Fur Fashion 2022: Top 21 Tendencies for Women’s Fur Coats

The modern fur fashion 2022 allows each of us to choose exactly the fur coat that ideally emphasizes our individuality and originality.

Fur Fashion 2022: Top 21 Tendencies for Women's Fur Coats

Let’s take a short tour behind the scenes of fashion shows and find out what fur coats and vests will be like in 2022.

The first thing we want to draw your attention to is the fashionable types of fur in the coming season. Along with fashionable mink, arctic fox and fox, designers offer more original solutions.

A novelty of the season – beaver fur coats. The fur of this animal is associated with wealth and luxury, moreover, it is the best option for cold climatic conditions. It will be comfortable even in the coldest, dampest winter.

Beaver fur coats are very beautiful, warm, graceful, practical and most importantly affordable.

Fur Fashion 2022: General Fashion Trends

Beaver products are light and soft, and at the same time they are water-repellent. Models of fur coats, where mink and beaver fur are combined, look spectacular and very original.

In general, many designers offer us to combine several types of fur within one fur coat.

Are Fur Coats In Style 2022?

Fur is always in trend. It is associated with success, wealth and luxury. It is also impossible not to mention their thermal qualities.

But the main thing is that modern styles of women’s fur coats are so original and diverse that they give women of fashion an opportunity to show their individuality, look fashionable and stylish!

Naturally, each new season has its own fashion trends.

They relate to the length of fur coats, styles and colors. If you plan to conquer everyone with a fur coat in the new season, we recommend that you introduce you to the novelties of 2022.

Fur Fashion 2022: General Fashion Trends

Is Faux Fur Trendy?

Faux fur coats are the main trend that has not lost its relevance over the past several seasons.

Eco-fur products are once again gaining leading positions in fur fashion 2022. The variety of colors and textures of this material allows you to create real creations of art, which in many ways even surpass natural furs.

Recently, faux fur coats have been very popular all over the world. Today, in order to look luxurious, it is not at all necessary to spend a fortune on an expensive fur coat.

Indeed, in appearance, modern artificial fur is as close to natural as possible and can exactly reproduce animal fur.

Therefore, faux fur coats look no less attractive and solid. And most importantly, they are available to everyone.

Not every woman wants to wear a fur coat, realizing that it cost the lives of several dozen or even hundreds of animals. Therefore, women who are not indifferent to the fate of defenseless animals prefer faux fur coats.

In this endeavor, they are fully supported by many designers who every year create unusually beautiful and fashionable artificial fur coats that are in no way inferior to natural ones.

This increases the prestige and popularity of faux fur.

Faux Fur 2022

Fur Coat Fashion 2022: Short Or Long?

The most relevant length of fur coats in 2022 is an elongated classic. They look very impressive and rich.

However, shortened models of fur coats in a youth style, which are perfect for practical girls, are no less popular.

Indeed, in a short sheepskin coat it is comfortable to sit even while driving a car. Short models look more stylish in combination with a belt or belt with a beautiful buckle.

The choice of length should be approached taking into account the circumstances:

  • personal comfort – a long fur coat can hamper movement, and a short one will not warm up properly;
  • region of residence – in areas where winters are warm, long fur coats will be irrelevant;
  • way of movement – women with a car can buy short sheepskin coats so that the fur does not wrinkle from the seat;
  • the main components of the wardrobe – with frequent wearing of dresses and skirts, you should choose a long version; shortened sheepskin coats are suitable for trousers and jeans;
  • preferences – some women prefer long fur coats, others wear only short ones.

Fur Coat Fashion 2022

Fur Fashion 2022: Colors

As for color, the most fashionable fur coats of 2022 have natural shades – all shades of brown, caramel and chocolate, milky and beige, shades of gray and smoky.

The undoubted hit is white fur coats and classic black ones.

The main advantages of basic colors:

  • the ability to combine with any wardrobe items;
  • relevance over several seasons;
  • perfect combination with bright accessories;
  • versatility – suitable for daily wear, and for going out.

Experiments with animal prints are very popular. For example, fox and tiger prints on mink, sable or arctic fox. A dark burgundy color with a cherry tint, as well as a bluish color of frost, is very relevant.

White, which was at the peak of its popularity. White fur coats, although impractical, look incredibly seductive. In such a fur coat it is definitely impossible to remain unnoticed.

Well, those who value freedom and self-expression should pay attention to the bright models of fur coats, which were also presented this season.

