Top 10 Mens Winter Jackets 2019: Stylish Models of Men Jackets 2019

Mens winter jackets 2019 have more retrained styles compared to women’s jackets.

Nonetheless, the designers have not saved any time on creating interesting models of winter jackets for men 2019. Jackets, in general, are an important part of your look.

Depending on what style of jackets for men 2019 you choose, they will accent the outfit accordingly.


Men jackets 2019: top styles of mens winter jackets 2019

The list we are about to present contains the top ten winter jackets for men 2019.

Let’s not forget that the models are not limited to this list. 2019 fashion season designers have come with a number of interesting options for men jackets 2019.

1. Pilot jackets for men 2019


Pilot jackets can be of winter and spring season. Depending on the season, the jackets’ inside is from sheepskin. This style was created in the 1920’s, special for pilots.

The advantage is this model is that it does not constrain movement. The length is shorter than other winter jackets for men 2019. Quality sheepskin in combination with good leather makes this coat irreplaceable.

However, the pilot mens winter jackets 2019 are quite heavy.

This style is a classic representative of creating something new and stylish from an older model, which once served a special purpose. During that adaptation process, fur trim has become a part of pilot jackets for men 2019.

2. Down men jackets 2019


Down jackets are both long and short. Depending on the weather conditions of wherever you live, we will be able to find the appropriate down men jackets 2019 easily.

Due to the practicality and comfort of this model, almost all the men purchase at least one model in this style.

The colors can be both restrained and very bright. Again, depending on your taste and mood, the suitable option is definitely there.

3. Bomber jacket 2019


Bomber jacket 2019 is among the most versatile models of this season.

These jackets are perfect for combining them with both casual and business attires, as well as outdoors activities. 2019 fashion designers include this model in their collections, combining them with all the possible styles.

The winter models of bomber jacket 2019 have fur trims.

Not necessarily a distinctive fur collar, but the inside is usually sheepskin, to keep it warm. The traditional bomber jacket 2019 has a zipper in front, elastic cuffs and inserts, side pockets. Bomber style is also applied in military jackets.

Their comfortable cut and length is ideal for military purposes. Today’s bomber jacket 2019 is a combination of everything good and old and sporty, military styles.

4. Mens winter jackets 2019 with hood


Hooded winter jackets for men 2019 are the ultimate solution for urban lifestyle. Hooded jackets also have a wide use for countryside trips and sportswear. Athletes prefer hooded mens winter jackets 2019, since they have to keep their neck muscles warm.

In addition, keeping the head warm during winter prevents unwanted headaches. Cold winds and snowstorms will be of no danger to you in hooded winter jackets for men 2019.

5. Parka jackets for men 2019


Parka has gained an immense popularity among youth for the past few years. 2019 fashion designers have combined parka jackets for men 2019 with synthetic padding.

This will allow you to look stylish and trendy, while not being cold and sacrificing your health for the good looks.

These stylish winter jackets for men 2019 are in the leading positions of this season’s trends. The mid-length mens winter jackets 2019 with big pockets and fur trim hoods are the top choices of this season.

6. Mens winter jackets 2019 with fur


Fur is some kind of symbol of winter. Hence, the often occurrence of fur in mens winter jackets 2019. Sheepskin and natural fur of wolf, mink, astrakhan or raccoon are on all the fashion houses’ runways.

The natural fur on winter jackets for men 2019 gives brutality and masculinity to the style.

Top 10 mens winter jackets 2019: stylish models of men jackets 2019

Natural fur is not just on jackets for men 2019 to keep the inside warm.

It provides richness, adventurousness and luxury to the look. Even artificial fur makes the jackets for men 2019 look more expensive.

7. Aviator men jackets 2019


Aviator was initially a military pilot jacket. Unlike the above-mentioned pilot jackets for men 2019, aviator men jackets 2019 do not have elastic cuffs and waists. It was originally a summer jacket, but was super cold and wind resistant.

So, the designers modified it and created this comfy jacket for winter wear.

Today’s model of aviator winter jackets for men 2019 has a fur collar and fur insides. The primary material of the jacket is natural leather of brown color. This model is universal. It looks great in combination with many styles.

8. Mens leather jackets 2019


Leather jackets for a warm season do not require such precise selection process as the winter models do. You should consider a number of factors. The first and foremost factor is natural leather.

Yes, it is quite expensive, but mens leather jackets 201 of natural materials will never let any wind, moisture and cold air get inside.

9. Oversize men jackets 2019


The name of the style itself already gives enough information about what the final product looks like. Oversize jackets for men 2019 are among the most interesting options.

Last year the oversize trend came into use by many women. This year, fashion designers decided to modify this trend in favor of men.

Fashion houses present models of bright colors. Green, red, blue, purple, yellow. Everything will do. The number one advantage of oversize winter jackets for men 2019 is the practicality.

The combinations with both classical and sports styles are possible. Deep armholes give more than enough room for movement. The length is quite long. So the bottom stays warm.

10. Sports style mens winter jackets 2019


Special down jackets are the ultimate options for practicing winter sports. These men jackets 2019 are specially created to not hinder movement. Moreover, these jackets for men 2019 are waterproof. They have special holes to let the body breath. However, those holes are also to prevent greenhouse effect on the jacket.

Sports style winter jackets for men 2019 are extremely light.

The idea behind the style in general is to use special materials that will protect form extreme cold, but at the same time be enough to wear on a t-shirt and ski or snowboard.

Finally, mens winter jackets 2019 have variety of styles and colors solutions. We just presented the most sought after models, hoping you would be able to find whatever pleases your taste the most.
























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