New Year’s Eve Dresses 2022: Best 20 Trends for New Year 2022

The main trends of the New Year’s Eve dresses 2022 are maximalism, shine, rich colors, bold cuts and accessories that will help you look like a million dollars.

New Year's Eve Dresses 2022: Best 20 Trends for New Year 2022

If you still don’t have a definite idea for a New Year’s Eve dress, check out our list of inspiring suggestions, novelties, and trendy colors.

New Year’s Eve dresses 2022: Color Spectrum

Sequins, gold and silver never go out of fashion, especially when it comes to fashion trends for New Year’s Eve dresses 2022.

They are especially relevant for the Year of the Water Tiger, who also loves the shades of blue, light blue and seaweed that match its elements.

New Year's Eve dresses 2022: Color Spectrum

Other actual colors:


Black is a classic choice for a stylish and trendy look. The tiger does not really welcome this color, but does not prohibit it either. For short height, choose knee length, this style will make your silhouette visually more attractive.

Pair this dress or skirt with classic glamorous accessories, or opt for one strong accent like red stiletto heels.

New Year's Eve dresses 2022: Color Spectrum


Black and red are two trendy colors that blend well, especially after sunset. This color scheme matches the appearance of the tiger. A red dress and a black jacket are undoubtedly a fashionable combination. One of the colors of the season will be the color of the chili pepper.

It is really versatile and will suit both blondes and girls with a warmer and darker complexion. Pair this dress with black or gray boots. If you go for a medium length, make sure the dress has nice cutouts. This will avoid optical shortening of the legs.

New Year's Eve dresses 2022: Color Spectrum red


Another noteworthy color would be a deep, rich green. It matches perfectly with gold accessories and black stiletto heels. If you are into hair accessories, then the velour headband is sure to add some extra chic.



Pink and peach are usually associated more with spring than fall / winter. But experts working on color combinations have no doubt that 2022 will be the season of delicate peach hues.

Finding yourself in such a delicate and girly color on New Year’s Eve, you will look catchy among the ubiquitous glitter.

A dress of this color is best combined with gold accessories or pearls. A thin and delicate brooch in the hair will give this look a delicate and feminine character.

Rich purple will help you stand out at a New Year’s Eve party. Choose a mid-length velour dress, grunge style boots and black embellishments. Don’t forget dark scarlet or pink lipstick.


New Year’s Eve Outfits 2022: Montmartre Style

Planning to attend a retro New Year’s party?

Montmartre style is synonymous with chic and class. Fashion trends for New Year 2022 allow you to choose a dress inspired by 1920s Paris. Women of that time are associated with artistic bohemia, avant-garde and jazz.

A dress with tassels or frills in golden or dark green is the best solution for fans of Montmartre. You can also wear long gloves or earrings and an XXL ring for a Parisian feel on New Year’s Eve.

New Year's Eve Outfits 2022: Montmartre Style

English style

The English style, popular over the years, has also returned to the list of fashion trends in the Year of the Tiger. A blue and red plaid dress and dark accessories are sure to make you stand out. High boots with fur trim will be a great addition to this style.

Would you like to spend the whole evening in boots? Silver heels or stiletto heels are a good alternative.


Midi Dresses

Fashion trends 2022 suggest that midi-length dresses are in fashion this season for the New Year. It is better for short girls to be careful with this length, because the wrong choice of shoes can ruin the impression of the figure. The best choice for them would be stiletto heels or shoes with heels, and if boots, then just not with flat soles.

Midi Dresses 2022

Maxi Dress

The long maxi dress is also suitable for the New Year’s party. Be careful outdoors – it’s easy to get your outfit dirty or wet in the snow in December. Long New Year’s Eve dresses 2022 are best for elegant balls that involve a very tight dress code.

Wearing stilettos with a long dress can create a very feminine look. Be careful while dancing – if you step on the dress with a stiletto heel, you will most likely damage it.

