Shoes for girls 2018: trends and tendencies for girl shoes 2018

Any child needs comfortable and beautiful clothes and shoes. The last, especially important! It’s necessary to give preference only to footwear that is not only stylish but also warm, with an orthopedic insole matched to the size. In this article, we’ll talk about fashion of shoes for girls 2018. Designers have offered a variety of trends of girl shoes 2018.

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shoes for girls 2018, trends and tendencies of shoes for girls 2018

Among the main trends can be identified products from natural and artificial leather, suede and velour, even textiles. Particularly interesting are the models from combining several materials at once. For example, boots with strips of denim, imitation in the form of a seam or locks, lacing, and a solid sole look original.

shoes for girls 2018, trends and tendencies of shoes for girls 2018

Shoes for girls 2018: trendy styles

  • Boots

High, medium and short boots are offered in this season. The following aspects are considered distinctive features: color scale, prints, and decor. For young princesses, designers offer bright monochrome boots, as well as monochrome models made in the style of classic and casual. Shoemakers preferred a military print, noble blue, green, and also a universal black and gray color. Volumetric stripes, inserts reminiscent of patches, metal spout, and buckles, bright lacing are trendy decorative elements of shoes for girls 2018.

shoes for girls 2018, stylish boots for fashionable girls

Universal shoes are suitable not only for walking in the park, but also visiting the school. They are very comfortable. Many brands preferred black, dirty-blue and brown in all forms, which means that there are no strong differences in the models of fashion shoes for girls.

girl shoes 2018, universal shoes for stylish girlsFashion shoes for girls: fashion and style

Despite the fact that there is minimalism in fashion, shoes for girls 2018 are distinguished by the bright and truly doll-like decor, reminiscent of the style of the Barbie doll. Pink, red, beige, metallic, white, turquoise, lilac and blue models, decorated with butterflies, flowers, floral and geometric prints, sequins are main trends of fashion shoes for girls.

girl shoes 2018, cute shoes for stylish girls

  • Felt boots

The retro style returns to fashion. Therefore, we should not be surprised that the belts loved by our grandmothers are found in both adult and children’s fashion. The most striking examples are the variants with hand embroidered and fur balls.

girl shoes 2018, felt boots for fashionable girlsOn rainy weather, the best solution will be rubber boots, painted in bright and very catchy tones. For example, sunny, silver, soft pink, powdery, bright orange, grassy, scarlet and azure are trendy colors of girl shoes 2018. It is interesting to look at models with gradient transitions, from one color to another, as well as drawings depicting cartoon characters.

fashion shoes for girls, rubbish boots for girlsWhat other styles are relevant for fashion shoes for girls?

  • sneakers
  • half-boots
  • moccasins

fashion shoes for girls, trendy moccasins for girls

  • uggs
  • ankle boots
  • loafers
  • slips

fashion shoes for girls, sneakers for fashionable girls

The model should be comfortable, beautiful, warm and fit in size.

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