Swimsuits 2017: fashion trends for women and men

Swimsuits 2017  are very similar to the popular swimsuits of the 50s. Designers worked hard to make these models meet modern requirements.

swimsuits-2017-men-and-women-Swimsuits 2017

Swimsuits 2017: vintage

They have translucent inserts, a variety of interlacing ribbons, open cutouts, prints, and applications. Girls with lush shapes in womens swimsuits 2017  will feel graceful and comfortable.

swimsuits-2017-vintage-womens swimsuits 2017

Swimsuits 2017: Bikini

Swimsuits 2017 bikinis keep their positions in fashion. They are an ideal option for sunbathing. Bikinis are designed for girls with the right figure parameters, who don’t hesitate to show their body.swimsuits-2017-bikini-womens swimsuits 2017Merged models

This year, the merged models occupy a leading position. Popular brands offer a wide choice of single-tone models, decorated with original patterns, sequins, lacing, and fringe.

swimsuits-2017-merged-womens swimsuits 2017Halter

A distinctive detail of womens swimsuits 2017 is a kind of collar that surrounds the neck and decolletage zone. These swimsuits are made of monophonic fabrics. The original decor of the model will set you apart from the crowd on the beach.

swimsuits-2017-halter-womens swimsuits 2017

Sports Swimwear

Such models are sewn from modern fabrics, have an ergonomic shape, differ bright inserts, This swimsuit provides comfort during swimming in the pool. swimsuits-2017-sport-womens swimsuits 2017Models with a deep decollete

More suitable for rest, sunbathing, beach parties, but not for active swimming. If the bathing suit is supplemented with a maxi skirt, then you can safely walk around the city.

swimsuits-2017-deep-deccollete-womens swimsuits 2017

What color of swimsuit to choose in 2017?

Saturated orange, yellow, purple, scarlet, coral, brown and gold is very popular colors. Uniform swimsuits have always been in vogue, and a novelty is swimsuits with bright prints.

swimsuits-2017-men-Mens swimwear 2017

Designers offer an extremely wide selection of fashionable mens swimwear 2017. Bright, juicy, dense shades, but not “acid.” Mens swimwear 2017  includes the red color, which must have a scarlet subtle, yellow-mustard, lilac-violet, dense cold blue, muted emerald green, saturated bright blue, also dusted pink, transparent blue. Classics will never leave the podium. An extremely popular is a print that completely covers the surface of swimwear. They are usually located in one place, in front or back. Variants of prints are as follows: abstraction which differs sufficiently large size of the motif; floristry, animalistic uses only variations on the color of feline skins, as well as snake coloring; geometry. Photo printing where cartoon and movie heroes are especially popular; they must be bright, captured in movement.

Shorts with Stripes

swimsuits-2017-with-stripes-Mens swimwear 2017


swimsuits-2017-bikini-Mens swimwear 2017Square cut models

swimsuits-2017-square-cut-Mens swimwear 2017

Geometric print

swimsuits-2017-print-Mens swimwear 2017

In general, the season is distinguished by a number of bold decisions.

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