Scarves 2018: images, tips and women’s scarf trends 2018

Want quickly and effectively change your image? A scarf will help to create a fashionable look. This season, designers have developed many models of trendy scarves that will attract with their uniqueness, sense of style, attractive decor. So, let’s find out trends of scarves 2018 and how to wear a scarf properly, following scarf trends 2018.

scarves 2018, trends of scarves 2018

Scarves 2018: new trends

  • With owls

Animal prints are relevant as ever. One of the fashion trends of scarves 2018 is a scarf with owls. As you know, an owl is a symbol of wisdom. This product will reward your bow with nobility and refinement.

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scarf trends 2018, scarves with owls

  • With pom-poms

The hit of this season is trendy scarves with pompoms. They will decorate the image of any modern woman. Scarves with pompoms can be worn for walks, meeting with friends. Also, the original print will add grace and mischief.

scarves 2018, scarves with pom-poms

  • With reindeer

Scarf with deer will charge positive emotions. It’s a stylish and fashionable accessory of this season. The knitted scarves will organically be combined with any outfit in your wardrobe.

scarves 2018, scarves with reindeers, New Year scarves

Scarf trends 2018: trends and tendencies

  • Shawl Scarf

This accessory is worn as a scarf or as a cape. Stylists advise choosing a bright coloring to emphasize their originality.

scarf trends 2018, shawl scarves

  • Two-sided

These models look the same from the front and the underside. This wardrobe item is one of popular scarf trends 2018. They will organically complement the individual image. Special patterns will create a good mood.

scarf trends 2018, two-sided scarves

  • Harmonic

It’s an effective option for those who are tired of everyday life. Harmonic scarves will give you elegance and originality. Bright models are fashionable.

trendy scarves, harmonic scarf

  • Narrow

Narrow and long scarves are stylish scarf trends 2018. Stylists suggest slightly throwing such models around your neck. A narrow scarf helps to correct the figure. The silhouette will appear taller and slimmer if the ends of a scarf are directed downward. It’s necessary to choose a juicy and contrasting color to make the appropriate accent and draw attention to yourself.

trendy scarves, narrow scarvesTrendy scarves: fashionable colors and prints

Fashionable shades of this season are quite diverse. Stylists advise choosing a color based on the time of year. Juicy shades should fit organically into the individual image. Such models will make every woman even more expressive.

trendy scarves, trendy scarf colors

Orange, burgundy, violet, green, red, white, yellow colors remain on the top of popularity. They will effectively raise your mood and give contrast to the image. Pastel shades will also be relevant. A cage, stripes, graphics, floral motifs, animalistic colors are superb prints for scarf trends 2018. The gradient is another fashion trend of scarves 2018. This is a shade that goes from light to dark. Such a scarf will look stylish and original. It is worth remembering that the basic clothing should be in harmony with the scarf in a shade.


Fur, knitted models, chiffon are popular. You will definitely find the right style for yourself. Trendy materials for scarves in this season are:

  • Fur
  • Velour
  • Velvet
  • Chiffon
  • Batik

scarves 2018, trendy scarf materials

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