Purses 2018: fashion trends of womens purses 2018

The use of a purse is not limited to the function of storing money alone. Increasingly, we use it as a stylish accessory, emphasizing our image. We’ve already informed about trends of women’s handbags 2018. Womens purses 2018 are now distinguished by an abundance of textures, shapes, colors, and types. So let’s learn about trends of purses 2018.

purses 2018, trends and tendencies of purses 2018

Purses 2018: trendy styles

  • Folding purse

The most common type of modern purses 2018 is a folding purse. Such products are very compact, but at the same time are quite capacious and allow you to store not only large banknotes but also credit or discount cards. Bi-fold purse consists of two halves and is opened according to the principle of the book. Many purses of this type are not closed, but they have various types of fasteners (zippers, magnetic buttons, etc.). Bifold purses are one of popular styles of purses 2018.

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purses 2018, fashionable folding purses for women

  • On the latch

The classic purse on the latch allows to store business cards and cash notes. There is also a wide range of trending purses with different fasteners. The closing mechanism can be done in the form of a zipper, a button or a magnet. And the last one is the most convenient and widespread option. Some accessories have several magnetic fasteners.

  • For documents

You can store not only monetary bills and coins in purse, but also you can store documents (passports, driver’s license, etc.). With such trending purses, your documents will always be on hand and safe.

trending purses, organizer purse for fashionable women

  • With engraving

Engraving is another popular element of decor. Engraved laconic logo of the manufacturer is an important element distinguishing it from other products.

trending purses, fashionable purses with engraving

  • With rhinestones

Womens purses 2018 are decorated with special generosity: rhinestones and sequins, decorative zippers and buttons, various prints, appliqués and embroidery are the hit of the season. Purses, richly decorated with rhinestones help create a bright, radiant image.

trending purses, trending purses with rhinestones


You can find a purse for every taste: rectangular, round or oval, and an unusual accessory in the form of hearts, sweets and fruits, animals and mythical creatures. Classic forms will be the perfect choice for every day, and also suitable for creating a business style. At the same time, an unusual form of purse can become a highlight of an image.

womens purses 2018, trendy forms of purses 2018


You can buy a genuine leather or suede purses. Artificial materials are popular in this season. An undeniable hit of womens purses 2018 are silicone coin purse of various shapes, as well as jeans and lacquer products, various textile covers.

womens purses 2018, trendy materials of purses 2018Colors

Models of purses 2018 tend to minimalism in decoration. Gentle color combinations, such as pink, blue and beige shades are also in fashion. Ornaments and prints depicting flowers, butterflies, and animals are in trend. Purses with geometric, ethnic and abstract motives are especially popular.

womens purses 2018, trendy colors and prints of purses 2018


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