Plus size bridesmaid dresses trends 2016


Huge part of wedding dresses for bride are designed for thin women. Plus size women spent on wedding dress searches twice the time. So we will show you plus size bridesmaid dresses trends 2016 to save your time.


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Fashionable styles and fabric of plus size bridal gowns 2016 are unrecognizably beautifying each plump women. Practically all fashion designers have plus size wedding gowns in their collection lines. Every designer, creating the next masterpiece, tries to reflect in celebratory clothes all fashionable trends 2016.

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According to experts the most relevant manners for plus size wedding dresses, are the following:

  • Dresses with corset and trapezoid skirt and A-line dresses;
  • Greek dresses in “Empire” style;
  • “Mermaid tail” style wedding dresses;
  • Box style plus size short wedding dresses;

Light and airy chiffon, flowing with soft folds silk, seductive guipure and satin that gives to the dress a special glamor and gloss are used wedding attire.

Wedding-dresses-with-corset-2016-7 Wedding-dresses-with-corset-2016-8 Wedding-dresses-with-corset-2016-9 Wedding-dresses-with-corset-2016-10

If a girl cannot boast of a slim waist, wedding dresses with corset, combined with a fluffy skirt will make her even more magnificent.

Wedding-dresses-with-corset-2016-11 Wedding-dresses-with-corset-2016-12



You can simply choose a model with a trapezoid-skirt, which will be loosely flow over the hips, gradually expanding downwards.




A-line dress and “trapezoid” will also have great look. This outfit allows you to hide belly and make the body more graceful.

Wedding-dresses-with-corset-2016-18 Wedding-dresses-with-corset-2016-19

Wedding-dresses-with-corset-2016-21 Wedding-dresses-with-corset-2016-22

Next Plus size bridesmaid dresses trend 2016 is “Empire” style wedding dresses. Plus size girls have very attractive look in “Empire” style. These dresses in Greek style with a form-fitting top, high waistline and cutting just below the breast help to hide figure flaws and emphasize the bust.


Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trend-2016-in-Empire-style-24 Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trend-2016-in-Empire-style-25 Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trend-2016-in-Empire-style-26

Wedding dresses in the Greek style always look stylish, fashionable and beautiful.

Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trend-2016-in-Empire-style-27 Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trend-2016-in-Empire-style-28 Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trend-2016-in-Empire-style-30 Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trend-2016-in-Empire-style-31 Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trend-2016-in-Empire-style-32 Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trend-2016-in-Empire-style-33

“Mermaid tail” or the wedding dress “Fish” for plus size brides will also be in wedding dresses trend 2016.


This style looks very impressive, combined with soft diagonal draperies concealing protruding tummy.

Mermaid-tail-wedding-dresses-2016-37 Mermaid-tail-wedding-dresses-2016-38

Outfits in such style must be chosen from the dense flowing fabrics.

Mermaid-tail-wedding-dresses-2016-39 Mermaid-tail-wedding-dresses-2016-40 Mermaid-tail-wedding-dresses-2016-41


Plus size short wedding dresses

The length of plus size short wedding dresses depends on from which area bride does not want to show.

Plus-size-short-wedding-dresses-2016-43 Plus-size-short-wedding-dresses-2016-44

Length box style plus size short wedding dresses should reach just to the knee. For such a dress can be used a short veil or flirtatious hat with a veil.


The color scheme of wedding dresses


Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trends-2016-46 Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trends-2016-47

Designers and stylists according to plus size bridesmaid dresses trends 2016 recommend to owners of magnificent forms opting for gentle cream, blue and light pink shades.

Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trends-2016-48 Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trends-2016-49 Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trends-2016-50 Plus-size-bridesmaid-dresses-trends-2016-51

Moreover, of course, the classic white color is outside of competition in wedding dresses.

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