Women sunglasses 2018: trends of sunglasses for women 2018

Sunglasses are an inseparable and stylish item of women wardrobe. Designers have offered a variety of styles of women sunglasses 2018. Read our article about trends of sunglasses 2018 and choose the style emphasizing your personality.

women sunglasses 2018, trends of sunglasses 2018

Women sunglasses 2018: fashion trends

One of the chic trends of women sunglasses 2018 is aviator style. It has a thin frame with teardrop-shaped glasses. They were pilots’ wardrobe item, thanks to which aviator style acquired their modern name. Versace has offered a variety of aviator models of sunglasses.

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women sunglasses 2018, aviator sunglasses

Cat’s eye style is also famous among women. It has a wide thick horn frame with upturned pointed corners. You can find elegant models of Cat’s Eye in Furla’s women sunglasses 2018 collections.

women sunglasses 2018, cat's eye sunglasses

Round glasses in a metal thin rim are called “teashades”. The lenses of such glasses can be black or mirror, chameleons or practically transparent. Brand Wayfarer has swanky items of teashade sunglasses.

sunglasses 2018, teashades sunglasses

Sunglasses 2018: fashion styles

Vintage models with folding glasses are in fashion again. Though, the bravest and stylish women dare to use them.

sunglasses 2018, dual sunglasses and vintage sunglasses

Dual sunglasses are models with two pairs of glasses, or lenses. The top one is darkened, and the lower one is transparent.You can get such stylish sunglasses 2018 in Rayban’s collections.

sunglasses 2018, plastic sunglasses

Plastic is the most prevalent material in the rim of glasses. Traditional plastics, mineral glass, polycarbonate, high refractive plastics and some other modern materials have been used in fashion designers’ collections of sunglasses 2018.

Sunglasses for women 2018: creative versions

Bizarre shape sunglasses are another fashion trend. You can show your personality with sunglasses in diamond, oval or heart form.Tom Ford’s collections are full of these extraordinary sunglasses for women 2018.

sunglasses for women 2018, bizarre shape sunglasses

Sports collections aren’t out of fashion. Such glasses are ideal for people who prefer to lead an active lifestyle. The models are popular not only among representatives of the sports community but also among ordinary people. You can create a stylish personal bow and pleasantly surprise your colleagues and friends.The leading brands Tiffany and Michael Kors offer such stylish sunglasses.

sunglasses for women 2018, sport style sunglasses

Gradient sunglasses are also in trend. These models combine several shades, smoothly changing into each other. They look very impressive and stylish. Almost all fashion designers have used this trend in their fashion shows.

sunglasses for women 2018, gradient sunglasses

We hope our «Women sunglasses 2018: trends of sunglasses for women 2018» article helped to orient with your choice. Stay in fashion!

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