For brave young ladies, fur coats of bright blue, emerald, yellow and crimson shades are ideal.

Fur Fashion 2022: Colors

Cropped Fur Coat

The main hit of the season is a cropped coat that looks more like a jacket. For modern active girls, this is the best option.

The fur coat looks stylish and at the same time is convenient for driving in a car or public transport. But the main thing is that with her you can create very original images in various styles.

Cropped Fur Coat 2022

Fur Fashion 2022: Patchwork

The patchwork technique is well known in the fashion world, but it can be called a novelty for fur coats.

The combination of squares of fur of different colors creates very interesting models that will surely please fashionistas.

Fur Fashion 2022: Patchwork

Gradient Fur Coats

Another not the most standard solution for fur coats is a gradient. It looks impressive and stylish.

Such a fur coat immediately attracts attention, so the originality of the image in a fur coat with gradation is guaranteed.

Gradient Fur Coats 2022

Fur Fashion 2022: Fringed Fur Coats

One of the trends of the new season that we saw on the catwalks in jackets, sweaters, dresses and even handbags is fringe.

The designers went further and suggested wearing such fur coats. Such models will appeal to the bold and bright women.

Fur Fashion 2022: Fringed Fur Coats

Faux Fur Fashion 2022: Plush Coat

A fur coat with soft fur, similar to plush, but longer.

Such coats are made of artificial fur, which does not detract from their showiness. Ladies are attracted to softness and a plush effect that gives the whole look a soft feel and emphasizes femininity.

Faux Fur Fashion 2022: Plush Coat

Fur Coat with Original Print

But if there is an opportunity to create a print in the form of plaid or inscriptions on a fur coat, why not allow a more daring flight of imagination?

Choose fur coats with hearts or stars and you will be the most charming this winter.

Fur Coat with Original Print 2022

Fur Fashion 2022: Fur Coat with a Belt

Thin fur coats with a belt look incredibly beautiful and feminine. This model is stylish and practical at the same time. It will certainly appeal to modern women of fashion.

Fur Fashion 2022: Fur Coat with a Belt

Bright Fur Coats 2022

More creative natures who lead an active lifestyle and prefer to take everything from life can safely show off in bright fur coats, which famous fashion designers and couturiers offer to try on.

An extravagant fur coat can decorate your look against the backdrop of a snow-white winter. This is a great mood and positive emotions that are simply necessary for a person.

Bright Fur Coats 2022

Oversized Fur Coats

One of the most stylish novelties of the season – fur coats from someone else’s shoulder. Their main advantage is that such models are combined with any clothing:

If we consider the clothes of the first layer, skinny jeans and a tight turtleneck look ideal with oversized fur coats.

Stylists advise not to combine thick sweaters and off-shape trousers with bulky fur items. A similar cut of a fur coat should, in contrast to other clothes, emphasize the fragility of a woman.

Oversized Fur Coats 2022

Fur Fashion 2022: Robe Fur Coat

This style is a wraparound fur coat with a sash. There are no additional buttons for outerwear, so it will be cold in it in case of strong gusts of wind.

Such a fur coat does not protect against frost even in combination with a sweater. The product does not fasten on the neck, which is its significant disadvantage. In most cases, such models are chosen by girls who travel by car.

A fur coat-robe is considered a universal garment, it is combined with any footwear. Fur items of this style look are perfect:

  • with jeans;
  • with pantsuits;
  • with fitted dresses;
  • with turtlenecks;
  • with sweaters.

If the winter is not cold, a fur coat-robe can be worn wide open by tying a voluminous scarf inside. With the help of a sash, a fur item allows you to highlight the waist and emphasize the figure.

Fur Fashion 2022: Robe Fur Coat

Is There A Fur Vest In Style 2022?

The controversy surrounding the issue of fur products continues, but they still continue to attract the attention of fashionistas around the world.

Fur vests 2022 are no exception. Regardless of fur fashion 2022 trends, a fur vest will add chic and shocking to your look, in addition, it will become a great alternative to boring down jackets and coats.

Fur vests are nothing new this season. However, the stylish and practical outerwear has gained even more popularity in comparison with the previous season. Actual fur vests 2022 are present in almost all collections of branded design houses.

Fur vests 2022, which appeared at seasonal shows, delighted women of fashion not only with a variety of shades, but also with interesting styles.

Combined models with combinations of fur and natural leather or chunky knit will become a stylish solution for this season.

Is There A Fur Vest In Style 2022?

What Do You Wear With A Fur Vest?

