Women’s handbags 2018: trends and tendencies for bags 2018

Women’s handbags 2018 will bring a little originality to the modern ladies’ image. Bags 2018 have a variety of shapes and sizes, color brightness and eccentricity of prints. Those who follow the fashion should remember last year’s hype on the classic models of bags.This season they are still popular, but there are other, more extraordinary models. So let’s learn about 2018 handbag trends.

Women's handbags 2018, trends of bags 2018

Women’s handbags 2018: trends and tendencies

Square and rectangular shape of classical and business style bags are in trend.In this season, classical models of handbags are not customary to give strict geometric outlines. So you can easily meet trapezoid, semicircular and even round specimens.You can find such stylish version of women’s handbags 2018 in collections of Dolce & Gabbana.

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Women's handbags 2018, square and rectangular shape handbagsYou can supplement your image with a classic bag with rounded edges. This model is now at the peak of popularity.Interesting color combinations in the form of bright orange, yellow and brown look very impressive. The duplication of the print on the clothes and bags can be traced in the collections of Versace.

Women's handbags 2018, round shape handbags

Laconic retro style has always been in fashion. The fashion designer Armani showed maximum restraint and laconism in this season. The collections of his bags could be called classical.

bags 2018, laconic retro style bags Bags 2018: fashion handbags

Fashion is cyclical in all aspects. Once popular suitcases have returned to us in a slightly modernized manner.Clutches increased in size will be much more harmonious with winter clothes, as well as fur backpacks. It will be appropriate to have three-dimensional rhinestones and metal elements in the form of decor elements for bag.

bags 2018, sacs and suitcase bagsMiniature clutches and bags of cylindrical shape are created specifically for young girls. Fashion experts advise wearing models of bags 2018 only in hands. Or in extreme cases, over the shoulder.

Bags 2018, miniature clutches and bags of cylindrical shape

Accessories with a semicircular bottom, as well as classic bags in Coco Chanel style will be an excellent choice. Bags of unexpected designs in the form of an apple, guitar, bear are also in trend.

2018 handbag trends, bags of unexpected designs, Coco Chanel bagsOriginal wicker handbags are a kind of echo of retro style. In this season, the woven accessory has a real basket shape. Fur and lacquer will be the most stylish materials for women’s handbags 2018.

2018 handbag trends, trendy materials for handbags 20182018 handbag trends: fashionable colors

Dark and bright red color is one of 2018 handbag trends. Fashion experts advise choosing lighter shades for a warm season. And in winter to complement the image with bags of dark tones.

2018 handbag trends, red and white handbags, color trends, Women's handbags 2018The color of snow will always be relevant. The blue hue is one of 2018 handbag trends in winter collections of many fashion houses. A mix of white, red and blue shades in one bag is the real squeak of fashion. Accessories with such an original print are especially relevant for the summer period.

Hopefully, «Women’s handbags 2018: trends and tendencies for bags 2018» helped to choose the corresponding style for your chic image.

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