Wedding suits 2018: new trends, looks and tendencies of groom suits 2018

What wedding suits 2018 will be fashionable? Groom suits 2018 have become more luxurious. Let’s discuss «Wedding suits 2018: new trends, looks and tendencies of groom suits 2018» and get acquainted with new trends.

wedding-suits-2018-mens-wedding-suits-2018-groom-suits-wedding suits 2018

wedding-suits-2018-mens-wedding-suits-2018-groom-suits-1-wedding suits 2018

Wedding suits 2018: new trends

Such fabrics as velvet, corduroy, ombre are trendy in many designers’ collections of wedding suits 2018. This trend significantly changed fashion, eliminating narrow pants. Fashion shows surprised with a variety of bright prints: ornaments, flowers, stripes, cages. The presence of knitted clothing also marked in the upcoming season. Hand-made, patchwork successfully blended into this season. Cardinal changes have also been made in men’s hairstyles. It includes long hair and a beard.

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wedding-suits-2018-mens-wedding-suits-2018-groom-suits-corduroy-velvet-wedding suits 2018

wedding-suits-2018-mens-wedding-suits-2018-groom-suits-patchwork-handmade-mens wedding suits 2018Cardinal changes were made in men’s trousers model. Narrowed models will replace wide stylish trousers. Their main advantages are practicality and comfort. Trousers along length should be a few centimeters below ankle. Excellent stylish addition to the wide trousers is even elegant arrows. This style of trousers can be worn as a complement to suit. Bugs and sneakers are stylish addition to the image.

wedding-suits-2018-mens-wedding-suits-2018-groom-suits-arrows-mens wedding suits 2018

Mens wedding suits 2018: latest trends and colors

The new fashionable season is amazing with a variety of prints. Especially popular is the cell tartan which is at peak of popularity over the past few years. Cellular coats, suits, double-breasted jackets are massively presented in all collections of mens wedding suits 2018. Designers offer to wear a classic English suit, combining it with an informal beanie cap. Checkered coats from Burberry in a black-and-red cast are incredibly popular. Bottega Veneta’s  checkered bomb jacket is exceptionally well complemented by stylish leather trousers.

wedding-suits-2018-mens-wedding-suits-2018-groom-suits-tartan-english-suit-mens wedding suits 2018

The world of men’s fashion burst into bright and rich colors. Caramel shades are actively used by designers even in strict business suits. The shades of gray, brown and green haven’t lost their positions. Particular attention is paid to the shade of bottle glass. Burgundy shades, including noble wine, is also in trend.

wedding-suits-2018-mens-wedding-suits-2018-groom-suits-green-burgundy-groom suits

The checkerboard was supported by many designers. A greater preference is given to a large cell of conservative tones. A thin white strip also reappeared into fashion.

Groom suits 2018: choosing a wedding suit

You must pay tribute not only to the top while choosing a fashionable groom suits 2018, but also to the bottom of the set. Trousers with arrows will definitely look more advantageous. Many original models of tuxedos were presented. You can use free deuces, with rolled up cuffs. You can put a jacket or a turtleneck under your jacket. Models from flax will be popular. Now brands prefer it even to cotton.

wedding-suits-2018-mens-wedding-suits-2018-groom-suits-tuxedos-groom suits

Pastel tie in white small peas is fashionable in 2018. Gray suit in combination with such a tie will create an inimitable image. Under a stylish gray suit is recommended to select a tie with floral print or pattern. Gray suits look rather boring with improperly selected accessories.

wedding-suits-2018-mens-wedding-suits-2018-groom-suits-ties-with-flowers-and-peas-groom suits

Hope, our «Wedding suits 2018: new trends, looks and tendencies of groom suits 2018» article helped to choose your style for your best day of life!

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