: Main Leggings Wearing Trends 2022 For Women

The leggings fit perfectly with the modern vision of a casual style that is becoming softer, more elegant and more feminine.

They look gorgeous and a little daring in evening looks. Even one of the most difficult styles – sporty – cannot do without them this season.

Leggings 2022: Black Classic

By far the most popular color for leggings is black. Such a versatile color goes well with any other colors of clothing, and the laconic design of the leggings themselves allows them to match any type of clothing.

If you suffer from a problem belly or hips, then it will be just right to pick up a tunic or sweater dress with black leggings. Oxfords, loafers or ballet flats are good choice.

Leggings 2022: Black Classic

For slender girls, the choice of clothing for leggings is not limited.

A pair of black leggings and a black turtleneck is a perfect combination to be used at the weekend. It is also allowed to complement the image with a leather jacket.

What can I wear instead of leggings? Blue leggings, also called jeggings.

They appeared on the market relatively recently. Such models very well imitate jeans, but they are not.

They are crafted from fine denim with a blend of stretch fabrics to fit your legs perfectly.

You can wear tight T-shirts with them, which are tucked into leggings. They can be of any color, as denim blue matches almost every color we know.

Alternatively, a good solution would be to choose sports tunics, as well as romantic blouses. Only in the second option, shoes or boots with heels should be chosen as shoes.

Leggings Wearing Trends 2022: Jeggings

Stylists recommend floral leggings to be worn with a not flashy top. These can be plain one-shoulder summer T-shirts or soft pink in a sporty style.

A denim shirt, cream or black ankle boots, perfectly accentuate the bright colors of leggings, making your look stylish and unpredictable.

Floral leggings go well with white. The white top will not draw attention to itself, which is good for your bright leggings to stand out.

Leggings Trends 2022: Floral

Leggings 2022: Camouflage

For brave and strong-willed girls who feel strong and confident in themselves, camouflage leggings will be an excellent choice. These leggings are perfect both for walking around the city and for a trip to the countryside outside the city.

If it’s summer outside, you can get a knitted black or colored top. As shoes, you can pick up ankle boots or just sneakers in a dark color.

Leggings 2022: Camouflage

To add a juicy accent to the image, revive a neutral outfit and fill the image with mood – colored leggings do an excellent job with all tasks.

Delicate pearlescent models – from bright blue to pale pink to light gray – became a key highlight of the Chanel show.

The velvet version in noble burgundy and camel shades was presented by the Sara Battaglia brand.

Bold color contrasts are encouraged in clothing combinations, as well as original combinations, for example, under transparent trousers or short Bermuda shorts.

There are always a few guidelines to follow when choosing clothes for these leggings.

First, choose tops and shoes in the same color.

Second – multi-colored leggings can be purchased in a set with a jacket or tunic in the same color.

Third, a difference in the color of the shoes from the top in one tone is allowed.

It is not recommended to combine colored leggings with a colored top, because there is a high probability of creating a gaudy look.

Leggings Wearing Trends 2022: Colored

With Prints

Leggings 2022 with a printed pattern are always in fashion, they look elegant, make the image brighter and more memorable. Look for models with animalistic, floral and geometric prints, patterns or designs.

Flowers are the undisputed favorites: here are both Prabal Gurung‘s signature pink motifs and Rentrayage vintage bouquets.

Artistic abstraction is no less popular, as at the Flying Solo show and at Hare. The top trending designs are continued, of course, by the animals with tiger leggings from Roberto Cavalli.

In the spectrum of the geometric theme, at its peak, it is not the classics of the genre, but more intricate variations.

For example, Prada’s 1960s jacquard designs. Colin LoCascio has a colorful, discreet check, decorated with large strawberries.

Psychedelic zigzags by Maisie Wilen. And a very original idea from Alexandra Moura – leggings from a printed textured fabric with an imitation of a patchwork technique.

Leggings Wearing Trends 2022: Colore

With Logos

Today, the landmark trend of the 2000s is called a new logomania adapted to everyday life. However, the essence of the fashion phenomenon has not changed: to demonstrate to others his addiction to branded things.

This can be done pompously with Dolce & Gabbana or an order of magnitude more restrained, like Baum und Pferdgarten. Or quite modestly, following the example of Atlein, where a barely noticeable brand badge flaunts at the bottom of bright leggings.

Leggings Wearing Trends 2022: Colored

In the light of the trend of bold sexuality, stylists urge not to hide openwork splendor under clothes.

Especially when it comes to this stunning creation from Tom Ford in patchwork Chantilly lace with floral and leopard patterns. And the floral classics, according to Vaquera, are worthy of the most open legs.

Leggings Trends 2022: Lace

Warm Leggings 2022

To be in trend in any weather is the slogan of the designers who have relied on leggings made of dense warming materials.

For a cozy and warm ensemble, as shown in the Givenchy and Romeo Hunte runways, the now incredibly trendy ribbed knits are perfect.

The Sukeina brand promotes a laconic wool version with wide cuffs. Chanel adds a simple dress of aristocracy with the help of a pattern – heraldic lily. The highlight of the idea from Collina Strada is the fringed melange yarn.

Warm Leggings 2022

Shortened Leggings 2022

Leggings 2022 that open high ankles are most often associated with a sports theme.

Yes, they are really relevant, as demonstrated by the eco-friendly sportswear brand Giroud as part of the Flying Solo show. In the meantime, designer Victor Glemaud has included the optimistic pinstripe yellow jersey cropped model in his collection of comfortable everyday wardrobe.

And Tom Ford has an evening version in black Lycra.

