Plus size swim suit trends 2016


Luxurious plus size women looks more feminine than skinny sister does.


Plus size swim suit trends 2016 has offered to plus size women variety of models with underlined forms.


Plus size swim suit consisting of shorts and skirts have very nice look. Retro models are modern as never before.



Retro bathing suits came to the world’s beaches, amazingly facilitates the task of choosing a plus size bathing suits. High waist on bathing trunks is visually lengthen legs, hide the belly and emphasize the waist. Popular versions with skirts help to hide problematic areas, but plus size swim dresses sit perfectly on all shape types.


Main ideas for choosing plus size bathing suits for 2016 season.

Large peas. This coloring gives to the image a retro charm, diverting attention away from problem areas.


Women swimwear with a fringe, despite of evidence for such a choice it makes a figure slimmer.



Contrasting inserts on the sides, twin locks, zippers, all the possible coloring, this will help to plus size girl to feel confident on the beach.



Owners of lush forms should very carefully choose open type swimwear, in order to properly emphasize the dignity of the figure and draw attention to right place.


First of all, plus size bathing suits must have suitable in size, because tight bathing suit will clamp skin and make unattractive wrinkles on the body. For the same reason you should not select models with narrow string ties. It is advisable to have top with cup inserts, because these details help to create clear silhouette.


Fashion designers advise for girls with curvy shape to select versions with vertical stripes and inserts that are visually reduce the figure, make it thinner. The same applies to the curly lines, repeating the form bending of the body. It is necessary to avoid horizontal prints, as well as gold, silver and shiny fabrics.




High decollete is contraindicated those who have a short neck or double chin. One of main trends for 2016 worn with plus size bathing suits is ornaments on the chest, which help to divert attention from the full hands. It is not necessary to stress the waist with any decorative elements such as belts and straps.


Tunic or pareos suitable in style and coloring will help to drape voluminous parts of the body. More specifically, bikini is not suitable for plus size women. They look ridiculous on large woman, especially bundled with strings.


Girls with plus size shape should pay attention to tankini. They are a bundle of single cut top and swimming trunks. On the one hand, it completely cover the belly, on the other, there are all advantages of an open bathing suit.


If the girl is ashamed of her hips or just thinks they are not one of attractive parts of her body, she can select a model with shorts and colors according to plus size swimsuit trends 2016.


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