Women’s Shorts 2022 | Top 15 Stunning Shorts For Women 2022

No matter how much you have prepared your wardrobe for the warm weather, a new pair of trendy women’s shorts 2022 will never be superfluous.

And the best thing about this style of clothing is that shorts trends do not change as often as most other wardrobe items. To a greater extent, if we are talking about denim or, for example, bike women’s shorts 2022.

Already at the beginning of the 20th century, shorts became a favorite clothing not only for men, but also for women. Sporty shorts and beach shorts were among the first to emerge.

Women's Shorts 2022: Top 15 Stunning Shorts For Women 2022

Another important event is the appearance of women’s denim shorts. We owe their appearance to the entrepreneurial Audrey Hepburn, who in one movement turned her jeans into them.

We’ve rounded up the top 15 women’s shorts 2022 trends to create the trendiest looks. So prepare an oversized shirt for the layering effect and your favorite accessories so that any combination in the outfit will turn out to be interesting and memorable.

Enjoy stylish looks with us.

Women’s Shorts 2022: Materials

The actual materials on trendy summer women’s shorts 2022 are quite predictable. The trend is denim, linen, leather, knitwear, silk, cotton, polyester, fabrics that perfectly keep their shape and emphasize the elegance of the cut.

Frills, pleats, fringes and sequins remain trendy as decorative elements that can adorn fashionable women’s shorts 2022.

Women’s Shorts 2022: Materials

Ladies’ Shorts 2022: Cycling or Bike Shorts

In the past year, fashion experts have confidently started attributing bike shorts to the ranks of anti-trends.

Nevertheless, as it turned out, this was too hasty a decision. In the spring-summer 2021 season, the relevance of bike shorts has subsided a little. But fashion influencers still share stylish looks with this type of women’s shorts 2022.

This summer, more color options and even prints have appeared in them. Tropical and floral patterns, logo prints, abstraction and graphic prints have embellished cycling shorts that are trendy this summer.

You can combine them with shirts, tops and summer tunics and even wear them with heels.

If you are looking for a more unusual option than the usual elastic, then focus not only on colors, but also on fabrics. For example, ribbed bikes look very unusual, as in the Saint Laurent collection (similar ones can be found in Zara or, for example, in Reserved).

Ladies’ Shorts 2022: Cycling or Bike Shorts

Fashion 2022 Summer: High Waist with Belt

High waist with a belt is relevant not only for denim shorts. In summer 2022, these styles of shorts are one of the most amazing and beautiful models, the outfits with which look very cute and attractive.

The most current models of these women’s shorts 2022 have a drawstring belt, allowing you to vary the appearance of such an accent. You can make a bow, knot, or just tie the waist several times. Belts with a beautiful laconic ring buckle also look beautiful.

Fashion 2022 Summer: High Waist with Belt shorts

Set With a Jacket

For those looking for a more formal look, the designers offer stylish suits with shorts and an elongated blazer for the summer. Among them are the most fashionable monochromatic options for a set of strict cut.

Since long, loose-fitting shorts can be found here, such suits with a jacket can be used in an office-business style. Fine striped colors, delicate pinks and nudes are perfect.

Fashion 2022 shorts with jacket

Shorts for Women 2022: Prints

A couple of bright colors that are relevant for any model of summer women’s shorts 2022 have already been named among the cycling shorts. All that remains is to add bold animal prints, plaid, paisley, and baroque.

The original printed summer shorts 2022 are best combined with a solid top. An eye-catching bold pattern on shorts should be surrounded by neutral shades or colors within the pattern’s palette.

Shorts for Women 2022: Prints

Women’s Shorts 2022 With Buttons

Beautiful buttons can act as a fastener and just a decoration of willow elements on fashionable shorts. Stylish shorts for women 2022 with buttons on the belt or with double-breasted trim with metal buttons look very sophisticated and attractive.

Women’s shorts 2022 with buttons are one of the most trending models of the new season. Such detail as buttons can add sophistication and elegance to shorts.

Women’s Shorts 2022 With Buttons

Shorts with Fringes

One of the trendiest decorating elements of clothing 2022 has become a fringe, which is also indispensable in the design of fashionable shorts. The fringe in the form of tassels or dangling threads on the shorts can be anywhere.

Shorts with Fringes 2022

Fashionable Ruffle Shorts

Giving the women’s shorts 2022 charm and femininity, delicate ruffles, located on the hem, look very harmonious and charming.

Having tried on such shorts, you will not want to part with them.

Fashionable Ruffle Shorts 2022


For lovely ladies who do not like classic shorts in their ordinary sense, designers and stylists have proposed original shorts in the form of a skirt, which looks very cute and beautiful.

