Men’s winter jackets 2017



Jacket is the most universal thing in clothes. Correctly chosen men’s winter jackets are capable to revive the image and emphasize the individuality. Most men do not want to look boring and standard, that’s why they investigate with interest shows of new collections from famous designers. Fashionable men’s jackets 2017 include many styles for both: everyday wear and for special occasions.


Fashionable men’s jackets 2017 – men’s windbreaker jacket is in fashion

Knitted jackets for light cold weather have become the clear focus of the season. Basically, fashionable men’s jackets 2017 are aimed at sporty style and have cuffs and bottom with an elastic band or tighter knit. Winter patterns and animalistic prints are main men’s windbreaker jacket patterns. Basically machine knitting is used, however some homemade models offer hand knit jackets, making them exclusive. This topic is widely disclosed by Roberto Cavalli and Giorgio Armani.

Mens-winter-jackets-2017-Christopher-Raeburn-mens-windbreaker-jacketMens-winter-jackets-2017-Christopher-Raeburn-mens-windbreaker-jacketCasual-jackets-for-men-2017-Diesel-Black-Gold-mens-windbreaker-jacketMens-winter-jackets-2017-Diesel-Black-Gold-mens-windbreaker-jacketWinter-jackets-for-men-2017-Nasir-Mazhar-mens-windbreaker-jacket Winter-jackets-for-men-2017-Nasir-Mazhar-mens-windbreaker-jacket Winter-jackets-for-men-2017-Nasir-Mazhar-mens-windbreaker-jacketWinter-jackets-for-men-2017-Nasir-Mazhar-mens-windbreaker-jacket

Men’s natural leather jackets 2017

Men’s jackets for winter 2016-2017 astonish with collections of natural leather, aristocratic suede and fur. Men’s natural leather jackets always will remain in fashion, because it is the most stylish and practical outerwear sample. Men’s bomber jacket is in favorites as before.

Designers generally use structural stitches as new decor solutions. The presence of pockets and metal zippers make men’s jackets 2017 more brutal. This means that men’s leather jackets will not leave the world’s catwalks. Designers have managed to combine the resin black biker jackets even with business style.

Mens-winter-jackets-2017-Coach-mens-leather-lackets-2017Casual-jackets-for-men-2017-Coach-mens-leather-lackets-2017 Casual-jackets-for-men-2017-Coach-mens-leather-lackets-2017Casual-jackets-for-men-2017-Diesel-Black-Gold-mens-leather-lackets-2017Casual-jackets-for-men-2017-Fendi-mens-leather-lackets-2017Winter-jackets-for-men-2017-Pringle-of-Scotland-mens-leather-lackets-2017Winter-jackets-for-men-2017-Trussardi-mens-leather-lackets-2017

Casual jackets for men 2017 – combination of materials and colors

Photos of casual jackets for men 2017 were diversified from variations in combinations of different materials. Combination of leather jacket and fur is in fashion trends 2017. For example, Dolce & Gabbana offer models of fashionable casual jackets for men 2017men’s bomber jacket with fur collars and even sleeves. Men’s winter jackets 2017 are often presented in contrasting color solutions.
Mens-winter-jackets-2017-Christopher-Raeburn-Casual-jackets-for-men-2017 Mens-winter-jackets-2017-Christopher-Raeburn-Casual-jackets-for-men-2017


Men’s fur jackets 2017

Main trends from autumn-winter collections of men’s jackets 2017 are largely focused on combinations of different materials with fur. Sheepskin coats and fur coats are the main focus of the season and now are in fashion trend. Men’s mink fur coats in unisex style surprise by their nobility. Sheepskin coats with fur inserts and long nap are popular among the combinations. Dolce & Gabbana shows non-standard options of combinations and makes the lining of a leather jacket with natural fur.

Casual-jackets-for-men-2017-Coach-Mens-fur-jackets-2017 Casual-jackets-for-men-2017-Coach-Mens-fur-jackets-2017 Casual-jackets-for-men-2017-Coach-Mens-fur-jackets-2017Winter-jackets-for-men-2017-Trussardi-Mens-fur-jackets-2017Mens-winter-jackets-2017-Fendi-Mens-fur-jackets-2017Casual-jackets-for-men-2017-Roberto-Cavalli-Mens-fur-jackets-2017

Men’s parkas 2017

Men’s parkas 2017 are also decorated with a variety of materials. Fur patch pockets and suede hood effectively demonstrate by many designers. Noble and rich color shades are in trend for men’s parka jackets. The favorites are maroon, blue and brown colors. Men’s parka jackets 2017 are decorated with large buttons in original form.


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