Blazer for men 2018: trends, styles of mens blazers 2018

The fashion of blazer for men 2018 has undergone tremendous changes. We’ve talked about mens jackets 2018 trends. Let’s get informed about fashion trends of mens blazers 2018.

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blazer for men 2018, trends and tendencies of mens blazers 2018

Following styles of blazer for men 2018 are relevant:

Stylish men can choose double-breasted blazers. They love experiments and active way of life. This style will please them.
blazer for men 2018, double-breasted blazer for men

Flower embroidery is also in fashion.  Any versions with prints are in the trend of blazer for men 2018.

blazer for men 2018, floral blazer for men

Blazer with contrast stripes is a common variant of business clothes. The fashionable bright contrasting stripe of medium thickness is in trend.

mens blazers 2018, blazers with contrast stripes

Mens fashion blazer sewn from an iridescent fabric is in fashion. A trendy feature of blazers 2018 is a metalized threads.

mens blazers 2018, classic blazers for men

The interesting application of denim fabric continues to please mods in 2018. All fashion houses used this trend in their blazer for men 2018 collections.

mens blazers 2018, denim blazers for men


 Mens blazers 2018: fashionable shades

Pastel tone will look graceful in this season. It will look great on the owners of a lean and athletic build. Beige is the most fashionable color of mens blazers 2018. A combination of a shiny fabric with a small print in the cage is fashionable.

blazer for men 2018, beige blazer for men, chocolate blazer for menThere is a tendency to shades of blue with elements of violet. You’ll have a stylish image with a blue blazer.

mens fashion blazer, red trendy blazer for men, blue fashionable blazer for menBright red suits temperamental natures. Red is full and heavier, so it is necessary to choose a blazer with caution. Chocolate shade looks perfect on the owners of swarthy skin and green eyes.

Mens fashion blazer: stylish elements

Great attention is shifted to individual elements. Interest is shown to strict options with leather patches on the elbows not breaking the established trends. Oval and round shape with various figures and additional inserts are also in trend. Especially it concerns the spring collection of mens fashion blazer 2018. Leather, suede, dense materials are also trendy. The mandatory requirement for patches is a combination of color with the lines of the pocket.

mens fashion blazer, blazers with patches, blazers with printsAbstraction is also gaining relevance. Geometric shapes of different variations are also in fashion. Gray-blue or pale purple prints are the heat of mens fashion blazer. Logos of famous brands and fashion houses are popular prints of 2018. Original newspaper or “printed” versions are gaining urgency. The seal of a famous alcoholic brand, namely Jack Daniel’s drink remains in demand.

mens fashion blazer, blazer with stripes and cagesDesigners increase attention to strips and cages. The small cell is replaced by a large one. The main highlight of a strict style is vertical stripes.

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