This type of short skirt will be appropriate not only for street style, but also permissible for an office look, choosing the right length.

Depending on the desired look, additions are possible in the form of sneakers, converse, wedges or sandals.

You can perform a beautiful look with white skirt shorts and a bright top or bright accessories in the form of a baseball cap, clutch or backpack, as well as sunglasses.

Skirt-Shorts 2022

Bermuda Shorts For Women 2022

If you can single out the only main trend in women’s shorts 2022, then it will definitely be Bermuda shorts. Leather, cotton and suit options will be a good choice for every fashionista.

In hot weather, they can be combined with crop tops or blouses. And in the cool season they will also look organic in combination with sweaters, socks and blazers made of thick fabrics.

Bermuda ladies’ shorts 2022 will calmly replace trousers in the office style (of course, if the dress code allows) – it is enough to dilute the outfit with discreet accessories and strict models of shoes.

In everyday life, they can be combined with more relaxed styles, like T-shirts and braided sandals.

Plaid Bermuda shorts, monochromatic, as well as made of colored leather are another stylish trend of 2022.

Bermuda Shorts For Women 2022

Denim Shorts for Women 2022

Always in trend and relevant – denim shorts are certainly in the wardrobe of every girl and woman in one form or another.

Denim shorts are an indispensable piece of women’s wardrobe in 2022. Light blue as well as white denim are especially in priority.

You can combine denim shorts for women 2022 with basic T-shirts, snow-white blouses or striped shirts.

Appropriate in any situation and practical, denim shorts have won the love of many ladies, because this is one of the items of women’s wardrobe for summer.

Denim shorts of medium length, shortened or slightly elongated, with slits, scuffs, fringes, inverted pockets – each of us can find our perfect denim shorts for the summer. They can be decorated with lace, embroidery, rivets, giving originality and sophistication to them.

Denim shorts are also an everyday option. Only this season, special attention should be paid to their length. Stylists recommend turning to styles that in their essence resemble Bermuda shorts – they are suitable both for city life and for resort holidays.

In the summer 2022, we recommend paying attention to light-colored jeans. And if you are ready to experiment with style, then you can turn to patchwork.

Denim Shorts for Women 2022

Shorts with Sequins

A summer cocktail party is a great idea for an outfit with women’s shorts 2022 embellished with sequins and other decor that will let you sparkle in celebration.

Stylish, original and stunning shorts with sequins will make an irresistible look for the evening. Complement it with a sophisticated top with shoulder straps, a jacket – possibly also with sequins and high heels.

Stylists suggest choosing either classic length shorts with sequins or a more daring cropped version.

Plus, the sequin ladies’ shorts 2022 can be fitted and skinny or loose. So choose the option that suits you best.

Accessories should be extremely laconic in order to subtly complement an already spectacular outfit with sequin shorts.

Shorts with Sequins 2022


Playful and uncomplicated, sophisticated and elegant variations of summer jumpsuits with shorts will help you choose the right outfit for any event in life.

Attractive open back jumpsuits in silk and satin, with stylish prints and decor, perfect for a formal and festive look.

Jumpsuits with shorts will be no less beautiful for a beach holiday. In this case, choose jumpsuit women’s shorts 2022 with white and blue stripes, with a bare back and made of lightweight fabrics.

For street style, the best will be denim overalls shorts, which are incredibly comfortable, do not hinder movement and will make you feel comfortable.

Complement them with stylish converse and a backpack.

Jumpsuits-Shorts 2022

Linen or Cotton Ladies’ Shorts 2022

Two-piece sets that combine loose women’s shorts 2022 from natural lightweight fabrics and shirts can now be seen at almost every step.

Their popularization is due to the maximum comfort and versatility.

In the heat, for example, due to the naturalness of the fabrics, the body will be able to breathe and will allow you to feel the air temperature comfortably.

In addition, such sets are quite versatile, as they will suit any type of figure and will be combined with any shoes and any accessories.

Linen or Cotton Ladies’ Shorts 2022

Sports women’s shorts 2022, remotely reminiscent of men’s boxer shorts, are a great option for streetwear fans. Plus, they can easily replace the tennis skirts that top the romantic cottage core style, at least in terms of convenience.

In the Celine collection, for example, you can find both silk sports ladies’ shorts 2022 and knitted shorts for everyday use. Alternatively, you can opt for the more familiar recycled polyester option.

Fashion Trends 2022: Wide Sports Shorts

Lilac sport chic shorts are also on our list of fashion trends 2022. To complement women’s shorts 2022 in a sporty style, fashion gurus suggest plain T-shirts, classic jackets and oversized shirts.

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