If you are not going to the ball, you can even wear ballet flats or sneakers with a maxi dress. Flat shoes for the New Year are the perfect choice for having fun all night long.

Maxi Dress 2022

Mini Dress

A real classic for the New Year is a short dress made of shiny fabric. You can choose from several options, such as a slip dress with spaghetti straps, a glamorous envelope model, or a 1920s loose-fitting dress.

If long sleeves are needed, allow yourself quirky cutouts at the waistline. Pair a sequined dress with metallic leather sandals.

Pair mini New Year’s Eve dresses 2022 with knee-high boots. This is a great option for women who love romantic looks.

It is also good to combine such New Year’s Eve dresses 2022 with flat ballet shoes, sneakers or stiletto heels – it all depends on the cut you choose. And don’t forget the grunge boots that go well with a short dress.

Mini Dress 2022

New Year’s Eve Party Dresses 2022: Glitter

When wondering what to wear for the New Year, you can opt for a sequin dress that comes back into fashion every year. Shimmering elements look great on any occasion, making this dress the perfect choice for a party you plan on dancing until the morning. In addition, they look impressive in the pictures.

Aside from adding sequins, make sure your New Year’s outfit is the right length. A mini dress with high-heeled shoes is the perfect choice for a shiny version. Make a straight cut that fits your body and accentuates the curves.

If you don’t want to wear a shiny outfit, you can limit yourself to accessories.

For example, a clutch or micro-bag made of sequins or beads is perfect for a calm dress. And also shine can be added to the image with the help of metallic pumps – this is always a win-win option.

New Year's Eve Party Dresses 2022: Glitter

Sport Dresses with Glamor Elements

Even those who do not like classic dresses do not have to give up their feminine look for the New Year. Glamorous sports models are a great idea. Combined with heels, they will create a trendy and glamorous outfit for the New Year. They are ideal for all body types, highlighting your body and hiding its imperfections in fashion.

Fashionable and comfortable sports dresses will be the absolute favorites of the New Year 2022. We are talking about things that are not only comfortable and soft, but also look really beautiful. In addition, they will accentuate your figure and are perfect for celebrating the New Year at home with your family.

Instead of sports New Year’s Eve dresses 2022, you can choose a tunic that will show off your beautiful legs.

Sport Dresses with Glamor Elements 2022

Hollywood Style Dress

You should come to the New Year’s ball in a long dress in the style of screen stars. Such models are made of lace, tulle, chiffon or shiny fabric.

Remember that you will achieve the best effect if you work out the entire appearance in detail. In the New Year, the most popular colors will be shades of precious stones: garnet, sapphire, emerald and ruby.

Hollywood Style Dress 2022

Victorian Dress with Tulle Ruffle

On New Year’s Eve, both romance and rock fans can wear short or floor-length tulle dresses in Victorian style.

Romantic people can pair charming frills with a bow in their hair and classic stilettos, while the latter can afford a leather jacket and wear patent ballet flats instead of high heels.

As an alternative to the New Year’s tulle dress, you can choose chiffon blouses with a tie around the neck.

Victorian Dress with Tulle Ruffle 2022

Lace Dress

An outfit for New Year’s Eve should be the complete opposite of what you usually wear in the office. It aims to set you apart from the crowd at the party. To achieve this effect, you can come to the evening in a women’s suit with a lace insert. High heels and seductive smoky eye makeup complete the look.

The suit can be thin, with a short leg that shows your ankles. A good choice is suits in bright colors such as red or pink.

Lace Dress 2022

Red Dress for New Year 2022

The current trend in choosing an evening dress is a New Year’s dress in red. Red symbolizes the coming year and is one of the main New Year’s colors.

Fashionable New Year’s Eve dresses 2022 in red symbolize irrepressible energy, success and passion. And if you are bright and bold, want to be admired at the New Year’s party, then a spectacular New Year’s dress in red is an excellent choice for you.