Silver Fox Fur Vest

What to wear it with:

  • A chic option for a business woman: a vest over a sheath dress or pencil skirt with a fitted cashmere pullover.
  • A casual look: skinny dark trousers or jeans and a bright plain sweater or classic shirt. Shoes – boots or stiletto ankle boots. Accessories to match the clothes.
  • Extravagant combination: a fur vest over a thin leather or denim short jacket. Bottom – pencil skirt or classic trousers in neutral tones.
  • Any model will be an excellent addition to a floor-length evening dress. Models with a hood look interesting in this case.
  • Look for a young girl: denim or leather shorts, thick black tights and high boots. Or ankle boots and bright leggings lowered on them.

Silver Fox Fur Vest 2022

Fox Fur Vest

What to wear it with:

  • In everyday life – with leather-like leggings, pencil skirts or skinny skirts with a high slit, skinny trousers and jeans. The top underneath should be as simple as possible: a sweater, turtleneck in a neutral color. High stiletto boots are required.
  • Wear bright turquoise, raspberry, emerald, or purple tights for short denim shorts. Shoes – ankle boots.
  • In severe winter frosts, for additional insulation, wear it over a sheepskin coat or a woolen, cashmere coat.
  • In the office, it looks great with a classic tight-fitting blouse tucked into a black or gray pencil skirt or a godet skirt. Black high heels are a must.
  • 30s Hollywood chic look: midi cocktail dress, black patent leather high heels and long satin or lace gloves to match the shoe. Choose a dress in black, dark brown or golden beige.
  • An elegant combination – with tight trousers and a top or an interesting cut blouse made of expensive fine fabric (silk, satin, lace). It will be complemented by large jewelry of famous brands.

Fox Fur Vest 2022

Mink Fur Vest

It is worn with:

  • tight pants and jeans.
  • sheath dresses and pencil skirts and high heels.
  • a velvet skirt of the same color.
  • thin summer chiffon or silk dresses, as well as thin smooth knitwear.
  • leather pants and an original tight-fitting blouse or top.

Mink Fur Vest2022

Are Fur Jackets In Style 2022?

Fur, as before, remains the favorite material of designers, and it has found its use in models of jackets of various types. In fashion, there will be jackets made entirely of fur, as well as a partial use of this material.

Fashion houses presented jackets made of natural fur, both in natural shades and dyed in bright colors.

In most cases, fashion gurus used two colors for each model, one of which was the main one, and with the help of the second the emphasis was on the collar and cuffs.

Are Fur Jackets In Style 2022?

Fur Coats with Long Pile

This model of outerwear is not suitable for all girls. Long pile makes the figure more voluminous, visually adds pounds. Therefore, women with curvaceous forms should not buy such a fur coat.

Llama fur products will be the most relevant in the category of long-piled fur coats this winter. It is not necessary to choose outerwear that is completely sewn from this fur: models with inserts will also be in trend.

Fur Coats with Long Pile

Fur Coats with Combined Fur

Combo furs are another major trend for the 2022 winter season. Fashionable fur coats, sewn from pieces of different materials, attract the attention of others.

You will not be able to remain unnoticed in such clothes.
In combination with other clothes, you should be careful and adhere to the rules developed by the stylists:

  • a fur coat should be the only bright and unusual element of the image;
  • you should choose accessories of classic shape and calm shades, preferably black and white;
  • the length of the item is allowed up to the waist or from the middle of the calf and below – other options will look ridiculous;
  • in combination with a combined fur coat, it is recommended to wear plain clothes of a simple cut;
  • when choosing a fur item from different materials, you must remember that it visually adds kilograms.
  • Stylists do not recommend buying combined furs made from artificial material.
  • Difficulties in the care of the combined fur product should not arise. It is enough to regularly (once a season) dry-clean the fur coat.

Fur Coats with Combined Fur 2022

Animal Print Fur Coats

The animal print trend is making a comeback not only in accessories and casual wear, but also in fur. Fur coats made from natural materials will be the most relevant.

Stylists do not recommend purchasing dyed fur, as it looks unpresentable and cheap.

However, those who wish to wear outerwear only made of artificial materials can stay in trend. For them, the designers have prepared models with animal prints, but created from plush and synthetics. Fur coats look unusual and attractive.

Animal Print Fur Coats 2022

Animal print matches perfectly with plain clothes. You should not add other bright elements to the image. This will reduce the cost of the overall look, even if there are expensive items of clothing in it.

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