Shortened Leggings 2022

Elongated Leggings 2022

When the model you like is not in height – too long, there is no reason to refuse a new thing. On the contrary, the opportunity is given to show off the latest trend.

If there are zippers at the bottom – great, a trendy solution with open and free falling edges a la flare is demonstrated by Lacoste.

In the case of classic designs, a clue is the example of Wnderkammer, SC103 and The Attico, where the long bottom is simply pulled over the heel over the shoe. Reception is definitely controversial in terms of convenience and practicality, but this is already secondary.

Elongated Leggings 2022

Perforated and Cut-Out

The presence on clothes of “precious openwork patterns in the form of holes” – as the representatives of Prada described the leaky tendency, continues to gain momentum.

The current narrative includes versions with large slots in the spirit of Dutch cheese and more punched knitwear with holes, presented in the Maisie Wilen collection.

The craftsmen of the Kim Shui brand have complemented leggings with prints with a curly cut-out pattern decorated with metal rings, with different degrees of exposure, to please both shy and outrageous women.


With Decor

In the context of glamorous decoration, Maje opted for the traditional scattering of small rhinestones. Chanel’s creative idea took on a larger scale: noble velvet was adorned with trompe-l’oeil gold medallions.

Dolce & Gabbana leggings promote a fashionable boudoir theme that unfolds in a high corset fit and sexy lace-up throughout the legs. The design by Ottolinger is presented in the corporate style with satin braids with loose ends.

Stylish leggings, decorated with finishing details, are not much different from ordinary trousers. They are decorated with lace, stripes, rivets, embroidery, sequins. Some models have a clasp and pockets.

Leggings 2022 With Decor


Until recently, leather leggings were considered an attribute of rock stars. They were chosen by bright, confident girls such as Olivia Newton-John in the cult film Grease.

Now such leggings are a universal thing, a great alternative to regular or leather trousers. Leggings 2022 styled like trousers are especially popular.



Elastic products made of lycra and spandex do not constrain movement, emphasizing all the curves of the body.

Models with contrasting color inserts, stripes and cutouts are in trend. Recently, knitted leggings 2022 have become an integral part of any everyday outfit, they are less and less like clothing for sports.


Combination of various textures in one model (for example, elastic leather and nylon; matte and glossy), original cut (pattern geometry created from different pieces of material), lace inserts.

Leggings Wearing Trends 2022: Combined

Pajama Style

In the cold season, you should pay attention to insulated leggings – a common attribute of home clothes. Designers recommend combining models of delicate pastel shades with blouses, tops and high boots.


Are Leggings In Style For 2022?

If anyone still has doubts that leggings 2022 are an unconditional must-have of every stylish wardrobe, then it’s time to reconsider your attitude to the issue.

The cult hit of the 1980s and 2000s is experiencing another wave of popularity. In favor of which, not only street style stars, but also the latest collections of world trendsetters appear as an eloquent argument.


What Tops To Wear With Leggings?

With oversized sweatshirt and sneakers

For a casual look in a sporty style, match the leggings 2022 with a voluminous sweatshirt or hoody, sneakers. It is best if the top is elongated and hides the tight-fitting bottom.

In this form, you can walk around the city, complementing the outfit with a bag and accessories. A baseball cap is ideal as a headgear.


With heels and an oversized jumper or sweater

Swap out your sneakers for ankle boots and your eye-catching casual look is ready. The top is the same oversized sweater that covers the hips. It will turn out simple and at the same time tasteful.


With an elongated white shirt

A white shirt with a free cut should already become an obligatory part of a woman’s wardrobe, as well as a little black dress.

Wear a woolen vest over your shirt to stay warm. Round off the look with trendy rough boots. In this form, you can go to work or with friends in a cafe.


With a jacket, blazer or blazer with a loose fit

For an office option where there is no strict dress code, leggings 2022 are suitable in combination with a jacket or blazer: elongated, wide, with a well-defined shoulder line. An excellent addition to the set will be boots with low heels or all the same rough boots with thick soles.


For the party

Gathered with friends in a club, and do not know what to wear. For an evening out, stock up on leather leggings. They can be combined with a nude jacket or a strapless top. And you will not be left without attention this evening.

Leggings 2022 for the party

With Strips

The undisputed leader of the season. Moreover, the strips, originally conceived as a practical detail, acquire a decorative role, which implies their demonstration.


What Should You Not Wear With Leggings?

Putting together a trendy look with skinny pants is pretty easy. Most girls do it well by following the rules of fashion.

But there are still a lot of common mistakes that appear in everyday lookd, which spoil the image with an illiterate selection of things.

Among the common mistakes are:

  • a combination with a short T-shirt (a too cropped top or a top that does not cover the belly, in combination with tight leggings – this option is only suitable for playing sports in a fitness center, while only girls with an ideal figure can afford such an outfit);
  • the item is not in a right shape (too tight leggings will give out all the irregularities of the female body, pants that are loose on the legs gather in ugly folds, spoiling the whole image);
  • say “no” to latex and leopard models (such products look very vulgar and are only suitable for go-go dances in a nightclub, in everyday life such leggings are absolutely inappropriate);
  • active print (girls can only afford it with perfect legs, otherwise it will outline all the flaws in the figure and show them off).

Also, do not forget about the compatibility of styles. Do not combine leggings 2022 with classic blouses, jackets and other items of the “office” wardrobe. This type of clothing will be inappropriate either in everyday life or in the office.


For any type of figure and length of legs, it is important to get an item that is extremely suitable in size and does not allow the girl’s legs to be too tight. They should fit well, but not overtighten the legs, and also not gather on the knees. It looks unaesthetic and ugly.

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