A win-win dress for the New Year 2022 will be a New Year’s dress in red from satin and silk. An evening long dress for the New Year will make you incredibly feminine and irresistible. An excellent choice of a New Year’s dress would be a red dress with open shoulders.

Red Dress for New Year 2022


In everyday life, women rarely wear a sleeveless dress and shoulder straps. It is not very convenient at work or when traveling. But for the New Year, such an evening dress is a chic option. A neat bodice with a small neckline will accentuate the chest and neck.

Hands will appear more graceful, and sloping shoulders will have all eyes locked on you. The girl feels confident in such a model. And if you do not want to constantly pull up the top, take a closer look at the lace-up styles. The corset will not only make you slimmer, but also secure the bodice securely on the chest.



This option has come into fashion quite recently. European stylists have launched a fashion for the “pajama” style. At first it only applied to everyday clothes, but then it came down to New Year’s Eve outfits 2022.

The combination is sewn from satin or silk fabric.

The style is mostly flat, an obligatory part of such an outfit is thin straps, which make it look like a “nightie”. Such a beautiful light evening dress for the New Year will suit slim, even slender girls with small breasts. Curvy women will look too revealing in a light outfit.


Classic Sheath Dress

This outfit will never go out of style.

The cut of the sheath dress allows girls with any body type to wear it. When buying such a model, you should pay attention to the fabric: it must be dense so that the outfit fits the figure.

Choose a bright color that suits you, add a couple of stylish jewelry – and shine during the celebration.

Classic Sheath Dress 2022

Kimono Dress

Traditional Japanese and Chinese attire has occupied an important niche in European fashion. The designers have worked on the cut to bring it closer to our realities, and the result is gorgeous. European kimonos are sewn from satin fabrics with floral prints or oriental motifs.

Modern fashion designers add slits to the classic version that open the legs and make the kimono wider. The V-neck opens the chest. A dress like this is a nice New Year’s Eve option for 2022.

Kimono Dress 2022

Trumpet Dress

Classics of evening dresses. The style is tailored so that the outfit first fits the entire figure of the girl to the knee, and from it it expands sharply to the floor. Classic fishtail.

This style is about a hundred years old, it was preferred for evening outings by Marlene Dietrich. This beautiful classic evening New Year’s dress will suit slim girls with an hourglass figure.

Trumpet Dress 2022

New Year’s Eve Outfits 2022: Costumes

However, elegant New Year’s Eve dresses 2022 are not the only option. A worthy alternative to them will be evening pantsuits, overalls, and sets of a blouse or top with a skirt or trousers. Examples include Giorgio Armani, Zuhair Murad and Rosa Clará.

New Year's Eve Outfits 2022: Costumes

With A Fluffy Skirt

As with the previous model, this outfit cannot be worn to work. Lush folds of tulle will distract from office work. But an evening dress with a fluffy floor-length skirt for the New Year will not interfere with the celebration.

Despite the fact that such models often rustle, it is easy to move and dance in them. In this outfit, you can go to a costume party. Who to be – a snowflake or a snow queen – you decide. If the skirt of the dress is fluffy, the top should be discreet. A bodice trimmed with guipure will look interesting with a tulle or chiffon skirt.

A dress with long sleeves without a neckline and with an open back would also be a good solution. In this way, you will definitely stand out among the girls who are trying to open their bust as much as possible.

With A Fluffy Skirt 2022

New Year’s Eve Dresses 2022: Baby-doll

This model is so named because in such a short beautiful New Year’s evening dress the girl looks like a doll. The bodice of this style is usually strapless with a deep neckline and an open back.

New Year's Eve Dresses 2022: Baby-doll

Designers often decorate it with artificial stones or rhinestones. The skirt in this model is necessarily fluffy. It can be made of tulle or chiffon folded in several layers.

Most often, it starts at the waist and ends at least mid-knee. This option is for young active girls who are ready to dance all night long.

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